don't get upset

i've read a blog post and it's about why he (the blogger) is always so relaxed and happy. he said he never managed to get upset. cool eryt? so what is his big secret that i should acquire in order to be always happy as well? okay, he said that there are 2 things that make people upset, it's either the person get upset because they like to be upset or they don't knoe that in reality, you can actually choose either to be happy or upset, and you choose to be upset. hahaha, this is so true. i admit i easily get upset when something is wrong; not served properly in a restaurant, an appointment that was cancelled, change of plans, bad weather, bad meal, messed up schedule, irresponsible people. these are some of the things that really annoys me. now i knoe that i can actually make my life more relaxing by the advice he wrote. but then let me say that i don't really like to be upset because it upsets me more, so i think what i don't knoe before which makes my life miserable because i get upset is that i can actually choose to be happy than being upset. okay here's a case; i really enjoy the sun, i love the beach... anything about the sun makes me happy. so for example i have a plan of going to the beach but then it rained, i would normally get upset eryt? because i should be enjoying the sun in the beach if not because of the rain! but then, since i have no control over the weather, it's my choice if this bad weather will actually make me upset. the secret there according to the author is to be open about everything, to accept that there are certain circumstances in our lives that we cannot actually control, that we can then do alternative things to make us happy. there are things in this world that we cannot really control such as a person's attitude, the atmosphere, accidents and the like so we should accept that these things can actually make people upset and it's up to us if these things will actually make us upset... we just hafta be open about it... we are free to choose; happy or upset? it is as simple as that.

sorry if this post's kind of upsetting... hahaha...

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