hermetic wisdom

these were taken from dave's blog and i am posting it here because i want to share it to you. i hope you will be enlightened and be transformed by these simple and beautiful insights of humanity.

The 11 Insights of Humanity

1. Everything is a manifestation of spirit; nothing exists outside of spirit.

2. As spirit is manifested, the whole is contained in every part–that is, in any one thing that you can imagine or hold, the potential for all possibilities exists within it. In other words, “What is here is everywhere, and what is not here is nowhere.”

3. Consciousness consists of vibrations in different frequencies–everything is vibration. Everything around you is a reflection of the state of consciousness you are in; the world is a mirror.

4. Change is the only constant. The only way to acquire anything is to let go of it and not hold on.

5. Everything contains its opposite.

6. Everything has a rhythm. If you are in tune with the universe and with the present moment, you will live in harmony.

7. Every event has infinite causes and infinite effects.

8. Creative energy is reflected as sexual energy/primal energy. Inspiration, enthusiasm, passion, and excitement give energy to our intentions and accelerate the spontaneous fulfillment of our desires.

9. We can direct our energy. What we focus our energy on grows in our lives.

10. True harmony occurs only when there is a balance of masculine and feminine forces in your own being.

11. The inner nature of every being–no matter how evil they may seem–is love. And, we have the ability to reveal anyone’s love through our own love.

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