i don't have insomnia, ok?

it's 2 am and im still awake... hahaha.... what song was that again? hehehe... yeah, im still awake, because i need to be awake... i actually slept early then i just got out of the bed, should be studying right now but my body tells me otherwise... 4 exams! imagine that! microbiology, clinical pathology, preventive medicine, ob... my life's miserable eryt? might just as well enjoy it... i've created a multiply account because i was jealous of people who has one... because they can actually do a lot of things in their page. i knoe, i knoe, im such a newbie and it's giving me a headache because they have this different form of editing the skin of the page... they use CSS? while blogger uses html kasi, so un! i have to study pa how to fix the page, create a new skin and tada! i did the so called edit-preview method, and after hours of figuring out where is this and that... ahahah... ok naman kinalabasan... but the skin's not very good pa din. good thing, multiply have this cross-posting feature wherein when i post here in blogger, it would detect and copy the same thing, so im like having 2 blogs with the same content... hahaha... so if you're visiting my blogger, don't read na lang my blog in multiply becos you'll be reading the same thing, akala mo dejavu noh? hehehe... i've noticed that pldt's dsl connection begins to slow down... before, i can download faster and upload in no time but now, wah, it's like waiting for a shooting star!

oh gawd, malapit na oath taking and i have nothing to wear pa on that day! i've been spending a lot of money for the past days and we've been eating like pigs lately... we ate at yellow cab nung monday and we bought pistachio ice cream for camille! syempre, we ate the ice cream too, it was soooo masarap, and expensive din... ayun, gastos here and there! my BMI's normal and last month ata, i was already in the upper limit of normal... oh, you think i'm really thin huh? deceiving eh... so diet-diet na kunyari... so, on friday, we'll buy something to wear for sunday... birthday pa ni james on friday, hahaha... foooood again...

lapit na sembreak! sooo xcited... owkay, aral na ko, 5 minutes for blogging lang... sad...

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