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ahm, im here in pangasinan already, got lots of pictures that i want to upload but i just can't do it because the connection's so slow. there's no broadband connection here in our house in pangasinan, we're still using the old dial-up connection. my brother and i arrived at around 8pm last night, our parents picked us up at the station. it was raining when we arrived in the station so we were lucky they were already there waiting for us. another prob of mine is that the globe signal here is very low, i would be lucky if my fon has a single bar in its signal indicator because most of the time, there is no signal... ahm, i did my usual routine a while ago when i am here on vacation, to go into the bank, and deposit money. hahaha... of course i was greeted again by the bank people with hi's and hello's and "andito ka na pala, bakasyon?" hay... it's always like that, ahm luckily, i never heard them yet saying "pasalubong?" LOL. owell, im not complaining but im very shy kasi with people her in our place because they think im a manila boy. ewe! oh crap! iont want that impression, im just a regular probinsyano in manila who's trying to reach his dreams! hahaha...people here in our place still has this mentality that manila is the best place to live and would actually think that it is a nice place to go to. yeah manila is okay, there's a lot of things you can actually do in manila especially at night but there are also not so good stuff in there like heavy traffic especially on fridays, rampant cellfon snatching and the like. owell, now im pretty much bored, it's very obvious, im writing a very long blog just talking about sort of things that will actually come into my mind... but at least i don't have to go send and pick-up my brother and sister to school... it's one of the things that i actually do when im here on semestral breaks. i can now say no to my parents... hahaha... i think it's a bad thing tho, and also that i can now actually argue with them about certain things and more often than not, i rule these arguments... im such a bad son... lol, but i argue with them still with an intact manners... im still respectful to my parents eventho we have a lot of arguable issues. owell, i remember my lolo, he tole me a few months after i graduate in medtech that we are already in the same level because according to him i am already a professional like him (he's a retired engineer, just so everyone will knoe, hehehe). it didn't came that into my mind, that we're already in the same level. he tole me that i can now be on my own blah blah... and the like... he even tole me that i can now go out and get back to the house the latest time i want, then i was waiting maybe he would finally say that i can now leave the house and find a place to stay! hahaha... owell, im not like that, i still treat them as my lolo, my lola, my dad and mom, iont want them to feel like i knoe more than them just because i am already a professional and the fact that i am learning more and more because i am in med school. my respect for them is always there... my dad talked to me a while ago during lunch time about med and i was like explaining to him some things about physical examination, how it is very important, the clinical impressions blah blah... then he was like listening very closely to me, i was like in one of the small group discussions in pharmacology class under dra villar. he was listening very well, like he really wants to knoe what i was talking about. iont think he's interested, i think he just wants me to feel that i can be a believable doctor someday. awww, im thinking sooo bad, okay, he probably would want to knoe but hey, did he really? anyways, if i finish med school, ill be the first doctor in the clan of malala, so i am like an alien to them. my dad's the one very excited about me finishing med school, he would ask me things about health, what he would supplement himself, what he should and shouldn't eat, gah! and another evidence why i said he's the one very excited is when we were having a conversation with my mom about how i feel like quitting medicine after a passed the board exam, he was like telling me "o, saglit na lang yan! 2 years na lang eh..." hahaha... okay about the quitting thing... just so everyone would knoe, i had a crisis! med school or medtech! when i passed the board exam, i was in crisis, i am in pain in medicine, surely it came into my mind that i can now actually find a job and be happy with my monthly salary. my tito, who is a doctor in micronesia was even tempting me of sending my resume to him and he'll get me in the hospital where he's working... all these things, made me think of changing my career. owell, im still firm with my dreams huh? okay, i should stop now right here, it's already very long, someone reading this would probably be drowsy right now, it's not interesting... im not a good writer i knoe, i just love to talk and write... hahaha... so sorry about that. good night! sorry about the wrong grammars, iont want to re-read what i wrote, i get bored reading them. hahaha... nyt ulit!

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