trick or treats!

my gradeschool cousins went partying somewhere i can't remember, i can't remember because i am already sleepy, the funny part is, i was the one who drove them to the party... but i still can't remember. i can't believe the fact that i am not taking the remedial exam in pharmacology, i don't consider myself tho to be lucky because i still failed my second shifting grade. owell, im already sleepy but i can't sleep yet because i have to pick up these little monsters on the picture from the par-ta-e... they're very lucky, i was deprived of these parties when i was at their age... there were no halloween parties, no trick or treats, no costume parties. but now, look at them! tomorrow will be my lolo's birthday and i think his children aren't happy that he doesn't want to celebrate. hahaha... they were planning na lang of going to Baguio tomorrow and just have some fun since my lolo is KJ. my tito wants me to drive, but my mind is already set that ill stay here in manila and rest until my parents arrive on saturday. i don't knoe if the plan will push through but i hope not, i want to rest, i need my own time also... i am even planning of going to the mall alone and watch a movie on my own with a perfect coffee of course from bux... anyways, i am currently listening to the soundtrack of the Scrubs TV series and they're all very nice, i've downloaded the songs from all the seasons and everything are ok. i haven't downloaded yet the whole season 1 episodes and i don't think i can finish the season because i am now into something new, like downloading the weekly grey's and house episodes. as a matter of fact, the house episode 404 was only available today, and i am currently downloading it in limewire... i usually download the 2 series during fridays when grey's new episode is already in the net but last week, i just had the grey's copy and no house copy yet, for a reason i don't know... then the 405 episode of house should be available now but i still cant find the torrent or in limewire. owell, beautiful day by U2 is now in repeat mode... it's a happy song and i am loving it... hahaha... pa-parap-papa... love ko 'to! later...

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