who is #13?

house md ended its third season without his fellows, and aired its pilot episode of season 4 diagnosing on his own. hahaha... foreman resigned, chase was fired, then cameron quitted... the team was great and i like it, so i was a little disappointed when they were gone at least in the first episode of season 4. in my opinion, the 3 will be back soon because there are some clues in the show that tell us that they'll not actually leave the show, or better will soon work back with house. but then again, of course house was forced by cuddy and wilson to recruit new doctors and create a new team. so there, the most striking and most popular i guess is # 13. why is she called number 13? actually, house don't want to knoe their names (yet?) so he labeled the candidates with numbers. and this number 13 has no name yet until now. he still calls her number 13 despite calling other candidates by their names already. hmmm.... house's love interest? possible, the fact that number 13 is actually and really beautiful, sexy, smart and she really looks like a real hot doctor. hahaha... we just hafta wait for that... remember when house told cameron why he hired her? hahaha... yeah... so i think house has this something for number 13.

so who's number 13? based on my research, she's olivia wilde... she is alex kelly in "The OC" and i think she'll be a regular on the popular tv series basing it from her unofficial website pertaining to her as "the new House resident..." ahm, she also starred in some recent films like "turista", "alpha dog" and "the girl next door". ahm so there you go, she'll be staying in the show making every episode more interesting... hahaha... njoy!

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