ZOLA resto in baguio, not recommended...

oh crap, don't eat here... ive seen this resto a very long time ago when we go to baguio and i only had a chance to try it last night... their food, for me is not palatable or worse inedible... they taste like paper... it's very dry... i ordered their chicken and pork kebab and the 'd pit's kebab's far tastier and better compared to theirs... and the rice, imagine a very dry rice with curry powder? not good eryt? i thot it was just the kebab but when i tasted what my brother and my mom ordered, yuk! i really don't recommend it. plus the fact that their waiters are incompetent! when we were still deciding what to order, of course we asked the waiter some details about their food... oh crap, they don't knoe! they even served a wrong dessert! the only good thing about this resto is that they offer free wifi to their customers so i had the chance to check my mail and blog in my PDA when we were there. i recommend it tho to people who smoke and those who just want to make "tambay" with their laptops because as i have said, free wifi! but overall? id rather eat in the food court area of the SM baguio. hahaha... bad service + bad food = bad resto.

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Emil Sinclair. said...

The staff service and food has improved a great deal since. It's been three years since this post. Actually, my first time at this restaurant was just as unpleasant; and it took me a long while to brave it again. They welcome comments and suggestions in the event of dissatisfaction from a discriminating customer should arise. When I came back to Zola, I thought, Okay, I'll order breakfast. Noone can go wrong with breakfast meals, so if they fuck this up, it's over. It was far from disapointing. I had vegetarian omellete (79php) and my friend had breaded pork chop (77php plus or minus). We do not recommend ordering their fruit and ice cream smoothies, as well as their cold coffee glass treats. Churvanilla is specially a rip-off. Everything else, very reasonable. if you're not an asshole to the waiters, you may even be friends with them and the next time you come visit, they'll know your preferences exactly.

My friend and I have been regular customers ever since. We smoke, share the wifi, read the newspapers and enjoy conversations over beer.
They also have free-flowing coffee from 3am-11am for every breakfast meal ordered.

Happy eating at Baguio!

*My name is Erika. I am a student of UP Baguio and have been living in the city for more than 6 years. I'm a bit of a foodie myself, and I'm all for good food. Value for money.

Zola is actually better than 50's diner in so many ways. Jimmy's Retro Diner is dismal. They're still starting out, but they have plenty of space for improvement.

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