back to reality

i am back to school again and it's just sad, i was not excited. i wanted to be excited so that things will run smoothly but i was back in the old medical building with disgust. i don't knoe what's the real reason why i am not excited now. before, i used to be very high when the semester's about to start, something must be wrong with me. hahaha. but first day wasn't that bad after all. APMC games will be on November 17-18 and we are already panicking! i made reservations a while ago for the final 5 days of training the team, tomorrow will be the start of the team's ranking and crap i already accepted the fact that i wouldn't enter the final four, ion't want to play either. hahaha. okay, so there, we had our first quiz for this semester in microbiology a while ago, surgery1 professors were about an hour late in the orientation, anesthesia made us go home early because there's nothing to do yet, it's still orientation week. owell, that's all for today! and oh, i got pasalubong from davao, suha and durian candies from hanna. later..

i just read in the newspaper, it kind of disgust me... the new Batman movie will suppose to shoot a scene in Hongkong harbor wherein batman will jump into the water, or something to that kind, but recent findings suggest the production officials to cancel the shooting because when they checked a water sample, oh crap, they found a lot of things including salmonella and tuberculosis. hahaha... tuberculosis huh? owell, dirty harbor... i suppose manila bay's water hosts the same organisms or worse...

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