I am supposed to be in a party right now but since the current news about the curfew starting tonight, owell, the party was canceled. "Get Tagged" is presented by the Alpha Delta Mu Sorority. It will benefit the UST Charity Hospital. I bought two tickets so that I can bring a date but before I start to prepare for the party, James informed me that the party was canceled. It was due to what happened today in Makati when Trillanes and his team (Magdalo) invaded the Makati Penn probably plotting for a coup. Owell, the media got the information, viewed the commotion live on the tube and so it created a shock to everyone. I think there are a lot of people who are disappointed about the new rule, "Curfew 12-5AM". Mainly because, today's "sweldo" day and everyone has money! Filipinos have this act of spending their money after having their "sweldo". Not to mention, the teenagers and those who love the night life would probably be irritated right now for bars and restos are all closed for tonight around Metro Manila. Given that tomorrow is a holiday, tonight for them is surely a waste.

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monaco said...

that makati incident sure dampened a lot of gimikeros' spirits. wrong timing huh! good thing there are bars and restos here inside BF. I don't think the police will be strict here since it's inside the village. he he. tuloy ang gimik!

monaco said...

btw, I've linked you in my blogroll.

dack said...

swerte! oryt, salamat!

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