My friend and seatmate Bel invited me to watch the play Dogeaters at RCBC in Makati because her boyfriend Pay has tickets. I read that the actual show starts on November 16, 2007 so I guess Pay’s tickets are special invite tickets because we watched it 1 day earlier. Hahaha… Eugene, Kay and Mailee also came to watch the show. It was my first time in the RCBC tower in Makati (I didn’t kiss the building’s floor tho…) and it was the coolest building I’ve been to; it looked so nice, there are a lot of restos inside, and the tower has bridges! Yes bridges, I think the RCBC tower’s composed of 2 or 3 towers (towers within a tower? LOL) joined by these bridges. I don’t know how they did it but it really has, the building’s design is unusual. Anyway, when we got there, we ate dinner first at Kitaro then headed to the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium to watch the play. The play was a fun, it features a lot of Marshal Law era fads. Like popular TV and radio shows, advertisements, fashion, gimik places, etc. Some of them I don’t knoe or perhaps cannot recall because Marshal law era was not my era. It wasn’t just a funny play; it has heavy parts too like portraying how people struggled during the Marcos’ regime, people who sacrificed their lives for our country and some family dramas. The actors were all great especially the one who played as Joey Sands, I dunno who he is though. Gina Alajar, Rez Cortez, Michael de Mesa, Jon Santos, and Joel Torre were also in the cast and they did great acting. There are a lot of Sh*ts and F*ck yous though so children aren’t allowed to watch.

I had a great time that night because I watched a play and got to knoe the people I rarely go out with. And of course, although it was Thursday, we didn’t have to worry about Pharmacology because the pharma schedule the following day was not heavy. Hehehe, lucky!

The play was based from a novel by New York-based Filipino author and playwright Jessica Hagedorn. Directed by Bobby Garcia for Atlantis Productions, Dogeaters is an adaptation of Hagedorn’s novel, which was published in 1990 and nominated for the National Book Award. It premiered onstage in 1998 at the La Jolla Playhouse in California and was later brought to the Joseph Papp Public Theater in New York in 2001.

Pay, Bel, Maylee, Kay, the Author. Eugene took this shot. Sorry Eug! Que barbaridad ba?

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