Evidence of Grace

Today's topic in the Church is about the evidence of God's grace.

*Love that goes upward is WORSHIP

*Love that goes outward is AFFECTION

*Love that goes down is GRACE

I learned that God's grace is actually not a right but an undeserving privilege. Why? Everybody has an access to the unending grace of God, that is absolute but since we are only human, sinful in nature, we are undeserving of God's grace, but since Jesus died for us, as a payment for our sins, we get God's grace. People sometimes abuse this gift tho not thinking about the fact that the real reason why we get God's grace is through Jesus' sacrifice for the mankind. That's the reason why God's grace is not a right received by people but an undeserving privilege.

my family with Pastor Clem Guillermo and wife Merly, taken during the first year anniversary of their Church.

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