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Whew, going back to manila is very tiring. Manila per se is tiring. There are a lot of stresses when you are in manila unlike here in the province. There, you have a lot of things to worry about, but here in the province things run smoothly except of course when it comes to my dad’s business. Speaking of my dad’s business, my dad don’t see me as the potential manager of our business, i am not a business minded person, i am more of an employee rather than an employer. When nico and i were still kids, my dad used to bring us with him in the hardware so that according to him, we’ll knoe where exactly our money is coming from, how it is actually hard to earn money. My dad knoes every part of our hardware, as we all knoe, in a hardware, there are a lot of things you can actually buy. He knoes everything, where they are located, the prices, and i can’t remember everything even though he keeps on repeating some of the names and prices of the items and always reminding us where they are located, so when i am there, i am actually lost, because things are like scattered everywhere, therefore i don’t usually entertain costumers unless he’s only buying a kilo of nails. Let me give some hardware buys that you might not knoe what is it exactly and where it is actually used:

Galvanized iron?
Welding rod?
White cement?
Teflon tape?
Concrete nail?
Wasser or Washer?
Window plate?
Schedule 16?

Wah, there are a lot! Of course some are already common things like nails, paints, hollow blocks, cements. Hahaha... anyways, we didn’t go to the cemetery. It is not my family’s practice to go to the cemetery every November 1. We, especially my parents actually hate to go there. It’s very crowded, very hot, and then after you’ve visited all the mausoleums, you feel very tired, sticky, that’s it! That’s all you get. We usually meet a lot of relatives but they are afraid or won’t talk because it’s either they are afraid of me or they just don’t feel like talking to me.

But last night, we had this Bible study for the children. We invited children here in our place and asked brother jun to facilitate. It was my first time hearing brother jun facilitate a Bible study because it was already a long time since i have attended such an affair. He is such a great speaker. His way of speaking is really for children because he uses examples and situations that the children can easily understand. He is very effective too because he’s very confident in what he’s talking about. But there’s this one issue he discussed last night that bothered me. It is about the existence of the purgatory. Ahm, i’m actually not a believer of the purgatory ever since i was a child. I was raised as a Christian but attended in Catholic schools. Purgatory is a place believed by Catholics where sinned dead people are purged before they are accepted in heaven. I was also taught that you cannot actually pray already for the dead because they are already dead! But according to him, while a person is still in the purgatory, you can pray for that person so that he will be purged and reach heaven. Of course i didn’t react neither did my father who is more firm with his beliefs. I think i did the right thing tho, of course as well as what my father did, to not react immediately in such issues, to be open into certain concerns, to not close my doors, and instead i listened intently to his explanation about the purgatory. He also said that the Bible didn’t mention the word purgatory but he sited some verses in the old testament that according to him tells something about the purgatory. Ahm, there could be a purgatory, i still have to find the truth behind it because as we all knoe, the purgatory is not really found in the Bible, but i still don’t buy the idea of praying to or for the dead. Ahm the main reason for that is according to the Bible, while a person is still living, he should be responsible for his own salvation and not by others who will actually pray for him when he is already dead so that he can be saved; another thing, the bible teaches us to pray to God only and not to actually talk to any non-living thing or dead people. Aside from these matters, there are still a lot of things that i learned from brother jun last night such as about one’s responsibility for the salvation of others and who are the real saints. He is also very friendly, when he found out that i am a medical student, he invited me in a medical conference that will be held on Saturday formed by a research company from Australia.

My lola trining is already very old and weak. My tita plans to get her back in the States probably next year, so we need to process her papers. We went to the NBI office in Dagupan last Tuesday to have her cleared and all, and one of my titas who works i think in the immigration will process her papers so she accompanied us. After that, we visited my lola’s i think friend whom based from what i heard was her friend during the war. Hahaha... it’s very nice to see the two friends happily reminiscing their experiences during the war. They were laughing sharing new different and common experiences, like having an appointment with this doctor and that, then asking each other whether this person and that is still alive, etc. While they were talking in the house, my mom and i wandered around the compound and it felt like we were in the old days, well, i don’t actually knoe the feeling of living in the old days but i was like in a different setting. There are a lot of bamboos everywhere, you can actually hear the bamboos squeak when the wind sways them; then there is a fish pond at the back end of the compound where it is very relaxing just by looking at the calm water. So there! I am sharing this experience because i am happy to actually see my lola very happy that day.

One more thing, i should mention here about this restaurant in the Mall of Asia, but i think it was originally from Singapore, Malaysia or somewhere in South East Asia. It’s called Chaikofi and it’s in the wing near the IMAX building. The food’s great although i think people don’t knoe it yet because there are only a few people eating when we were there. There are different choices of sandwiches and pasta (pesto, white sauces, tomato sauces), and the dutch chicken according to my brother was awesome, it was soft, juicy and tasty. Yum.

Another store i also want to recommend is the Juice Avenue. Hahaha, i am fond of drinking fresh fruit juices that’s why, and my favourite is carrot juice. What i adore in this store is the “twilight zone”, it’s the combination of carrot, apple, papaya and banana, yum! And i think it is cheaper than the other stores.

Obviously, I’ve been eating out most of my days during this break, and every corpuscle of my body’s loving it. Wah, second semester’s about to start! I am soooo excited! (sarcastic)


Chaikofi in Mall of Asia
Dad enjoying his pesto and me enjoying my alfredo

Juice Avenue, a fresh and healthy way to enjoy any kind of fruits. Found in malls.

My mom dancing with the swaying bamboos... hehehe

The fish pond i was talking about...

Old buddies! hehehe... lola floring and my lola trining...

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