I am sooo f*cked up today...

Okay, I am not really mad or anything of the same kind. I just want to express my so called irritations for today. Let me enumerate 'em.

  • Our maid left us without any notice! Come on, when I woke up, I immediately blogged then when I finally went downstairs, my granny's like busy cooking and all. According to my cousin, he saw her leave the house but he thought she'll just go to the market or something like that, she never came back! The agency will replace her on Monday.
  • Due to the unexpected flight of our maid in i dunno where the hell she is right now, I didn't have a choice but to not leave the house for our MPPRC meeting.
  • My lola was weak a while ago, she didn't have a dialysis session last Thursday because her doctor repaired her fistula. Her next dialysis session is supposed to be on Monday but since she's already not feeling well, with bipedal edema, expanded abdomen accompanied with muscle weakness and bone-joint pains, she had to go and have herself dialyzed.
  • I cooked for lunch! This is not really a problem because I really can cook but the fact that I have a lot of things to do today for my case report next week, it occupied my time for that particular study-research-period.

Owkay, i just want to rant! TC people!

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schwachkopf said...

Some maid you had there. :))

dack said...

hahaha, yeah... what's worse? the agency haven't replaced her yet! they said the new batches of maid will arrive first week of december... owell... :)

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