The wet blanket

"A cynic is a man who, when he smells flowers, looks around for a coffin." - H. L. Mencken

Do you knoe someone who likes to rain on every parade? Do you always hear him/her saying

"You'll never make it."

"It will not work."

"It can't happen."

"It's not possible."

Wet blankets are people who are pessimistic. They are automatically negative about whatever makes you excited. It's like delaying an orgasm or stopping in the point of climax. LOL. They harbor the what we call the pretraumatic stress syndrome which is a tendency to believe that because everything is going so well, disaster must certainly be just around the corner. They are also cynical which is their way to attack other person the qualities they themselves lack. Wet blankets reject positive experiences by insisting that it didn't happen, so they think that it might as well will never happen or work. They deflate you like bursting a kid's bubble before finally reaching its fullness which snuff excitement. Their typical profile is a person who is like having a Myocardial Infarction, he thinks the past was tiring and a failure, the present is painful and miserable and the future looks clammy cold and bleak. It's like not giving hope to a patient who is dying in the emergency room, saying "He'll never make it."

Some people use pessimism as a defense. They are at their best when they focus on the negative. What they do is that they predict the worst-case scenario and then do something to keep that worst case from happening. But did you knoe that pessimism is actually contagious? Like a flu-virus, if a member of the family has it, then the whole family will soon get it. I have read that most pessimistic individual has pessimistic parents, but of course this is not absolute. Remember, flu doesn't only and always infect family members but also friends. There was a study that was shared in a book that I have read entitled "High-maintenance Relationship" by Dr. Les Parrott, wherein they discovered that low-self-esteem individuals seem to have a generally negative view not only of themselves but also with other people who have low-self-esteem and perhaps to everybody.

So how should we cope with cynics? Remember that not all negative expressions are a result of negativism. Critical thinkers identify possible disasters and can help you plan ways to evade, overcome, or minimize them unlike pessimists who'll likely say "There's nothing we can do.", so we should knoe the difference between the two to knoe if the person is a critical thinker or a pessimist. Since being negative is a contagious attitude, we should not allow them to infect us. I can say that we should treat pessimistic people like something that can cause us allergy. "I am allergic to cynics!". They are allergens that can induce immediate hypersensitivity reaction. Why? Isn't it that when we are allergic to something, we avoid it? The same is true for them, to treat them as allergens, to avoid them to not contract the pessimism. We can harbor negativism if we always hear negative complaints, statements and comments so avoid hearing negative stuff and always think positive.

Let me share the story of a man who consulted a pessimistic doctor about a problem.

"I'm sure I have the answer to your problem."

"I certainly hope so, Doctor. I should have come to you long ago."

"Where did you go before?"

"I went to the pharmacist."

"What kind of foolish advice did he give you?"

"He told me to come see you."

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