Why are people afraid of death?

Do you think we are lucky living in this corrupt world? Are we really lucky or maybe somewhere out there's much better than life here on earth? Sometimes, it makes me think that dying really is a cool thing. Dead people doesn't have to worry about a lot of stuff like going to med school, paying debts, dealing with impossible people, trying hard just to fit in, and even little problems like what kind of coffee to order in Starbucks. After that last breath, no more worries, not even how, when and where you'll be buried. And wouldn't it be exciting meeting Him finally?! I'm not trying to promote suicide here as a solution into one's miserable life but instead to rationalize death. Most of us are afraid of dying. Why is that so? I really don't knoe the real reason behind but for me, I can say that I am not afraid of dying. I am ready to face death, whenever, wherever... I don't have particulars too like I want it to be a slow process, I want it during my sleep, I want it to be sudden and all those kinds you hear from a lot of people.

Why do we love this temporary life? Aren't we sure of the existence of permanent life after death? Why are we sooo attached in this world? It makes me wonder...

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