Happy New Year!

Let me greet everyone a happy new year! On this new year day, I wish you all the prosperity and hapiness. We should resolve to start every day with love, spend the day with love, fill the day with love, and end the day with love! Wohoo! In short, let the love begin! LOL... Oh crap, I'm high! Peace on Earth! LOL.

Kiss the rain

When we were traveling a while ago, I positioned myself to sleep with the earphones on my ears listening randomly through the tracks on my player. Before reaching REM, I heard this song which I downloaded a long time ago. It’s called “Kiss the Rain” by Billie Myers. At first, I thought Billie was a guy, owell, she's a girl, the voice sounds like a guy though... I was listening intently to the song and carefully understanding the lyrics and I was amazed. It came to my thought that if it’s really true love, you will do anything for it, nothing can ever wreck it, not even by long distances. The song is about lovers who are far from each other talking over the phone and the other really likes to make the relationship work despite their long distance relationship, distractions, et cetera. I want to share this song to everyone... The video's kind of bad and old but just feel and enjoy the song, the original video's better but I can't embed it here so, here's an alternative video. She looks like Michael Jackson, hehehe... Feel the song! Enjoy!

Hello, can you hear me?
Am I getting through to you?
Hello, is it late there?
Is there laughter on the line?

Are you sure you're there alone
‘Cause I'm trying to explain?
Something’s wrong
You just don't sound the same

Why don't you?
Why don't you go outside?
Go outside

Kiss the rain
Whenever you need me
Kiss the rain
Whenever I'm gone too long

If your lips feel lonely and thirsty
Kiss the rain
And wait for the dawn
Keep in mind

We're under the same sky
And the nights
As empty for me, as for you
If you feel

You can't wait till morning
Kiss the rain, kiss the rain, kiss the rain

Hello, do you miss me?
I hear you say you do
But not the way I'm missing you

What's new? How's the weather?
Is it stormy where you are?
You sound so close but it feels like you're so far
Oh, would it mean anything

If you knew
What I'm left imagining
In my mind, my mind
Would you go? Would you go?

Kiss the rain

As you fall over me
Think of me, think of me, think of me
Only me

Kiss the rain
Whenever you need me
Kiss the rain
Whenever I'm gone too long

If your lips feel hungry and tempted
Kiss the rain
and wait for the dawn
Keep in mind

We're under the same sky
And the nights
As empty for me as for you
If you feel you can't wait till morning

Kiss the rain
Kiss the rain
Kiss the rain
Kiss the rain

Hello, can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?

I am such a cry baby

A while ago, we had a family dinner and it turned out to be okay. It was a special one. It wasn’t a usual dinner with my family that’s why I am writing it here. Today, I went to Carol’s party and my mom told me to be home before 5pm for our dinner. I was late, an hour late. I bought coffee crunch to make up for my late arrival, luckily my mom wasn’t really mad. LOL. So we had dinner just outside the house, not in our usual dining room. We were talking and all blah blah blahs then my mom remembered our 2 dogs that recently died. Myno and David died this year. They were my favourite dogs here in Pangasinan. Myno was our dog pet for like seven years and for me, he’s the most special dog that we had. What I like most about this dog is that he always comes near to us when we go out of the house (he’s not allowed inside our house), plus he’s very sweet. He likes to sit beside us and held all the time, he doesn’t bark on us no matter what situation, he feels like he’s also a person more like a family member; I think he knows our language. He can do simple tricks too like shake hands; sit, stand and when he was still strong, he can dance cha-cha with my mom. What I remember most about him is that when I would leave, he’ll like wait for me outside until I comes back, he knows if it’s our car that is arriving; he’ll then run by the car seems like guarding my way towards home; then patiently waits outside the car door very excited to see me as I open the door, if he can just talk, he would probably greet me with his very happy hello. He’s a very happy dog; I can still remember how he wiggles his tail in excitement. This year, Myno became very weak already, probably due to old age. As we all know, dogs don’t grow old for many years, eryt? One day, my mom just saw him while it’s raining hard lying under a truck, mouth slightly ajar. My mom immediately knew that he’s already dead. He was soaked by the heavy pouring rain, no reaction. When we were reminiscing our moments with the two dogs especially Myno, I really felt like crying, I don’t know why but it feels like I’ve lost a friend; up until now while writing this blog.


The party just ended... I just hosted a HS reunion-Christmas party in our house and it was a success! I am so happy because there were a lot who came and everybody’s got the chance to sing and get tipsy. Hahaha... The 2 cooler’s not cleared with beer though, but I guess the 3 bottles of tequila were all drained through our thirsty mouths. Thank you guys for the great night, I really enjoyed everyone’s company! Wah, okay I should wrap this thing up, I need some sleep. Next stop? Carol’s place! Wohoo! Here’s a group pic:

For more pictures, click HERE!

Christmas blah blahs...

You might be wondering what everyone had during the Christmas, eryt? So I think it would be nice to share what I ate and what I did during the Christmas. The following are the things I did pre, during and post Christmas.

We had our Christmas in Manila. Why? Owell, it’s been a family practice to celebrate Christmas in Manila where my mom’s parents live; and celebrate the New Year in Pangasinan. We usually go as a family but my dad decided to stay and be left in Pangasinan because his parents (my Lola, who is now sick) has nobody to celebrate Christmas with. My dad’s siblings are all in abroad now so he has to stay and celebrate Christmas with his parents.

We left for Manila last Monday. When we were already in Tarlac, we decided to drop by the Clarkfield in Pampanga to just look around because it was then too early. We found out that that the Oriental Duty Free warehouse was on sale so we shopped for good buys. The sale is actually until January (See my previous post for more details).

During the Christmas, we had Paella, Siomai, Fried Chicken, Pancit Malabon and Palitaw. The Paella was cooked by my Tita who came from Laguna. She really loves to cook; she used to introduce us to a lot of recipes since I was a kid. The paella was excellent! As we all know, paella is an all-in-one food. She included pork, mussel, squid and shrimp as its main protein content and some colourful vegetables to make it more attractive and healthy. She was supposed to put chicken but decided to not include it anymore because there’s already Fried Chicken. The Siomai, in my opinion is one of my Tita’s best recipes ever not only because I love dimsum but also because it’s really delicious, nothing beats it. She taught me how to do this before but she requested not to share the main secret ingredient why her siomai’s the best! The palitaw was easy to make. All you need are rice flour, sesame seeds, sugar and niyog. I was the one who prepared the palitaw because all I have to do was to wait for the palitaw to float which indicates that it’s already cooked. Hehehe... Fried Chicken was served because the children requested for it. It’s the most familiar food for the children probably due to the advent and the popularity of Chicken Joy and Chicken Mcdo. The Pancit Malabon was ordered in the ever trusted Pancit Malabon expert, Aling Lina.

In the evening, we went to the Mall of Asia, Bonifacio Global City and Tiendesitas to wander and drive the kids around the City. Owell, there were a lot of people especially at the Mall of Asia so we decided to go into other places; the strolling was enjoyable yet very tiring.

Today, we left for Pangasinan and my shopaholic mom decided again to drop by the Clarkfield! She must be very lucky because almost all the warehouses are on sale! We went in the Parkson Duty Free and there were a lot of shoppers there because the sale is up to 80% off the original price! Would you believe that majority of the shoppers were from Manila? Yes, they went there just to shop! We shopped around for like 2 hours I guess then finally went straight home because it’s already getting late. We arrived just a while ago and I’m so tired. I’m also glad that we had a safe trip.

Owell, that’s all for me this Christmas! It’s mainly a family thing and I really enjoyed it. I hope you guys also had a very pleasurable Christmas experience this year!

The paella, Palitaw and Siomai. I wasn't able to take pictures of the the Pancit Malabon and the Special Fried Chicken because the kids immediately invaded and took over these food.

The very crowded Mall of Asia.

The Dancing Fountain at The baywalk area of the Mall of Asia.

One of the main attractions at the back of the mall was this. He also eats fire. LOL.

Merry Christmas!


Alright, I'm finally greeting everyone a Merry Christmas! Enjoy the food and especially your company (whoever you're with right now, family, friends, special someone, colleagues or even strangers... Hahaha...). The true spirit of Christmas reflects a dedication to helping those in need, to giving hope to those in despair, and to spreading peace and understanding throughout the Earth. May we all experience the spirit of Christmas! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

I'm back!

Finally, we just arrived here in QC. We left at around 2PM and we just arrived! Why? Because we were tempted to drop by the Duty Free in Clark, Pampanga. Look:


Yes, we dropped by the Oriental Duty Free and there are a lot of good buys! My mom actually bought a lot of house stuff like the cute ice cream cups, salad bowls, noodle pot; there are a lot more, I can't remember the others. I had a hard time fitting all the bought stuff at the back of the car because we also brought a lot for Christmas. Owell, for those who want to enjoy the so called "incredible sale", visit Clark until January 6, 2008. Enjoy!

The starbucks planner

For 4 years of being a Starbucks fan, I wonder how much money I’ve spent for being a massive drinker. I am happy though that I have finally lessened my coffee intakes especially the Starbucks kind of coffee, I can’t just drop the addiction because I’m having the big W symptoms if ever I wasn’t able to drink a cup for a day. Anyway, I finally have their 2008 planner. I remember the first time I had a Starbucks planner, which was 4 years ago... It was too bulky but lots of freebies... Now, the planner’s handy with mini greeting cards as the only freebie. I prefer this planner though, because like I said it’s handy and the leather cover’s more attractive than the previous kind. It also comes with a free pencil which I like more than the free pen.

The Cover...

The inside...

Last night, when we were having our coffee, my mom just had a reunion with her gay barista friends. My mom actually has 3 barista friends, 2 gays and a girl. They were all really friendly and funny. I met Gelai before; he was introduced to me by my mom when I had to stay overnight in Baguio because my Lola was hospitalized. He’s really accommodating and keeps on joking, a lot. He was before transferred in the John Hay branch but is now back in SM. Dee on the other hand was my mom’s friend ever since the Starbucks in SM Baguio opened. She is now currently assigned at Starbucks Petron in NLEX. So they were like screaming loudly inside the coffee shop when these 3 friends saw each other again. Cha, the girl barista was not there though; I miss her because during the times when I was always in Baguio, she was always on duty. I think she’s now assigned in John Hay or in Power Plant. Hay, it’s just funny to witness my mom screaming loudly with these 2 gay baristas... And it’s also nice meeting these good people, again...

Got my new fave: Praline Mocha! It was recommended by Hanna.

StarBowl Haus

Yes we had dinner in Baguio last night. It wasn’t that cold in Baguio as expected, probably due to its populous state right now. Hehehe... We dined at StarBowl Haus. The name doesn’t imply Chinese, but they serve Chinese food. Chinese food’s been a favourite of my family; it’s very close to our hearts probably because of its accessibility (there are a lot of Chinese restos around) and the comfort these Chinese foods bring. My mom even told me that in order to test if a Chinese resto is really a nice one, you must try either their Lemon Chicken or Chapseuy, and if these simple recipes aren’t even met into its full lusciousness, it’s not a good Chinese resto.

So we ate in this small resto located along the session road. I’ve already seen this resto the last time we went in Baguio but we decided to try it the next time we go up. And so we did! Their Star Bowl Rice is a blast. I regretted it wasn’t my pick. I ordered Soy Chicken in combination with Yang Chow Fried Rice because I can’t remember the last time I ate Soy Chix, but it was an okay order too. The taste of the soy’s perceptible even to the deepest muscle layer of the chicken. As I was saying, the Star Bowl Rice is a must try. It consists of 4 varieties of food in a bowl; braised-beef-tenderloin-like, pork rolls, sunny side up egg and a minute serving of chapseuy. The price is reasonable, hahaha... based from my dad who is known as kuripot (stingy).

Okay, I’m beginning to sound like Em Dy. Hahaha... Hi Em Dy, I miss your food reviews!

The StarBowl Rice

The resto upstairs...

With mom and dad. If you happen to have a seat in our place last night, you'll get a nice view of the session road.

The Soy Chicken

The Pork Asado, always a must-have for me in a Chinese resto.

Honor the good police officers...

Why do we have a lot of dishonourable police officers?

It is most likely due to their unrewarded good performances. My Lolo got his car busted while driving along the NLEX about a year ago. An NLEX officer stopped by and helped him with his difficulty. According to my Lolo, the officer was very accommodating that after helping him and finally reached home, my Lolo commended the good officer by calling in the NLEX office and informing them about the great assistance that was given to him by this particular officer.

We actually have a lot of good and even best police officers in our country; there are a lot of them who are really there to suit our needs in terms of security and order. Many people see them as pain in the ass and even frightening that we often say something bad about them and we easily get angry when confronted by them. But then, there are also a lot of bad police officers; these are the converted to become bad and some are the ever-bad officers who deserve a hard kick in the ass.

I think that what my Lolo did was a good way to inspire a lot of our police officers. Many of us, when caught by a police (most of the time, guilty) react violently and offend these poor officers. Their work consists of great efforts to maintain an ordered community and a nice flow of traffic. Hard eryt? So if a police officer did a great job, we must honour them and give what is due to them in order to motivate and encourage these police officers to continue their fine job.

If we insult them, what do you think will make these officers? I think you already know the answer...

I miss my home...

I am already here in Pangasinan and it’s much Christmassy here in contrast to my earlier guess that the spirit of Christmas is more evident in the Metro, it makes me want to celebrate Christmas here instead of still going back to Manila to celebrate it there. Impulsiveness strikes again. My mom and dad decided just a while ago that we’ll go to Baguio later. What are we going to do there at the first place? Dinner maybe... It’s always Baguio whenever I am here, owell, it’s the nearest Manila-like place here in the North, ahm, just almost-Manila-like. Nothing replaces the night in Manila especially in QC.

When I arrived last night at around 9:30PM, I felt a little weird maybe because there are already no people in the streets unlike in Manila. It’s very cold and like I said very Christmassy... and I can even smell the grass in the field, hmmmm.... Christmas lights are apparent in every house I passed by, I actually miss the atmosphere.

I live in our house in QC since 2002. After graduating in high school, I immediately went to Manila to pursue my dreams. I usually don’t go back here in Pangasinan especially during school days; I go here mostly during the summers, semestral breaks and Christmas season only. When I was an intern, I wasn’t able to go back here for a year. Imagine that, being away from your home for a year! It was not a big deal though hehehe... it was compensated because my parents would regularly visit us (with my brother) in Manila. Owell...

I miss my home...

Oryt, I should wrap this thing up, my mom just reminded me that we’ll be going to Baguio, and I should get ready.

Uber fun experience...

Yesterday we had our last class for this year. Luckily my last quiz for this year was a bomb! You got it, a perfect score! Yohoo, a good omen I suppose… I’m not bragging, it’s just that it’s just Parasitology and I had taken that course since I was in premed. The funny part was I wasn’t able to answer in last Monday’s long quiz the question about the infective stage of Schistosoma sp. I answered miracidium instead of metacercaria. Hahaha, shame on me! Anyway, after our class, we went to MOA. I was with James, Carlos, Cam, Hanna, Jac and Renz. We were supposed to go “carnivaling” but due to some conflicts, we weren’t able to go “carnivaling”, instead we went chow chow again. There are a lot of okay restos in the Mall of Asia and after wandering around looking for a nice dine, we ended up eating at Don Henrico’s. Hahaha… Jac met up with her father and footed the bill! We weren’t expecting that he’ll actually pay for our dinner, but he actually did pay for it. Thank you Judge Mupas! Hehehe…

On our way home, after turning right along Roxas boulevard near the Manila Hotel going to Manila City Hall, I felt a heaviness, not chest heaviness but heaviness in driving…

“Oh crap, I think we have a flat tire guys…” slowly driving my way on the side. I found an opened gate somewhere along there (I think it was an entrance of a particular government office, but we didn’t bother knowing what office), I drove the FX in and there! I got my left rear tire uber deflated. At first we were joking around like Renz was the one responsible because he was sitting in the side of the flat tire, then after a while I was kind of scared because the area was dark and scary, someone might held us up.

I know how to change tires, I’ve done it before. The problem was I didn’t know how to remove the spare tire underneath the FX. So I phoned my granny for help. He said “just kick the tire towards the left, turn it until it’s already near to the ground and pull it out”. I didn’t knoe that it was very easy to do, I only knoe the “ikot-ikot” style to lower and remove the tire. Hehehe… Fortunately there was this old guy who helped us in figuring out how to remove the spare…

So we got it fixed and safely went home. It was a very fun experience… Thank you guys for the nice ride!

I am promoting a new blog, THE OPERATION M.D. It is a group blog of medical students. The authors of the blog are my friends in med school and I am the administrator of the group, so if interested in joining the group in sharing ideas, experiences and opinions, just drop me a message. To visit the blog, click HERE!

It's just sad... Here's the catch:

Em Dy will give me a gift, and I will in turn spread the Christmas cheer by also giving a gift to the first 5 people who will comment on that particular post of mine but the consequence is for them to also give gifts to others by posting the same kind of post in their blog.

It's just sad knowing that there are a number of visitors in my blog but they won't take the opportunity of sharing what they have this Christmas. I dunno the reason but maybe due to our country's crisis in terms of its economy. Owell...

Merry Christmas! Enjoy the holidays!

Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis

AKA CIPA is a rare congenital disorder that makes someone unable to feel pain. You think it's cool huh? Especially to those who doesn't want to experience more emotional pains. There is actually a disruption in the small C type fibers which carry the pain and temperature sensation so I don't think emotional pain is involved. Emotion as we learned in med school is generated in the amygdala and not transmitted via the peripheral nerves. But come to think about it, wouldn't it be cool to be like Claire of Heroes who doesn't feel the pain of breaking a bone?

Pain in general is there for a reason. Physical pain is there to alert us if there's something wrong in our body. If there's no pain, do you think we would still go to a doctor to be fixed? No.

Emotional pain on the other hand is there to remind us that life isn't really perfect; that life is unfair, but teaches us to be stronger in facing more imperfectness of the world. Emotional pain makes us a person, not just a physical being but someone who can love and share his/her love.

Pain sometimes is related to fear. I remember this line from Meredith Grey:

"Fear means you have something to lose"

M. Grey

So true...

Pain means there is something wrong, eryt? To make pain and fear more related here's a popular statement among the gals:

"Fear means there is something wrong."

Hehehe... So it's just the same, Pain and Fear... I guess...

Moving on, I found this nice "approach if hurt" guide. So I am sharing it to you.

When somebody hurts you, instead of swallowing it, pretending you're 'cool', or hurting the other back, why don't you try another approach:

1. Take responsibility for what you feel (if it's pain, anger or fear).

2. Look inside and identify why is it that you feel this way, and what are you afraid of.

3. Realize that by honestly communicating it, you can let it go.

4. Get clear about what you want from the other person and from yourself.

5. Share your feelings and what you want, whatever the consequences are.

Nisandeh Neta

Christmas party, oh-so-fun!

I just got home from Section C's Christmas Party held at Grilled Tomato in Tomas Morato! It was uber fun, and there were a lot of people who came. We were entertained by Sari and JC (they are the best emcees ever, hehehehe) with hilarious games and videoke performances persuading each and every one of us to sing on stage. There are a lot of scrumptious chows, beers and more beers! Sari was very comical blurting out funny jokes to each contestant which made us laugh, we almost cried on our seats. Here are some shots:


The ever funny Sari and JC gave us a very entertaining evening. Nice tandem! (applause)


Beer drinking contest, female category where the top students of the class showed us the secret of being on top. *smiles. The winner? Zyra! Wohooo!


Beer drinking contest of the guys. Marvin gulped the beer in no time making him the winner! Congrats! LOL. We are proud of you! --> C2.  Hehehe.


Crack my egg? or Beat my Egg... Mitch and Krissel won this game. "Maabilidad talaga ang C1"  according to Sari. Pipo and I won the guys category. (of course, I wasn't able to take a shot!)

DSC01889 DSC01903

Ari singing Only Hope matching with interpretative dance. Our president Eugene took over the stage singing and dancing with Ricky Martin's She Bangs! hahaha. LOL. Evidently, our class is full of not just smart but also talented individuals.


The Banana Eating Contest. Tats and Ge won this game. Diana was the hot seat at this time around.

For more pictures click HERE!

Gate’s Theory of Melzade and Wall

This theory states that:

“Activation of large afferent fibers inhibit response of Wide Dynamic Range neurons and C fibers resulting in reduction of pain.”

Large afferent fibers are the A beta fibers which are large diameter fibers with myelin sheaths. They have fast conduction velocity and facilitate conduction of light touch, pressure and sensation stimuli.

This explains the relief brought about by a mother’s soft touch and kisses into a child’s wound after knocking him/herself. The light touch via the large fibers will inhibit or block the conduction of the pain fibers thereby reducing the pain.

How about emotional pain? Is it applicable? I hope so...

Spread the Christmas Cheer

Em Dy is sending me a gift because I commented in her post "The catch".

At first, I was a little hesitant to comment and to take the opportunity but what the heck, I also want to share what I have this Christmas-- in a different way. That is by:

"before the end of 2007, I will send a card and physical gift to each of the first five people who comment here. The catch? Each person must make the same offer on her/his blog."

I dunno who started this but sure it is a wonderful idea in spreading the Christmas cheer!

So for those who also want to spread the love this Christmas, comment out and leave your email so that I can contact you. First 5 people will receive a letter and a gift from me. Remember that you must make the same offer in your blog.

It's also nice to include in your comment the reason why you took this opportunity.

*if you are reading this via my multiply account, leave your comments in my blogger blog by clicking HERE!

UST at night and realization

Last Friday, my friends and I had dinner at Yellow Cab, Lacson Ave. after feeding our experimental rats in the animal house. It was a tiring Friday as usual because of Pharmacology so we pigged out. After dinner, we went back to UST because James was parked inside. We were in gaze when we saw the lights inside the university. We don’t get to see these Christmas lights because our classes end when the sun is still high up. So instead of going home, we still wandered around and took some pictures. Unfortunately, my cam was out of battery so I just used my phone in taking pictures. Here are a few shots:


I am recommending you to visit UST at night because it is now Christmassy in UST. Hehehe. Click here for more.

Just now, I realized that my recent days were composed of angriness, bitterness, harshness. It bothers me because I am not really like this. I chose not to be angry, and I still choose not to be. It’s all due to the emotions brought about by a lot of external factors which lead to a normal response of my body to be upset (mad reflex?). I know I cannot do anything to revert those times to fix what I have done; damage has been done. This Christmas (okay, be quiet) I want to flush out these things off myself. I think one way of doing so is to compensate for the madness I had in my life.

It’s been my desire to share what I have to the people who I think are really less fortunate; say they’re the least fortunate. I am not fond of giving gifts during Christmas especially to the people I know because I think that some people deserve more of the gifts that my money can buy. I am not saying it is wrong to give gifts to the people who are fortunate but practically speaking the poor needs more of the gifts that we give.

I cleared out my closet and gathered a few clothes that I already don’t use, some never been used. I was thinking of giving these clothes to the unfortunates. Instead of storing them in my closet (some were given and some are really treasured items) or shooting it straight to the garbage can, I’d rather give it away. I know there are a lot of people especially here in our country who would probably not celebrate Christmas due to poverty. Not just that, there are a lot of kids who truly want a gift this Christmas who will just end up wishing forever for a gift because their family doesn’t have enough money to buy them gifts. Through this, I think I can make my Christmas more blissful and pleasant because I made some people’s Christmas happier and more interesting.


Never been used clothes that I am happy to share this Christmas.


It’s already morning and I am still awake. After my rant and rave, I am back to normal. After all that have been said, I am okay again. Why? I dunno; maybe because of blogging or most probably because of the people’s support. I would like to say sorry if I was misunderstood by the many. My point was clear enough although I believe that the difficulty that had happened was in terms of communication.

My intention here is more on saying sorry for those who considered and still considers me as pain in the ass. Pain in the ass as in maybe we have a clash between certain beliefs. I also want to clarify some matters concerning about the recent mix-up.

Being busy I believe was not an issue. I also never believe that there is such thing as “being busy”. We are all given 24 hours each day, and if a person is busy, why is it that others are not? I believe that it depends on what we prioritize. In our case as medical students, if you prioritize pharmacology than medicine, obviously you would give more attention to pharmacology. You cannot say you are busy with pharmacology, but instead you prioritize pharmacology. Priorities in life is different from one person to the other just like dharma, people have different ways of living life. I learned that since we have different priorities, one must respect other’s priorities and I violated that so I am sorry with regards to that. But since it concerns a group, I believe too that one must show his/her concern to the group if he/she knows that the members of the group might be in trouble.

Deleting a post in my blog is against my principle. Many know that my blog’s been running for years already. There have been a lot of good and bad experiences that were written and shared in my blog. Posting in my blog is a way for me to relieve all sorts of energy, whether good or bad. When I am happy or even if like I am insane (like my previous post), I also write these things in my blog. And if I am back to sanity, I can assure you that it’s the real me again. My blog serves as a record of almost all the things that I have learned so far in my life. Another reason why I don’t delete a post in my blog is due to the reason that I stand firm on what I think, believe and what I say is right. I am a kind of person who will make sure that I am right before sharing it to the others, so as you can notice, most of the time when a classmate will ask me something for example with regards to quizzes or exams, if I am not sure with my answer, I would rather resort to saying “I don’t know” than sharing what might be wrong. And if I delete a post in my blog, do you think that’s still standing firmly on my beliefs? No.

If you will read my blog (as in the whole thing), when my post is about me being upset, you will notice that I don’t include or indicate a name. I believe that if you read something that hit you sooo hard, then that is guilt. If you feel like you are the one being stated, that’s your fault; it means you are the one responsible for my insanity. I don’t intentionally do this, I just post my piece and who knows who would be able to read about it.

Again, I am sorry for the tension that I brought to the group and I am sorry for clarifying certain things through writing another blog about it. I hope everything will be back to normal soon.

Narrow Minded People

I didn’t know that being concerned to my group in Medicine class would result into an outcry. First of all, I didn’t realize that some people will misinterpret my concern for the group; I then now realize though that these people who "maybe" didn’t understand and misinterpret what I said are with such narrow minds. Why did they misinterpret what I said? That I don’t know… I am a happy person; seldom will you see me mad or anything of the same kind. I, as much as possible try to be friendly to everyone. Now I am mad, a lot of people know that my threshold for getting angry is very high, and being mad or upset in my case is considered as pathologic. I was just suggesting that we find a patient in the ward to be examined for the musculo-skeletal PE. Our decury professor didn’t give us a patient to PE, and the deadline for the submission of the full history and PE of muskulo-skeletal would be tomorrow; that was clearly stated by our facilitator. Based on my observation, I consider our facilitator to be a practical, sensible and a strict facilitator. I can say that she is practical and strict for the reason of always encountering some difficulties with her especially during submission of papers and the like. Knowing this, I know she would probably ask us why we didn’t look for a patient in the ward to PE if she wasn’t able to give us a patient. I am a critical thinker, but I am not a pessimist; I make sure there would be no problem when it comes to situations like this. Knowing that she’s strict, she would probably not allow us to submit a late history report. I was just suggesting the group to look for a patient to PE and not to submit on Friday, it will be just a safe thing to do. If she will let us pass a history then we have something to pass, if not then it’s still a knowledge gained. What is wrong with that? Based on my analysis, some of them might be thinking that “papaka-bibo nanaman ako”, that I will be the only one who will pass a history report on Friday. I am sorry but this is just my own opinion; just my thoughts running badly, I knoe I should not think something like this but I can’t help to think and wonder why they are like so mad at me. I admit I am mad; I am like a 3-day old pimple ready to burst. I feel like even if it’s just the group that is against me, I feel like the world is on me. If they don’t want to PE, I don’t think it would be my problem anymore, at least as a groupmate I showed my concern.

If you don't like my concern, I am not forcing you to do the PE. My point here is for the sake that the group members will not get a zero grade just in case she would let us pass a history report; plus the fact that we all know that she has a record of failing students in the past.

All I know is that I am a person who would fail a Pharmacology long quiz just for the sake that my group will not fail.

I am sorry about the title, but I consider them now as narrow minded. Disclaimer: This is my blog, I am free to write anything on it.

After a few typhoons

For the past days, typhoons flooded me with sooo much emotions. I would name these typhoons as Gay, Anger, and Dismay.

Typhoon Gay:

I didn't go to the gay wedding. This is not all about it.

My family was here during the weekends, and I was very happy despite the toxic schedule that I clearly and "visibly" foresee on the following week. And that's one of the reasons (I guess) why the 2 typhoons followed after Typhoon Gay. It's actually unusual for me to be happy, to be very happy that is - when my family arrive from the province. The thought of my not so interesting medical-student-life is always in my head, even if I am in "Somewhere" for a break. "Somewhere" includes anyplace in any point of time, like a Boracay trip. Not to mention, of course these thoughts of being a medical student are very apparent during the weekends, when instead of going to the malls to hang out, watch a movie, go out for a date, or even just to watch the TV to break that very long and tiring week, I then actually think about what will actually happen to me the following week, and then of course do something about it.

Anyway, so my family arrived. I am not really sure why I was very happy. Maybe the thought of Christmas somehow made me realize that family is a very important thing. Of course my family is important to me but medicine too. What I gain now in school will soon help me treat my patients. Owell, my family visits us here in Manila only once a month, and I realized that they deserve my full attention during these times. My bad, at least I've learned. Link: Family weekend 12/9/07

Typhoon Anger:

This typhoon wasn't very outrageous although the thought that I was angry again made me want to purge myself. I practice the anger-free life, I know* it doesn't really exist, that I cannot really avoid it but still as much as possible I should not get angry especially with people I work with. My point is I want to be happy not only in school but in general and that's a choice, I don't want to get angry. I will not tell the details regarding how I got angry but I hope people would be considerate next time. A medical student is always busy, that's a fact but remember you are not the only medical student. So a reminder, please be considerate.

*changed my KNOE to KNOW. There are a lot of comments regarding this. hehehe.

Typhoon Dismay:

Hit me twice. First, after realizing that in the end, in the long run and after wasting enough time, that I am the one who will then actually make some of the parts of the written report in Bioethics and then finishing it last night, Marvin told me today that there's no need to make a written report. I was in dismay,  but I was immediately relieved. Second, this was worse, and I need something to relieve me from this anxiety (this blog?). Today, I was supposed to report or discuss (as a better term) in Bioethics about ethical issues regarding abnormal pregnancies but I didn't report nor did my co-reporters. It really suck and I was angry (again). We allotted our study time yesterday for this report! Today is also our Pharmacology long quiz about antimicrobials. Due to the allotted study time yesterday, I wasn't able to study the handouts regarding the antiviral-antifungal and the generalities topic,  I just read the antibacterial handout when I woke up at around 4am today, continued and then finished it in school; and my reading wasn't a detailed review because of a lot of external factors, not to mention the epi-rush because of the thought of reporting in ethics class. Through God's unending grace, I was able to pass the quiz which is really an easy one but due to lack of time, wasn't able to finish reading the handouts owell, I could have...

Consumer's right

Is this right still applicable here in the Philippines? Filipinos love to shop but majority of these shoppaholic Filipinos don't actually knoe that they have rights as consumers. Let me share to you some of our rights as shoppers. I think these are must knoes especially now when everyone's busy shopping for Christmas!

First, The consumer or customer is always right! - Need I say more?

Second. Many establishments apply the "No Return, No Exchange" policy, but did you knoe that this is illegal? Consumers have the right to return or exchange what they bought from the store in a certain number of days if ever they find defects from the bought items, and as long as they still have the receipt. In the US, buyers can return bought items for any good reason such as not interested anymore with the item, unlike here in the Pinas the only reason so you can have the item returned or exchanged is when there is/are defect/s found in the item just a few days after buying the product.

Third. Buyers also have privileges that are most of the time being wasted such as a warranty. Warranties cover the expenses of the repair of a damaged product. These are very helpful because it's too expensive to have an electronics for example to be repaired when broken. Consumers should watch out for those who give fake warranties so one must verify the validity of a warranty. Here are the some tips to keep the warranty valid/applicable:

  • Keep the warranty card together with the receipt. Make sure that the information indicated is well-understood.
  • Be aware of the terms and conditions of warranty contract.
  • Check whether the replacement part used is genuine and not defective.
  • Use the product based on its purpose (for the intention it is made for).
  • Contact the authorized dealer/service repair for any clarification.
  • Ensure that you have fully identified the company's background, image and its credibility before having transaction.

source: DTI.gov.ph

Last. Consumers have the right to have an OR (official receipt) of the bought items; and we should always ask for a receipt when we buy something. Did you knoe that we are actually helping our country when we ask for a receipt? If a receipt is not issued, the tax that's being paid for the bought item will only go straight into the seller's pocket. Another reason of asking and keeping all those receipts is that you can actually have a chance to win a million bucks. I am not sure if DTI still has this promo of winning a million when you send them the OR number but still please, although the promo was I guess already obsolete, please ask for a receipt.

So here's just a few. For more details about the rights of consumers, you can access the Laws and Policies in DTI. Enjoy Shopping!

Doulos is here again!

doulosI heard about this Doulos when my friend Camille dropped her souvenir pen and was picked-up by JC who noticed the "Doulos" labeled in the pen. We didn't knoe that it was actually a boat full of books, not until JC told us the details about it. I also thought it was like another foreign brand of pen because the pen was actually nice and colorful and guess what?! Camille didn't exactly knoe where she got the pen. Hahaha. Anyways, for those who wants to visit Doulos, she just arrived! I mean she's been docked for days already but she'll be here for more days. Hehe. I want to try her, I mean... I want to see the inside of this boat full of books! Oh and also, I am excited because they might have books that aren't available here, and I also found out that their books are cheaper, but I'm not so sure about the latter information because my source was not that reliable. Hehe. So for more details, just visit the Doulos website.

Here's  Doulos' Schedule in Manila. By the way, it's not indicated below but the boat is now docked at Pier15.

Port information for visit to Manila, Philippines

arrival date:
2007-11-29 00:00

departure date:
2007-12-26 00:00

opening date:

closing date:

opening hours:
The book fair will be open to the public from November 30 to December 23, 2007. Tue – Sat 10am- 9pm, Sun - Mon 2pm – 9pm. (closed on Dec 10, only)
An entrance fee of 10 PHP is requested and children under 16 are free of charge, but need to be accompanied by parents or guardians.

entry fee:
PHP 10 for adults


Where did our money go again?

arroyomadridArroyo is now in Madrid for a 4-day visit, checked-in in a 5-star hotel worth approximately 12thousand Phil bux a night. She's with 143 delegates including nine members of the first family (take note: 4 grandchildren), 32 congressmen, three governors, one mayor, three government officials who rank below Cabinet secretary, 12 spouses, 65 Filipino businessmen, and five other private individuals. According to the news, she is now there to deal with regards to trade, investment (as in energy and transportation), agriculture, education, defense, and culture. But does she really have to bring a lot of people with her? I mean, for what? Is this a KKB as in Kanya-Kanyang Bayad? Did they take it from the Kaban ng Bayan? The answer I don't knoe but it's kind of intriguing... Well, there are rumors that the money they used for this Madrid visit was really from us, Filipinos. Of course they would deny it but hey, I don't think Filipino's aren't that dumb to believe their explanations adding Arroyo's history of different scandals and anomalies. They should have used the money to help the people devastated by the recent typhoons.

Ms Arroyo earlier prayed at the shrine of the miraculous Lady of Lourdes in southwestern France after surviving another military uprising last week.

By Veronica Uy
INQUIRER.net, Inquirer

She should really be thankful that the Coup plot didn't work out or else she might be off the throne now. Oh by the way, maybe she actually prayed to miraculously raise our economy because her powers as an economist cannot already manage our oh so low economic status. Hahaha, just a thought...

Update regarding #13 of House, MD.

I was right! House will hire #13! In my previous post regarding Ms. 13, I posted there a statement from her unofficial website that she'll be a regular resident in the show. The latest episode of the House ended showing Cuddy recommending House to hire number 13. She was fired initially in that particular episode so I was a little disappointed, but then in the end Cuddy advised House to hire her instead. House fired number 13 intentionally not because she's the dumbest or incompetent, but he actually wants Cuddy to decide who he'll actually hire. And also there's something that tells me that she'll not really leave the show, it's way too naive for the producers to just let her go that way. She's too hot to have a short segment in the show, actors like her sells every episodes, besides there are some mysteries House wants to knoe about #13. Hmmm... Owell, just want to share. Unfortunately, No House or Grey's for this Christmas season, according to my source, the shows also have Christmas break. Haha.

Owkay, I said I didn't have fever when I was having body pains but last night, my temperature was 38.5 and I was chilling. Luckily, I was able to go to school today. Hahaha.

Unknown diagnosis

STETLast night, I began reading the handout in Pharmacology about anti-viral and anti-fungal agents. Just when I reach the second page of the notes which the department religiously give, I started to feel like my world starts to go around, I then saw stars. I got dizzy and I cannot manage to read another phrase in the handout. I closed my eyes and wanted to sleep already. It was too early then, it's not my usual time of sleep. But then I went to bed to sleep. When I woke up today,  I was still dizzy, I dunno why but I think due to the continuous use of the PC, I didn't go down immediately but instead I watched the episode 9 of House, MD season 4 which I just recently downloaded. I was still in my bed when I watched the episode because I cannot manage to stand or sit for a long period of time. After the show, I was a little bit relieved, maybe House healed me unconsciously by his show. When I went downstairs to eat my breakfast, I brought down some notes in Pathology to read. After some few readings, I began to feel the dizziness again, now accompanied with headache. I then went back to sleep again. My brother woke me up when it was already time to eat lunch, the pain was still apparent especially along the occipital area of my head down to my neck. Then my joints and back started to get painful too. After lunch, I went back again to bed; lots of time wasted. I cannot function well, my mind's not working properly, physically I am incompetent. When I woke up, my body's still in haywire, I checked my temperature, no fever. What is wrong with me? Then I thought maybe because I haven't had a dose of caffeine since yesterday. Oh crap, I was having a withdrawal syndrome? It can't be, that's when I decided to take a pain reliever (ibuprofen). I have no choice, I haven't started my part for this week's case yet and there are still a lot of things to read. After taking the med, I had my caffeine fix too. I dunno what came into my mind that I had both at the same time. Now, I am somewhat relieved. I dunno if the med or the coffee fixed me.