After a few typhoons

For the past days, typhoons flooded me with sooo much emotions. I would name these typhoons as Gay, Anger, and Dismay.

Typhoon Gay:

I didn't go to the gay wedding. This is not all about it.

My family was here during the weekends, and I was very happy despite the toxic schedule that I clearly and "visibly" foresee on the following week. And that's one of the reasons (I guess) why the 2 typhoons followed after Typhoon Gay. It's actually unusual for me to be happy, to be very happy that is - when my family arrive from the province. The thought of my not so interesting medical-student-life is always in my head, even if I am in "Somewhere" for a break. "Somewhere" includes anyplace in any point of time, like a Boracay trip. Not to mention, of course these thoughts of being a medical student are very apparent during the weekends, when instead of going to the malls to hang out, watch a movie, go out for a date, or even just to watch the TV to break that very long and tiring week, I then actually think about what will actually happen to me the following week, and then of course do something about it.

Anyway, so my family arrived. I am not really sure why I was very happy. Maybe the thought of Christmas somehow made me realize that family is a very important thing. Of course my family is important to me but medicine too. What I gain now in school will soon help me treat my patients. Owell, my family visits us here in Manila only once a month, and I realized that they deserve my full attention during these times. My bad, at least I've learned. Link: Family weekend 12/9/07

Typhoon Anger:

This typhoon wasn't very outrageous although the thought that I was angry again made me want to purge myself. I practice the anger-free life, I know* it doesn't really exist, that I cannot really avoid it but still as much as possible I should not get angry especially with people I work with. My point is I want to be happy not only in school but in general and that's a choice, I don't want to get angry. I will not tell the details regarding how I got angry but I hope people would be considerate next time. A medical student is always busy, that's a fact but remember you are not the only medical student. So a reminder, please be considerate.

*changed my KNOE to KNOW. There are a lot of comments regarding this. hehehe.

Typhoon Dismay:

Hit me twice. First, after realizing that in the end, in the long run and after wasting enough time, that I am the one who will then actually make some of the parts of the written report in Bioethics and then finishing it last night, Marvin told me today that there's no need to make a written report. I was in dismay,  but I was immediately relieved. Second, this was worse, and I need something to relieve me from this anxiety (this blog?). Today, I was supposed to report or discuss (as a better term) in Bioethics about ethical issues regarding abnormal pregnancies but I didn't report nor did my co-reporters. It really suck and I was angry (again). We allotted our study time yesterday for this report! Today is also our Pharmacology long quiz about antimicrobials. Due to the allotted study time yesterday, I wasn't able to study the handouts regarding the antiviral-antifungal and the generalities topic,  I just read the antibacterial handout when I woke up at around 4am today, continued and then finished it in school; and my reading wasn't a detailed review because of a lot of external factors, not to mention the epi-rush because of the thought of reporting in ethics class. Through God's unending grace, I was able to pass the quiz which is really an easy one but due to lack of time, wasn't able to finish reading the handouts owell, I could have...

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