Christmas blah blahs...

You might be wondering what everyone had during the Christmas, eryt? So I think it would be nice to share what I ate and what I did during the Christmas. The following are the things I did pre, during and post Christmas.

We had our Christmas in Manila. Why? Owell, it’s been a family practice to celebrate Christmas in Manila where my mom’s parents live; and celebrate the New Year in Pangasinan. We usually go as a family but my dad decided to stay and be left in Pangasinan because his parents (my Lola, who is now sick) has nobody to celebrate Christmas with. My dad’s siblings are all in abroad now so he has to stay and celebrate Christmas with his parents.

We left for Manila last Monday. When we were already in Tarlac, we decided to drop by the Clarkfield in Pampanga to just look around because it was then too early. We found out that that the Oriental Duty Free warehouse was on sale so we shopped for good buys. The sale is actually until January (See my previous post for more details).

During the Christmas, we had Paella, Siomai, Fried Chicken, Pancit Malabon and Palitaw. The Paella was cooked by my Tita who came from Laguna. She really loves to cook; she used to introduce us to a lot of recipes since I was a kid. The paella was excellent! As we all know, paella is an all-in-one food. She included pork, mussel, squid and shrimp as its main protein content and some colourful vegetables to make it more attractive and healthy. She was supposed to put chicken but decided to not include it anymore because there’s already Fried Chicken. The Siomai, in my opinion is one of my Tita’s best recipes ever not only because I love dimsum but also because it’s really delicious, nothing beats it. She taught me how to do this before but she requested not to share the main secret ingredient why her siomai’s the best! The palitaw was easy to make. All you need are rice flour, sesame seeds, sugar and niyog. I was the one who prepared the palitaw because all I have to do was to wait for the palitaw to float which indicates that it’s already cooked. Hehehe... Fried Chicken was served because the children requested for it. It’s the most familiar food for the children probably due to the advent and the popularity of Chicken Joy and Chicken Mcdo. The Pancit Malabon was ordered in the ever trusted Pancit Malabon expert, Aling Lina.

In the evening, we went to the Mall of Asia, Bonifacio Global City and Tiendesitas to wander and drive the kids around the City. Owell, there were a lot of people especially at the Mall of Asia so we decided to go into other places; the strolling was enjoyable yet very tiring.

Today, we left for Pangasinan and my shopaholic mom decided again to drop by the Clarkfield! She must be very lucky because almost all the warehouses are on sale! We went in the Parkson Duty Free and there were a lot of shoppers there because the sale is up to 80% off the original price! Would you believe that majority of the shoppers were from Manila? Yes, they went there just to shop! We shopped around for like 2 hours I guess then finally went straight home because it’s already getting late. We arrived just a while ago and I’m so tired. I’m also glad that we had a safe trip.

Owell, that’s all for me this Christmas! It’s mainly a family thing and I really enjoyed it. I hope you guys also had a very pleasurable Christmas experience this year!

The paella, Palitaw and Siomai. I wasn't able to take pictures of the the Pancit Malabon and the Special Fried Chicken because the kids immediately invaded and took over these food.

The very crowded Mall of Asia.

The Dancing Fountain at The baywalk area of the Mall of Asia.

One of the main attractions at the back of the mall was this. He also eats fire. LOL.

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dak said...

oops, this was written December 26... naabutan ng 12mn.

ardee sean said...

daming foods.. tsarap..

Jun said...

hey dak!! a lil' late for an xmas wish but happy new yr in advance! ;) i can see that u've had quite a feast over xmas. haven't had filipino food before so the terms sound foreign to me, apart from the siomai, fried chicken and paella. gosh i have to consult u on the local food if i ever step onto filipino soil :)

dak said...

ei jun, yep, i had a wonderful christmas. you should try filipino foods, you'll never regret. so how's ur christmas?

LAD said...

wakoko. Pasensya na at hindi nakabati nung pasko. Bawi ako sa new year hehe.

May gift ako for you this new year, pakikuha na lng sa blog ko.

Hahaha, take care. Happy new year!

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