Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis

AKA CIPA is a rare congenital disorder that makes someone unable to feel pain. You think it's cool huh? Especially to those who doesn't want to experience more emotional pains. There is actually a disruption in the small C type fibers which carry the pain and temperature sensation so I don't think emotional pain is involved. Emotion as we learned in med school is generated in the amygdala and not transmitted via the peripheral nerves. But come to think about it, wouldn't it be cool to be like Claire of Heroes who doesn't feel the pain of breaking a bone?

Pain in general is there for a reason. Physical pain is there to alert us if there's something wrong in our body. If there's no pain, do you think we would still go to a doctor to be fixed? No.

Emotional pain on the other hand is there to remind us that life isn't really perfect; that life is unfair, but teaches us to be stronger in facing more imperfectness of the world. Emotional pain makes us a person, not just a physical being but someone who can love and share his/her love.

Pain sometimes is related to fear. I remember this line from Meredith Grey:

"Fear means you have something to lose"

M. Grey

So true...

Pain means there is something wrong, eryt? To make pain and fear more related here's a popular statement among the gals:

"Fear means there is something wrong."

Hehehe... So it's just the same, Pain and Fear... I guess...

Moving on, I found this nice "approach if hurt" guide. So I am sharing it to you.

When somebody hurts you, instead of swallowing it, pretending you're 'cool', or hurting the other back, why don't you try another approach:

1. Take responsibility for what you feel (if it's pain, anger or fear).

2. Look inside and identify why is it that you feel this way, and what are you afraid of.

3. Realize that by honestly communicating it, you can let it go.

4. Get clear about what you want from the other person and from yourself.

5. Share your feelings and what you want, whatever the consequences are.

Nisandeh Neta

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LAD said...

nice nice. galing mag incorporate ng medical explanation patungong real life application. hehe

kung pwede nga lang sana na hindi na makaranas ng sakit noh, kaso magiging abnormal ang buhay kung ganun. iiksi ang buhay ng tao haha dahil d nila alam ang mga sakit na dapat gamutin sa katawan nila.

:D merry christmas dac! haha, soon to be doc! haha doc dac! wah! dr. dac n lang haha

dak said...

ngek, hehehe... salamat! merry christmas din! hapon na tulog ka pa kanina hah! hehehe...

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