Consumer's right

Is this right still applicable here in the Philippines? Filipinos love to shop but majority of these shoppaholic Filipinos don't actually knoe that they have rights as consumers. Let me share to you some of our rights as shoppers. I think these are must knoes especially now when everyone's busy shopping for Christmas!

First, The consumer or customer is always right! - Need I say more?

Second. Many establishments apply the "No Return, No Exchange" policy, but did you knoe that this is illegal? Consumers have the right to return or exchange what they bought from the store in a certain number of days if ever they find defects from the bought items, and as long as they still have the receipt. In the US, buyers can return bought items for any good reason such as not interested anymore with the item, unlike here in the Pinas the only reason so you can have the item returned or exchanged is when there is/are defect/s found in the item just a few days after buying the product.

Third. Buyers also have privileges that are most of the time being wasted such as a warranty. Warranties cover the expenses of the repair of a damaged product. These are very helpful because it's too expensive to have an electronics for example to be repaired when broken. Consumers should watch out for those who give fake warranties so one must verify the validity of a warranty. Here are the some tips to keep the warranty valid/applicable:

  • Keep the warranty card together with the receipt. Make sure that the information indicated is well-understood.
  • Be aware of the terms and conditions of warranty contract.
  • Check whether the replacement part used is genuine and not defective.
  • Use the product based on its purpose (for the intention it is made for).
  • Contact the authorized dealer/service repair for any clarification.
  • Ensure that you have fully identified the company's background, image and its credibility before having transaction.


Last. Consumers have the right to have an OR (official receipt) of the bought items; and we should always ask for a receipt when we buy something. Did you knoe that we are actually helping our country when we ask for a receipt? If a receipt is not issued, the tax that's being paid for the bought item will only go straight into the seller's pocket. Another reason of asking and keeping all those receipts is that you can actually have a chance to win a million bucks. I am not sure if DTI still has this promo of winning a million when you send them the OR number but still please, although the promo was I guess already obsolete, please ask for a receipt.

So here's just a few. For more details about the rights of consumers, you can access the Laws and Policies in DTI. Enjoy Shopping!

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