Doulos is here again!

doulosI heard about this Doulos when my friend Camille dropped her souvenir pen and was picked-up by JC who noticed the "Doulos" labeled in the pen. We didn't knoe that it was actually a boat full of books, not until JC told us the details about it. I also thought it was like another foreign brand of pen because the pen was actually nice and colorful and guess what?! Camille didn't exactly knoe where she got the pen. Hahaha. Anyways, for those who wants to visit Doulos, she just arrived! I mean she's been docked for days already but she'll be here for more days. Hehe. I want to try her, I mean... I want to see the inside of this boat full of books! Oh and also, I am excited because they might have books that aren't available here, and I also found out that their books are cheaper, but I'm not so sure about the latter information because my source was not that reliable. Hehe. So for more details, just visit the Doulos website.

Here's  Doulos' Schedule in Manila. By the way, it's not indicated below but the boat is now docked at Pier15.

Port information for visit to Manila, Philippines

arrival date:
2007-11-29 00:00

departure date:
2007-12-26 00:00

opening date:

closing date:

opening hours:
The book fair will be open to the public from November 30 to December 23, 2007. Tue – Sat 10am- 9pm, Sun - Mon 2pm – 9pm. (closed on Dec 10, only)
An entrance fee of 10 PHP is requested and children under 16 are free of charge, but need to be accompanied by parents or guardians.

entry fee:
PHP 10 for adults

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