Gate’s Theory of Melzade and Wall

This theory states that:

“Activation of large afferent fibers inhibit response of Wide Dynamic Range neurons and C fibers resulting in reduction of pain.”

Large afferent fibers are the A beta fibers which are large diameter fibers with myelin sheaths. They have fast conduction velocity and facilitate conduction of light touch, pressure and sensation stimuli.

This explains the relief brought about by a mother’s soft touch and kisses into a child’s wound after knocking him/herself. The light touch via the large fibers will inhibit or block the conduction of the pain fibers thereby reducing the pain.

How about emotional pain? Is it applicable? I hope so...

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LAD said...

fellow tomasian!

:d ayus lang na wala kang professional cam, nakita kong maganda naman ang mga captures mo. at maganda rin talaga ang cybershot in fairness hehe. miss ko na ang school, dahil dun sa mga previous photos mo haha. geh, i'll link you back.

dak said...

ahahaha... so graduate ka na pala, what did you take? akala ko nagcomment ka about the Gate's Theory... hehehe... LOL. salamat nga pala. cge.

LAD said...

Lol. OK so i will comment on the Gates Theory. Haha, well, unfortunately it's not applicable for emotional pain. However, the mentality of a delivering mother is as determined as an ant stocking for food for the rainy days. I've experienced a lot in such situations you can apply the Gates. Haha, anyway, yep graduate na ako. Would you believe I actually took two courses at the same time! Bio and Nursing. Haha its a long story.

And I'm not from Cebu originally. Haha, I am only here to study Photography. Haha, yea, I am not practicing my profession at the moment because I'm studying my real passion.

:D Have a Merry Christmas!

dak said...

you went in UP, you should have visited UST din before finally returning to Cebu. There are a lot of changes already inside the campus, I presume that you graduated some years ago so you haven't seen all the changes. Besides, minsan lang ang Christmas sa UST. hehehe...

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