I am such a cry baby

A while ago, we had a family dinner and it turned out to be okay. It was a special one. It wasn’t a usual dinner with my family that’s why I am writing it here. Today, I went to Carol’s party and my mom told me to be home before 5pm for our dinner. I was late, an hour late. I bought coffee crunch to make up for my late arrival, luckily my mom wasn’t really mad. LOL. So we had dinner just outside the house, not in our usual dining room. We were talking and all blah blah blahs then my mom remembered our 2 dogs that recently died. Myno and David died this year. They were my favourite dogs here in Pangasinan. Myno was our dog pet for like seven years and for me, he’s the most special dog that we had. What I like most about this dog is that he always comes near to us when we go out of the house (he’s not allowed inside our house), plus he’s very sweet. He likes to sit beside us and held all the time, he doesn’t bark on us no matter what situation, he feels like he’s also a person more like a family member; I think he knows our language. He can do simple tricks too like shake hands; sit, stand and when he was still strong, he can dance cha-cha with my mom. What I remember most about him is that when I would leave, he’ll like wait for me outside until I comes back, he knows if it’s our car that is arriving; he’ll then run by the car seems like guarding my way towards home; then patiently waits outside the car door very excited to see me as I open the door, if he can just talk, he would probably greet me with his very happy hello. He’s a very happy dog; I can still remember how he wiggles his tail in excitement. This year, Myno became very weak already, probably due to old age. As we all know, dogs don’t grow old for many years, eryt? One day, my mom just saw him while it’s raining hard lying under a truck, mouth slightly ajar. My mom immediately knew that he’s already dead. He was soaked by the heavy pouring rain, no reaction. When we were reminiscing our moments with the two dogs especially Myno, I really felt like crying, I don’t know why but it feels like I’ve lost a friend; up until now while writing this blog.

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arjay said...

haha. yung aso ko katabi ko pa matulog ang liit kase.

nakakalungkot nga mawalan ng aso lalo na pag napamahal na sa'yo.

happy new year james!

dak said...

wah... huhuhu... 1 na lang dog namin dito... si Friday... pasaway pero mabait din... napamahal na din sa akin... sinasalubong din ako nun pag umuuwi... antaba nga lang sobra...

happy nu year arjay.

Jun said...

i can relate to how u feel dak. one day, many yrs ago, i discovered that one of the puppies my dog gave birth to had died of asphyxiation in the water pipe leading to the gutter in my garden. i had searched high and low for it, only to discover its tiny, helpless body stuck in the pipe, motionless. i knew then that i had lost a cheerful pup. my dog didn't recover after that incident, and she too went missing a couple of wks later.

gah! okay enuf abt pet soaps. it's gonna be another new yr, look forward!! i spent xmas in phuket. haven't come across filipino food in msia so far.

wat u gonna do over new yr's?

dak said...

jun! just came back from insanity and realized that ill be back to school on thursday. owell, ive received messages about the division of work in out group research... i am so dead... owell, i dunno, i wish i can still enjoy the celeb for new year.

happy nu year jun!

dak said...

@ jun, sorry to hear about your puppy... owell, be happy!

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