Narrow Minded People

I didn’t know that being concerned to my group in Medicine class would result into an outcry. First of all, I didn’t realize that some people will misinterpret my concern for the group; I then now realize though that these people who "maybe" didn’t understand and misinterpret what I said are with such narrow minds. Why did they misinterpret what I said? That I don’t know… I am a happy person; seldom will you see me mad or anything of the same kind. I, as much as possible try to be friendly to everyone. Now I am mad, a lot of people know that my threshold for getting angry is very high, and being mad or upset in my case is considered as pathologic. I was just suggesting that we find a patient in the ward to be examined for the musculo-skeletal PE. Our decury professor didn’t give us a patient to PE, and the deadline for the submission of the full history and PE of muskulo-skeletal would be tomorrow; that was clearly stated by our facilitator. Based on my observation, I consider our facilitator to be a practical, sensible and a strict facilitator. I can say that she is practical and strict for the reason of always encountering some difficulties with her especially during submission of papers and the like. Knowing this, I know she would probably ask us why we didn’t look for a patient in the ward to PE if she wasn’t able to give us a patient. I am a critical thinker, but I am not a pessimist; I make sure there would be no problem when it comes to situations like this. Knowing that she’s strict, she would probably not allow us to submit a late history report. I was just suggesting the group to look for a patient to PE and not to submit on Friday, it will be just a safe thing to do. If she will let us pass a history then we have something to pass, if not then it’s still a knowledge gained. What is wrong with that? Based on my analysis, some of them might be thinking that “papaka-bibo nanaman ako”, that I will be the only one who will pass a history report on Friday. I am sorry but this is just my own opinion; just my thoughts running badly, I knoe I should not think something like this but I can’t help to think and wonder why they are like so mad at me. I admit I am mad; I am like a 3-day old pimple ready to burst. I feel like even if it’s just the group that is against me, I feel like the world is on me. If they don’t want to PE, I don’t think it would be my problem anymore, at least as a groupmate I showed my concern.

If you don't like my concern, I am not forcing you to do the PE. My point here is for the sake that the group members will not get a zero grade just in case she would let us pass a history report; plus the fact that we all know that she has a record of failing students in the past.

All I know is that I am a person who would fail a Pharmacology long quiz just for the sake that my group will not fail.

I am sorry about the title, but I consider them now as narrow minded. Disclaimer: This is my blog, I am free to write anything on it.

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cams said...

they just dont get it. i think that its not just bout what happened today.. anyway.. ill just reiterate honey's words.. "hayaan na natin." we told them our side. they still dont get it, then its not our problem anymore. we know that we're not doing anthing wrong. theyre free to think or say whatever they want. grabe its just a simply history and PE... whats so stressful bout that. we are med students.. that shouldnt be that big of a problem if we want too be ready for bigger ones in the future... if we do the PE does it follow that we'll submit it? should be so simple..
i already told them that we wont submit tom. we'll just go on and get our history so at least we wont have anything to worry bout next week. coz he still have to report in ethics.
its not pagpapakabibo. its simply being responsible imho....

dack said...

yeah... im mad again, sooo not me. i wish i would just disappear for a while... thank you for the concern hah and for understanding.

MONACO said...

it is really frustrating to be among people who refuse to understand our point. but we cannot do anything about it. sometimes it's best to let them be. don't let it get to you.

dack said...

ei monaco, sooo true... but i am better now. already talked with some of the group members, owell damage done... thank you for dropping by.

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