Spread the Christmas Cheer

Em Dy is sending me a gift because I commented in her post "The catch".

At first, I was a little hesitant to comment and to take the opportunity but what the heck, I also want to share what I have this Christmas-- in a different way. That is by:

"before the end of 2007, I will send a card and physical gift to each of the first five people who comment here. The catch? Each person must make the same offer on her/his blog."

I dunno who started this but sure it is a wonderful idea in spreading the Christmas cheer!

So for those who also want to spread the love this Christmas, comment out and leave your email so that I can contact you. First 5 people will receive a letter and a gift from me. Remember that you must make the same offer in your blog.

It's also nice to include in your comment the reason why you took this opportunity.

*if you are reading this via my multiply account, leave your comments in my blogger blog by clicking HERE!

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