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Yes we had dinner in Baguio last night. It wasn’t that cold in Baguio as expected, probably due to its populous state right now. Hehehe... We dined at StarBowl Haus. The name doesn’t imply Chinese, but they serve Chinese food. Chinese food’s been a favourite of my family; it’s very close to our hearts probably because of its accessibility (there are a lot of Chinese restos around) and the comfort these Chinese foods bring. My mom even told me that in order to test if a Chinese resto is really a nice one, you must try either their Lemon Chicken or Chapseuy, and if these simple recipes aren’t even met into its full lusciousness, it’s not a good Chinese resto.

So we ate in this small resto located along the session road. I’ve already seen this resto the last time we went in Baguio but we decided to try it the next time we go up. And so we did! Their Star Bowl Rice is a blast. I regretted it wasn’t my pick. I ordered Soy Chicken in combination with Yang Chow Fried Rice because I can’t remember the last time I ate Soy Chix, but it was an okay order too. The taste of the soy’s perceptible even to the deepest muscle layer of the chicken. As I was saying, the Star Bowl Rice is a must try. It consists of 4 varieties of food in a bowl; braised-beef-tenderloin-like, pork rolls, sunny side up egg and a minute serving of chapseuy. The price is reasonable, hahaha... based from my dad who is known as kuripot (stingy).

Okay, I’m beginning to sound like Em Dy. Hahaha... Hi Em Dy, I miss your food reviews!

The StarBowl Rice

The resto upstairs...

With mom and dad. If you happen to have a seat in our place last night, you'll get a nice view of the session road.

The Soy Chicken

The Pork Asado, always a must-have for me in a Chinese resto.

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Cams said...

a resto i remember in baguio is rosebowl... hm. is it stil open? hehe.. have u tried cafe by the ruins? looks like a demolished building but ive heard that its expensive to dine there..haha.. hm.. see u in baguio.. im planning to go there on the 26th or 27th..

dak said...

rose bowl is very popular in Baguio! yes, it's still open. there's also a good chinese resto along legarda road, can't remember the name tho but been there twice. Haven't tried the cafe by the ruins, if it's expensive then I should go there with my parents. hahaha... Oryt just text me when's you final trip to Baguio, oryt? anyway, SOUL cafe, the one that serves alamid coffee's located near the entrance to kennon road near the Shell gasoline station, try it.

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