Unknown diagnosis

STETLast night, I began reading the handout in Pharmacology about anti-viral and anti-fungal agents. Just when I reach the second page of the notes which the department religiously give, I started to feel like my world starts to go around, I then saw stars. I got dizzy and I cannot manage to read another phrase in the handout. I closed my eyes and wanted to sleep already. It was too early then, it's not my usual time of sleep. But then I went to bed to sleep. When I woke up today,  I was still dizzy, I dunno why but I think due to the continuous use of the PC, I didn't go down immediately but instead I watched the episode 9 of House, MD season 4 which I just recently downloaded. I was still in my bed when I watched the episode because I cannot manage to stand or sit for a long period of time. After the show, I was a little bit relieved, maybe House healed me unconsciously by his show. When I went downstairs to eat my breakfast, I brought down some notes in Pathology to read. After some few readings, I began to feel the dizziness again, now accompanied with headache. I then went back to sleep again. My brother woke me up when it was already time to eat lunch, the pain was still apparent especially along the occipital area of my head down to my neck. Then my joints and back started to get painful too. After lunch, I went back again to bed; lots of time wasted. I cannot function well, my mind's not working properly, physically I am incompetent. When I woke up, my body's still in haywire, I checked my temperature, no fever. What is wrong with me? Then I thought maybe because I haven't had a dose of caffeine since yesterday. Oh crap, I was having a withdrawal syndrome? It can't be, that's when I decided to take a pain reliever (ibuprofen). I have no choice, I haven't started my part for this week's case yet and there are still a lot of things to read. After taking the med, I had my caffeine fix too. I dunno what came into my mind that I had both at the same time. Now, I am somewhat relieved. I dunno if the med or the coffee fixed me.

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khatz said...

dakki...stop ur crap. haha joke evryone in med skul gets dizzy once n a wyl...or more often than not. so...it's a normal phenomenon.. and who can live w/o coffee??

p.s. crush kita. hahahaa

dack said...

ei khatz, hahaha, you wudn't believe what i did. I searched the internet. Sore throat, joint pain, headache, no fever. Guess what came out? Adenovirus. Hahaha...

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