Update regarding #13 of House, MD.

I was right! House will hire #13! In my previous post regarding Ms. 13, I posted there a statement from her unofficial website that she'll be a regular resident in the show. The latest episode of the House ended showing Cuddy recommending House to hire number 13. She was fired initially in that particular episode so I was a little disappointed, but then in the end Cuddy advised House to hire her instead. House fired number 13 intentionally not because she's the dumbest or incompetent, but he actually wants Cuddy to decide who he'll actually hire. And also there's something that tells me that she'll not really leave the show, it's way too naive for the producers to just let her go that way. She's too hot to have a short segment in the show, actors like her sells every episodes, besides there are some mysteries House wants to knoe about #13. Hmmm... Owell, just want to share. Unfortunately, No House or Grey's for this Christmas season, according to my source, the shows also have Christmas break. Haha.

Owkay, I said I didn't have fever when I was having body pains but last night, my temperature was 38.5 and I was chilling. Luckily, I was able to go to school today. Hahaha.

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