UST at night and realization

Last Friday, my friends and I had dinner at Yellow Cab, Lacson Ave. after feeding our experimental rats in the animal house. It was a tiring Friday as usual because of Pharmacology so we pigged out. After dinner, we went back to UST because James was parked inside. We were in gaze when we saw the lights inside the university. We don’t get to see these Christmas lights because our classes end when the sun is still high up. So instead of going home, we still wandered around and took some pictures. Unfortunately, my cam was out of battery so I just used my phone in taking pictures. Here are a few shots:


I am recommending you to visit UST at night because it is now Christmassy in UST. Hehehe. Click here for more.

Just now, I realized that my recent days were composed of angriness, bitterness, harshness. It bothers me because I am not really like this. I chose not to be angry, and I still choose not to be. It’s all due to the emotions brought about by a lot of external factors which lead to a normal response of my body to be upset (mad reflex?). I know I cannot do anything to revert those times to fix what I have done; damage has been done. This Christmas (okay, be quiet) I want to flush out these things off myself. I think one way of doing so is to compensate for the madness I had in my life.

It’s been my desire to share what I have to the people who I think are really less fortunate; say they’re the least fortunate. I am not fond of giving gifts during Christmas especially to the people I know because I think that some people deserve more of the gifts that my money can buy. I am not saying it is wrong to give gifts to the people who are fortunate but practically speaking the poor needs more of the gifts that we give.

I cleared out my closet and gathered a few clothes that I already don’t use, some never been used. I was thinking of giving these clothes to the unfortunates. Instead of storing them in my closet (some were given and some are really treasured items) or shooting it straight to the garbage can, I’d rather give it away. I know there are a lot of people especially here in our country who would probably not celebrate Christmas due to poverty. Not just that, there are a lot of kids who truly want a gift this Christmas who will just end up wishing forever for a gift because their family doesn’t have enough money to buy them gifts. Through this, I think I can make my Christmas more blissful and pleasant because I made some people’s Christmas happier and more interesting.


Never been used clothes that I am happy to share this Christmas.

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ardee sean said...

ganda, really love the site.. astig.. :P

dak said...

salamat ardee for dropping by.

Merry Christmas!

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