Where did our money go again?

arroyomadridArroyo is now in Madrid for a 4-day visit, checked-in in a 5-star hotel worth approximately 12thousand Phil bux a night. She's with 143 delegates including nine members of the first family (take note: 4 grandchildren), 32 congressmen, three governors, one mayor, three government officials who rank below Cabinet secretary, 12 spouses, 65 Filipino businessmen, and five other private individuals. According to the news, she is now there to deal with regards to trade, investment (as in energy and transportation), agriculture, education, defense, and culture. But does she really have to bring a lot of people with her? I mean, for what? Is this a KKB as in Kanya-Kanyang Bayad? Did they take it from the Kaban ng Bayan? The answer I don't knoe but it's kind of intriguing... Well, there are rumors that the money they used for this Madrid visit was really from us, Filipinos. Of course they would deny it but hey, I don't think Filipino's aren't that dumb to believe their explanations adding Arroyo's history of different scandals and anomalies. They should have used the money to help the people devastated by the recent typhoons.

Ms Arroyo earlier prayed at the shrine of the miraculous Lady of Lourdes in southwestern France after surviving another military uprising last week.

By Veronica Uy
INQUIRER.net, Inquirer

She should really be thankful that the Coup plot didn't work out or else she might be off the throne now. Oh by the way, maybe she actually prayed to miraculously raise our economy because her powers as an economist cannot already manage our oh so low economic status. Hahaha, just a thought...

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