Probinsyano Mode

I arrived here in the town of Pozorrubio days ago before Christmas. I was sooo excited, I only stopped once in the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) to order a grande praline mocha. The rest was a 100kph speed of acceleration and exhilaration.

The weather during the long drive was fine, I had to take my wayfarer off fast which made me miss it. Of course I cannot just wear sunglasses in a gloomy and tiring afternoon, I might miss a crossing pedestrian and worse to doze off immediately.

The usual 4-hour travel was reduced to 3 when the brand new Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) was opened to the motorist mid this year. Made time really precious, but please be really careful cos it's deceitful; driving there is so hard and boring especially at night. It's too dark and the sideways are all empty and sad, really boring, you would get my point if you had experienced to do so.

And as we reach closer, I try to lag my lids as they want to close shut, the caffeine stopped kicking. Luckily, Rihanna and Chris Brown made the car like a disco club in no time after jacking my iPod, which made me sing like a mad man trying to wake myself up. It was horrible to drive sleepy, even the excitement was drained away from my body.

Then the music stopped while on Rihanna's "Please don't stop the music".


I took my REMing brother's iPod and set it into shuffle.

Thank God!

First song was "I'm coming out", a retro. O'ryt!

My hometown, despite being unexceptional and not so popular, has its motivation and own way to make me want to go back. I dunno what its secret, but a some kinda force if pulling me back to where I used to belong. My childhood memories linger every time I go to places I've been before, especially during this season wherein it's one of the most glorious past experiences in my childhood that remains intact in my memory centers.

Celebrating Christmas here in the province is like a walk down memory lane. It's been a while since my last Christmas in here. When I entered college, we would always celebrate Christmas in Quezon City and would just go back to Pangasinan to celebrate New Year, so staying in here would just take me a few days and not weeks.

Then I just realized I cannot stand living here again for a very long time. The house is well equipped but it's boring me out; the nights are just too long, the nearest cities are miles away, the civilization is undiscovered. Hahaha... The last one is of course a joke.

I can hear birds twittering, not bloggers who twit. Fireflies are blinding and the silence is deafening.

I got used to the city life. I am used to it and still loving it. Where I can go anywhere not getting bored. It's like everyday is a new day. Wherein the nightime is always from 12-6. Where everything's available and accessible.

You knoe what? After a few days, I got really bored. Seriously... Makes me want to go back to QC which is sooo unlikely to happen, my mom will kill me. That's probably the reason why I want to be a clinician and not a surgeon cos I easily get bored.

Owell, I have 2 weeks in the province. By then, I would probably appreciate the twittering, the fireflies, the silence, the long nights... the life in the province... it's sooo weird!

Let's see... maybe it's not really a bore. I just have to adjust and appreciate the simplicity of my hometown.

Apparently, an old bridge along the "old Kennon road" going to Baguio City. You rarely see this kind of bridge already, wherein vintage balusters were used as railings. Cool huh?

Merry Christmas Earthlings!

2009 Starbucks planner

Oh, finally! The yearly planner's already in my hands! My mom got hers I think weeks prior, I got mine just last Sunday while on our way home to Pangasinan.

My mom took the blue one, I got the black. She doesn't want the blue so we exchanged.

Blue is love! Here it is!



The pages are pretty much the same every year. And it doesn't have freebies! I wish they bring the discount coupons back! Right?

It looks like a previous planner, I think 2 years ago??? But it was dark brown. A lot of people say they don't like this year's planner because it's too simple and cheapy but who cares? It's a planner for toot-toot sake!

For me I don't care, it's already like a tradition to get the yearly planner. And like I said it's a planner, who cares how it looks?!

Oh! But the free pen that I got was dysfunctional! It's not working, so I suggest that they should prolly check the pens first before distribution. Eryt?

That's all for nao.

Begin. Grow. Flow.

Mojo on the go!

Caption this,


How about this?


Mojo! Stop humping on the inanimate and poor turtle!

Mojo, my cousin's dog's soooo freakin cute and clever! Really clever, and uber hyper. She brought him here in the province so... He's nao a probinsyanong dog... Wahahaha...  And so I think he deserves a portion in my blog. Check him out at!

Just dance...

Who wouldn't resist?!



Click click click!!!

RedOne, Konvict
GaGa, oh-oh, eh

I've had a little bit too much, much
All of the people start to rush, start to rush by
How does he twist the dance? Can't find a drink, oh man
Where are my keys? I lost my phone, phone

What's going on on the floor?
I love this record baby but I can't see straight anymore
Keep it cool, what's the name of this club?
I can't remember but it's alright, a-alright

Just dance, gonna be okay, da da doo-doo-mmm
Just dance, spin that record babe, da da doo-doo-mmm
Just dance, gonna be okay, d-d-d-dance
Dance, dance, just, j-j-just dance

Wish I could shut my playboy mouth, oh oh oh-oh
How'd I turn my shirt inside out? Inside outright
Control your poison babe, roses have thorns they say
And we're all getting hosed tonight, oh oh oh-oh

What's going on on the floor?
I love this record baby but I can't see straight anymore
Keep it cool, what's the name of this club?
I can't remember but it's alright, a-alright

Just dance, gonna be okay, da da doo-doo-mmm
Just dance, spin that record babe, da da doo-doo-mmm
Just dance, gonna be okay, d-d-d-dance
Dance, dance, just, j-j-just

When I come through on the dance floor checkin' out that catalog
Can't believe my eyes, so many women without a flaw
And I ain't gon' give it up, steady tryin' to pick it up like a car
I'ma hit it, I'ma hit it and flex and do it until tomorr' yeah
Shawty I can see that you got so much energy
The way you're twirlin' up them hips 'round and 'round
And now there's no reason at all why you can't leave here with me
In the meantime stay and let me watch you break it down

And dance, gonna be okay, da da doo-doo-mmm
Just dance, spin that record babe, da da doo-doo-mmm
Just dance, gonna be okay, da da doo-doo-mmm
Just dance, spin that record babe, da da doo-doo-mmm
Just dance, gonna be okay, d-d-d-dance
Dance, dance, just, j-j-just dance

Woo! Let's go!
Half psychotic, sick, hypnotic
Got my blueprint, it's symphonic
Half psychotic, sick, hypnotic
Got my blueprint electronic
Half psychotic, sick, hypnotic
Got my blueprint, it's symphonic
Half psychotic, sick, hypnotic
Got my blueprint electronic

Go! Use your muscle, carve it out, work it, hustle
I got it, just stay close enough to get it
Don't slow! Drive it, clean it, lights out, bleed it
Spend the lasto
(I got it)
In your pocko
(I got it)

Just dance, gonna be okay, da da doo-doo-mmm
Just dance, spin that record babe, da da doo-doo-mmm
Just dance, gonna be okay, da da doo-doo-mmm
Just dance, spin that record babe, da da doo-doo-mmm
Just dance, gonna be okay, d-d-d-dance
Dance, dance, just, j-j-just dance

Rock on section C! I love the bar... I love the mixes! I love every drink served! Yeah! Liquors flowing left and right... I just can't stop! If I weren't driving, for sure I was dragged home by friends...

I was impressed! The best house party I had, so far...

It's a nice advent to the season of parties! It was really a good start! Looking forward to upcoming parties this December! Yeah!

Oh, I just can't help it, the kick is still all over my body.

G'nyt Earthlings! Merry Christmas!

Keep on dancing!


Special thanks to Mic Pineda the host of this year's section C class Christmas party, the class officers who organized, friends, classmates, and Sober Club mobile shooters bar, the shots were all good and amazing!

Do you want to host a party? Hire Sober Club by clicking HERE!

I am conceited? Oh yeah...

These are some rants, hate notes and sarcasms...

Many people don't, can't and wouldn't understand me. I knoe a lot of my readers don't knoe me either. Some things I don't disclose here, I could be weird but I like the way I am.

If you want to be my venting machine, if there even's such a thing... then you can read further... it's just for nao, just for this entry... ROFL. or maybe another... next time. But you will likely know me more just by reading further.

I am no saint.

I don't chase people, that is cos they chase after me. Unless you are God, or my professor for crying out loud, then I will prolly chase after you.

I also don't reject people, I just don't. Did you knoe that I don't reject strangers who want to add me as their friend in Friendster? I knoe, right? Friendster? I simply don't cos it's rude! but I don't add them up either. What I usually do is to collect these buddies, let them wait in the pending list, and it's up to them if they can wait for me to approve their invitation. Which is actually not going to happen. Sometimes, if I think the "stranger" is familiar, likable or hot, or cute, then I message them back to check if I really knoe them and if not then I check their vocab and intellectual capabilities.

How rude could you possibly be?!

I knoe, right?

Enough said. I was just rejected 3 times in a row for the past month! I don't knoe why but I am pretty much sure it's karma, what goes around comes around. And it goes around again, so let's just wait for another round of the vicious cycle.

I also hate waiting. I am impatient. Possibly the most.

Patience is the virtue, Dak.

I knoe! But it's not of my virtues...

I can work a little bit on it but c'mon! I cannot just wait for years for a person to stop treating me like I am the lowest life-form on earth. Duh, I am not a crawler! I have my own time, it's valuable, I cannot just give my time to people who doesn't value my time. Waste your own not mine.

And I hate it when people make an impression of me as being grumpy or grouchy like they knew it for the very first time. Cos I am indeed a bad-ass irritable person. Stick that into your minds, better yet let thyself reminded with a post-it. I think my low threshold for irritation is primarily due to being a practical person, and I sooo hate impractical individuals.

I also don't like my stuff pointed out. I hate dictators. Where is the freedom in this country, right? So stop telling me what to do or when to brush my teeth! I do the pointing, and I act out what I want to showcase. This would primarily be the reason why I hate going to meetings where people distribute the job, with the shortest deadline you can ever imagine.

I embrace deviancies. And I avoid people who don't cos they are usually the ones who treat people very badly. When people laugh at deviants, I don't. They don't deserve it. It's their choice to be different, not ours. So stop stereotyping and treat these individuals like you would treat a normal.

I believe in God, but I don't believe in religion. So stop calling me an aetheist cos it's not an appropriate description for me, better yet check your vocabulary. I've posted a few stories here about my beliefs and spiritual perceptions. I am not lost.

I hate kiss and tell, even in the most simplest ways. Exaggeration intended.  So if you want to be my person, learn how to zip your mouth, shut.

I love discussions and debates but I knoe when and where to stop. All good things must come to an end, right? So I stop when I knoe it's not going anywhere. I would rather walk than talk endlessly; at least in walking for sure I'd be located somewhere in the end. Like I said I am very practical. And also, I am a good listener. That's why I am still and yet again single, for a very long time.

If I report in class or elsewhere, I do my own presentation and research. I can't if others do it for me. I can't rely on other's help in this case. I am sorry but I just can't, it makes matters worse. That's the reason why I am very toxic days prior to the reporting cos I do everything.

I like kissing. Kissing on a first date is okay with me, as long as you have a good hygiene and intact hypoglossal nerves that can bend an apple tree, not just a cherry stalk.

Oh it's so nice doing this kind of post. I knoe, right? Cos I am conceited.

Hmm, let me do an encore... soon.

This was inspired by my friend Cams who described me as being conceited during our Christmas party last Friday. Thanks! It was an eye opener. ROFL.

And also by the people who made my day so dearly for the past days or months or this year. You were an inspiration. Yown!

Get the lower segment...

Of what?!

Examine the neck. Do the fluid wave test.

Those were the three examinations I randomly picked in our practical exam a while ago.

My initial thought when I was instructed by our facilitator to get the child's lower segment was blank. Nothing. I don't know what she meant with get the lower segment.

I skipped and did the neck examination and the fluid wave test first. Then...

Get the lower segment.

I thought I heard it wrong.

Come again?

Get the lower segment.

But it was right. What is the lower segment?

I asked her what "lower segment".

She said

Kahit ano. (Anything)

I didn't get it.

Ok, Kahit ano...

So I thought I should just examine the lower segment of the patient, as in any examination. I took the reflex hammer from the table and tapped the child's knees.

Knee jerk reflexes are +2, meaning normal.

The doctor smirked.


What is the lower segment?!

I was thinking desperately,


Then I finally heard the bell. The bell! My 2 and a half minutes lapsed, went out of the cubicle frustrated.

Nao I am eating it out.

That is the reason why med students are unknowingly gaining so much weight, significantly...

Wishlist 2008

Wah! Hello December! Last week, I was able to jog around the campus twice in a row. And it's already very Christmassy and bright inside the entire Univ. However, the tree is unremarkable, I dunno tho if that was it or it's not yet totally done. Do you guys already experience the difficulty in getting up from your beds early in the morning cos it's too cold, it feels so good behind those blankets? Owell! It's just a few days before Christmas so I'd better do this wishlist so that you can prep these for me. ROFL.

  • Lancome, Miracle for Men
  • Miracle Cologne by Lancome for Men 

    It's love at first smell. Yikes! I am not very particular to the perfumes that I wear, cos I knoe everything smell good on me. It must be my sweat. ROFL. But this is really good, I swear to all the whores along Q.ave. But I knoe! It's expensive, so Nautica Blue will do. Hahaha.
  • The 4 Stephenie Meyer's novels
  • c20585 

    I never watched the first movie cos I haven't read the book yet. This coming Christmas break, I intend to respite from traveling cos I've done a lot of flying and moving this year. So, it's time to read... not med books of course, the fictionals that I missed especially the last HP book and some more books unfinished.
  • Shades
  • 800px-RayBanWayfarer800px-RayBanAviator 

    There are only 2 shades that I really want to get before the year ends. The Wayfarer and the Aviator. I actually have the latter that fits perfectly on me but unfortunately I lost it. I think I left it in the car and never saw it again. And it sucks cos it's the vintage type.
  • A cardigan
    I think and hope my mom will give me this one. Cos everytime I talk to her over the phone, she keeps on telling me that she's been into this shop to another looking for a cardigan. Cos I've been telling her that I am looking for one.

What?! Guess in Baguio doesn't have cardigans? Whoa!

  • Battery charger for AA
    This one I listed in our kris kringle wishlist with friends. I already have one but it's not flexible or I dunno what's the term... anyhow, it's not ideal for traveling. Cos it's the one fixed to 110 volts. I knoe right? I want something flexible...
  • "Baby" Barbara Bate's Guide to Physical Examination
  • image 

    Gawd! this is an expensive "Baby" book that I lost. Cos I lost the colored version. It comes in 2 versions in the market; the black and white recopy and the colored shiny paper. I just woke up all of a sudden looking for this book not in my bookshelf.
  • Analogue watch
    Apparently, I'll be a medical clerk next year and watches are must haves. Of course we need to be always on time. But why specifically analogue? It's easier to check the vital signs of the patients like the pulse and respiratory rate using an analogue watch. I am not really a watch person but since it's a thing that doctors in the wards should have, then I should start investing on it.
  • Ipod classic
    I was thinking maybe I can let my very old, first generation Ipod shuffle to retire. Since it's memory is only 512MB, the sound quality also is really far lower than the newer Ipods. Seriously...

There you go! Ahm, those are just the things I can think for nao...

What do you guys want this Christmas?

I am just curious... but I am not your Santa Clause...

Oops! Forgot! Of course I am wishing for Peace on Earth! Hahaha...

Chris Brown & Rihanna back-to back concert

I texted my ninang G a few days prior to the concert if I can actually avail free tix from her knowing that she works on MTV.

Hi James, to date I still don't have good news for the tickets. Just standby, I might have them on Sunday.

Okay, thanks, I am crossing my fingers...

Okay, keep on crossing...

While I was in ULTRA for the APMC Palarong Medicine, I received a text message from her.

James, you and your brother can already standby the venue at 5PM. I have 2 tickets for you...

Haha. It was soooo great! I didn't have to pay 3 thousand bucks for a Gold ticket. ROFL. So I brought along with me my brother. I literally asked her to at least give me 2 tickets cos I don't want to go there alone, cos that would be pathetic right?

When she said we should be in the venue by 5PM, I panicked cos our games aren't finished yet! So I excused myself to my team and told them that I am watching the concert so I should leave early. Luckily, they were understanding. Hahaha... Or maybe I just assumed that they really understood and were considerate. ROFL.

Are we required to be there by 5PM? Cos I am nao in ULTRA for Palarong Medicine and our event's not yet finished. We'll probably be late.

So I rushed myself back home to change clothes.

The traffic wasn't very heavy going to The Fort, however all the parking lots were almost already occupied by the time we arrived and a lot of vehicles are rushing like there's no tomorrow. By 6, my brother and I are already walking our way to the event. We still have to meet my ninang to get the tix.

So we're already inside the concert field by 6.30. I knoe right? The concert starts at 8. So we were already there standing inside, doing nothing but to observe people. Here's what I noticed, when we were still walking our way to the "Gold" entrance, I observed that there's this transition of the type of people in the show. The cheapest ticket's "Bronze" and the most expensive and closest to the stage is the "Platinum". From the Bronze entrance to the Platinum, a transition of people from the third class to the higher or first class is very noticeable. Owell, just an observation.

DSC00331 DSC00326

The show started at exactly 8 and Chris Brown came out to the tune of Kiss Kiss. Owell, he really dances very well and he amazes me especially when he did a Michael Jackson medley. His stage was staggering! It has 3 wide screens that show amazing displays and background scenes that are syncing with his songs and performances. Of course I was screaming like a mad man when the popular intro of his Forever came thumping in the entire field, then everyone started dancing like it was the biggest club!

After an hour and a half of continuous performance, Chris Brown said his goodbye without encore. Fireworks diverted the attention of the crowd while the crews were actually changing the stage for Rihanna. Big time eryt?

DSC00351 DSC00344

Rihanna came out lifted to the top into the tune of Disturbia wearing just an underwear. Hahaha... Of course it wasn't an underwear but it's close to that. The crowd was more ecstatic at this time, despite already being very tired for standing like forever. There were a lot of her songs I didn't knoe. But all of them were cool. Her back-up dancers and singers were also very good. The voicing was awesomely done especially when she sang the Unfaithful and Take a Bow.

Her last song was Umbrella when all of a sudden a lot of people from the crowd opened their umbrellas and started swaying them left and right. In the middle of the song, Chris Brown came out which made the crowd even more excited and noisy.

Everyone was pleased, including me. I really enjoyed the concert. It was totally the concert of the year.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my ninang G for the free tix. I really had fun despite my 7AM class the following day. ROFL.


More pics HERE!

Give Me Five part2

After the fun moments in Cebu, we're off to Bohol!

Ferry is the next best thing to airplanes, aside from being cheaper, the view during the whole ride's exceptional. We were even able to tour around the ferry by befriending the Kapitan. We were also able to observe flying fishes swimming along the currents created by the ferry which is sooo uber kewl! ROFL.

The ferry ride costs 220 bucks for the "Mabuhay" class. Cheap e?

We took the Jadestar Tres, left Pier 3 of Cebu then after an hour we're already in the port of Tubigon, Bohol. Tubigon is about an hour or two away from Bohol's capital, Tagbilaran. But according to my friend, there's also a ferry that go straight to Tagbilaran. We took the ferry to Tubigon cos it's nearer to the house where we stayed.

Port of Tubigon, all too excited to see the tarsiers.

After dropping our luggage, we immediately went to Loboc river. They're nao serving buffet dinner and river cruise at night. But it's more expensive than doing it during the day. It's probably because of the electricity they have to expend for the lights; they have to lit the entire sides of the river with assortment of colors. The buffet and cruise cost about 450 bucks. During the day, it's cheaper by a hundred bucks.

Floating Buffet! Love the food and the singing Manongs over there are Quality!

What's so good about the night cruise?

First, they said they serve more scrumptious cuisines at night. It's mainly Filipino delicacies of course, and everything's exceptional especially the Maja Blanca.

Second, everything's lighted. I think it's a new project by the Department of Tourism to light the entire river with different colors that ranges from green to purple. The Loboc church, the bridges, the trees, everything's very bright and colorful.

Third, it's not hot. Of course, day trips especially during lunch time involves patience and tolerance against the heat of the sun. The boat doesn't have an A/C but it's roof-topped so... but still...

And lastly, you can observe the fireflies. Unfortunately, none were found nor noticed during our trip.

You also don't have to worry about Dengue cos Aedes mosquitos don't bite at night.

The Loboc church lighted in its full glory.

During the cruise, there are several stops. However, the stop to see the Tarsiers is not available during the night. The only stop that we had were the Busay waterfalls wherein it marks that the floating restaurant cannot go any further, so here the boat stay for a while to look at the landscape, like the Maid of the Mist of Niagara Falls. Haha... ROFL.

Second Stop. The kubo and the trees and well-lit. Nice!

Second stop is this group of kids playing and singing their hearts out with some catchy and popular songs. You can even go jam or dance with them if you like, just like what we did. They will also encourage you to play ukulele which is so much fun.

Flushing Meadow Resort

We cannot resist not going for another beach experience, especially of course we're in Bohol. So the following day, we headed to Panglao Island and tried their white sand beaches. Flushing Meadows Resort was the choice, it's a big resort with complete facilities and expensive yet gorgeous cabanas however according to our friend there are equally the same and some better resorts in the the island, it's just that we found it first so we just decided to go there. The resort have a clean and an almost perfect beach front, also they cater a very nice pool overlooking the beach. Really nice!

The entrance fee was 400 pesos, but it's consumable so we spent our 400 bucks there by trying out their lunch, which I think was superb and yummy. Their fruit shakes are must try.


Next stop that day was in Bohol Bee Farm. It's not just pure fun in there but you will also learn a lot! The tour guide will let you try their different herbs that they have, picking it straight from the plant itself. I enjoyed the peppermint!

They also have cottages where tourists can stay, an indoor pool and a view to the beach in a cliff-like edifice. They have a resto that serves organic meals. Cool huh? And part of their menu is the flower salad composed of assorted flowers taken in the farm. And did you knoe that all the flowers that the bees land into are edible? That's what our tour guide said.

They also produce raffia. Hmmm...

What the hell is raffia?

Raffia is like sinamai it's just that it's not made of abaca but rather from a variety of palm or some sort of like that. It actually looks the same but sinamai is more popularly used so even if it's raffia, people refer to it as sinamai.

So nao you knoe...

Bohol Bee farm have a lot of products. From foods to plants to baskets, everything in there is natural and organic.

I'm busy looking at the bees...

Our next stop was to see the tarsiers. However, on our way, we passed by this old church, and it's not just old, it's the oldest in the Philippines. It's the Baclayon Church!


Tarsiers can be seen in Loboc, but since seeing these tiny creatures are prohibited or closed at night, the first visit to Loboc made us miss that opportunity. So before heading Carmen to see the popular hills, we dropped by Loboc again to see these cute primates.


They are sooooo fragile and sensitive. We were told to shut the flashes of our cameras before taking pictures. Also, handling them isn't allowed. However, I didn't kind of get why they let us hold them in the end.

According to experts, these tarsiers when brought to captivity will perform suicide. That's is why they aren't allowed to be pets and they're endangered.


We didn't knoe that the Chocolate Hills is located in a far flung area of Bohol. It's like going to Baguio. So when we got there, it's nearing sunset, fortunately so we were still able to have a glimpse of them, thousands of them.


Our last day in Bohol includes dolphin watching, island hopping, snorkeling and cave exploration. We were advised to be early if we want to see the dolphins. I think we were already in the sea at around 5:30 AM. Cos according to the them, dolphins are already gone when the sun is already up. Our patience was also tested cos you really have to wait for the dolphins to come out. They go in groups of twenty to thirty dolphins. Yes, there are a lot of them and they're soooo fast that you have to be very keen.

Beaches in Panglao island are really exceptional whether it is in another smaller island or in Panglao itself. The sand is uber while and fine, the water is so clean and clear, and the creatures beneath are abundant and fertile. The last time I went snorkeling was in Anilao, Batangas and I was already amazed by the closeness I can actually get with fishes and other sea creatures. I didn't regret trying it again in Panglao. I thought it would be just the same thinking it's just the same body of water and creatures however once I dipped my head beneath the ocean, I was mesmerized, it was my first time to see a school of fish and these fishes are the big ones like marlins. I dunno what they are but it was awesome watching them swim and go together. The reef was well protected and very fecund, it made me want to go deeper but I was only wearing a snorkeling equipment so... Owell... Next time...

The large underground caver of Hinagdanan cave.

Before leaving Bohol, we dropped by Hinagdanan cave which is also located in the island of Panglao. The entrance of the cave is narrow and steep that we were very careful going through it because the steps are slippery and we might injure our heads with the sharp edges of the stalactites. The large underground chamber has a pond, looking dark and scary. The water is ice-cold so we refused to swim.

I knoe! It smells right? If you want to bring home some of these, tell them to pack it well and that it will be taken inside the plane.

We returned back to Cebu for our flight back to Manila. However, since it was still too early to check in our luggage and we knoe that Cebu Pacific flights are always delayed, we roamed around the Cebu market first to buy pasalubongs like the famous danggit!


Also, we were able to drop by the Basilica and check out the Magellan's cross which is just right beside it. Nothing exceptional except that it's historical. ROFL.

The trip was uber tiring but since it was full of fun and I was with cool friends, it didn't matter. It was another incredible trip this year!


Pictures: Ferry ride, Loboc River, Flushing Meadows Resort, Bee Farm, Tarsiers, Chocolate Hills, Dolphin watching, Hinagdanan cave, Magellan's Cross, Trip back to Manila.

APMC Palarong Medicine 2008

Last weekend, the yearly Palarong Medicine again held in ULTRA was a success, wherein students from different medical schools in the entire Metro Manila competed into different sport events like basketball, volleyball, swimming, soccer, badminton and table tennis.

Competing against the UERM team, doubles-players Dave and James prepare to receive and attack.

Of course I was there to support my team, the University of Santo Tomas-Medicine Association of Table Tennis Players wherein last year we ranked 3rd on both male and female divisions. This year, my team worked really hard to take home the gold; the girls team retained their rank as number 3 however, the boys team ruled over the championship round competing against and defeating the energetic University of the Philippines team. Woot woot! Way to go guys!

It was a tough game cos the UP team got really good players and they're very competitive, also this year, a new high-spirited team from the Ateneo University is also equally competitive.

Congratulations to ATTP!

And kudos to Jae Lord and to this year's team captain Patrick.

More pictures by clicking HERE.

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I am sooo lucky I have friends who aren't just sooo friendly but also soooo reliable. Hahaha...

Guess how my friend made me happy... ???

Apparently... (read the title)

Tomorrow night, I'll be in CCP to watch the Hairspray Musical!!!


Thanks to Bel and Pay for the free ticket! Oh they were also responsible why I was able to watch "The Dogeaters" for free! Yey!

Nao, I am crossing my fingers for a free tix on Chris Brown and Rihanna Concert! Yay!

Give me Five part1

Finally! I have "enough" time to write about our escapade last sembreak. This is just a 5-minute post of our 5-day trip so bear with me cutting the story into several pieces... This is the first part, so just wait for the rest, that is if you are still interested... ROFL.

The trip ended like a snap. It was a 5-day visit to the islands of Cebu and Bohol. Woot woot!

yellow cab 
Night before the flight at Yellow Cab, People's Support. Lost Carlos wasn't able to come with us cos he has other plans with old friends so he decided to hang out with us first before we left Manila. (top: the Author. bottom L-R: Abet, Carlos, Cams)

Friday night after our exam in Pediatrics, we headed to James' turf in Makati to wait for our Cebu Pacific flight to Cebu very early the following day. We were too excited cos many of us are going to Cebu for the very first time and we'll be using the new NAIA terminal. From the looks of it, I think the NAIA Terminal 3 was patterned from Chicago O'Hare International Airport. It's modern but they should have patterned it to a more updated style, trend and architecture of newly constructed airports like the Changi of Singapore or least the Metro Wayne Airport in Detroit because O'Hare airport is by the way an already old airport. Boohoo!

NAIA 3. While waiting in the boarding area. Flight delayed... Boohoo! (L-R) the Author, Melds, Hanna, James, Cams.

There are still a lot of empty spaces to be occupied by commercial establishments, "okay" restrooms, long carousels, functional conveyors, comfortable A/C temp and luckily none of us were hurt due to falling airport structures. Hehehe...

And the Cueshe Band was with us, same flight to Cebu. But we're too shy to ask for pictures. Hahaha. I knoe! We were like retards loudly arguing who would approach them and ask for a picture, like it's not obvious at all... But it was! Owell, so what, right? It doesn't matter, unless it's Chris Brown and Rihanna. But Abet took some click-click-clicks as evidences.

Those are the members of the Cueshe band, right thurr... I don't knoe their names but yes they are them.

The Cebu Pacific flight, as the usual complaint of passengers was delayed for about an hour. Although the plane looks new and there were no technical difficulties that happened ante, intra and post-flight, and we were not really in a hurry, so it was just okay.

Trying to sleep. (R-L) the Author, Cams, Hanna, James, Melds.

First stop was Cebu. We stayed there for two nights. The city was pretty much the same as Manila, the only difference is that there are a lot of people who cannot speak Tagalog instead purely the native Bisaya dialect and high-rise buildings are not much rampant and popular. Jhae, a newly found friend in Cebu told me that I'd rather talk to Cebuanos in English because they're more fluent in English than Tagalog.

Mactan-Cebu International Airport

We left Manila at 6 in the morning so by 7 we were already in Cebu, famished hungry. We ate at Breakfast Club which specializes of course apparently on breakfast meals! From Pancakes to Tocino to Corned Beef. They have it ready to be served. After the yummy breakfast, we headed to Jhae's apartment to leave some of our stuff cos we are going to the beach via a bus. Yeah, we commuted using an ordinary bus!

Breakfast Club, IT Park, Cebu City

A 4-hour bus ride led us to the barrio of Moal-Boal where gorgeous beach resorts hive. The language barrier is more apparent in there. Luckily we have some friends despite not residents of Cebu, are able to speak the dialect. Impressive e?

IMG_5993 IMG_5999

Club Serena Resort gave us the bestest experience ever. Their rooms are so comfortable, homey and affordable. The beachfront anchors white sand and crystal clear and not so undulating water. But if you don't fancy the beach so much, they have a medium-sized, depth variable pool that is ready and fully functional 24 hours. Cool right? They have spas, relaxing cabanas, resto, bar, swings, volleyball court(?) and other amenities that can help you relax and escape from your usual activities.

IMG_6065 IMG_6071
IMG_6189 IMG_3664

The following day, we went back to Cebu City to experience the city life. We checked in at Pensionne La Florentina which offers an uber affordable, comfortable and clean rooms. It is very accessible to a lot of establishments and it's just a short walk from Ayala Center! I think around 5-minute walk...

Since our hotel is very near the Ayala Center, of course we visited the Ayala Center Mall and the IT Park which is like the Bonifacio High Street of Cebu. We met our friends' friends there which was hell of a lot of fun. We ate dinner at Mooon which is a very nice resto, overall; good food, nice interiors, nice ambiance, good food! The queue outside was loooong, it simply shows how popular the diner is. Fortunately, the people we're about to meet already made reservations so we're off the line and headed straight inside. The cuisine was superb! Scrumptious! Of course they knoe where's the best, right? Right, cos in the end, our plates were all empty.


La Marea offers dessert stuffs. They serve an assortment of all the desserts you can imagine. From sweet coffees to cookies to trifle to cakes to pies, oh a lot! La Marea, according to Jhae is a Spanish term meaning "The Tide", but I don't know how it became related to desserts... ???


For 2 days, I fell in love with Cebu. Now there's the consideration of taking up my internship there. I knoe that the problem would be language barrier. How would I possibly get the patients' medical history if a cannot be able to fully express myself in Cebuano? English was a suggestion but I knoe not everyone in Cebu also knoes how to speak English or rather use it fluently. Owell, I may not take my internship there but I will surely go back and have another visit! Cebu is very big hah!

to be continued...


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