Remembering the Christmas Cheer

Last December, there's this tag-like thingie going on on how to spread the Christmas Cheer. I took the chance, but no one dared to accept my offer. I don't know why.

Yesterday, before leaving the house to school, I received a mail; not an e-mail but a snail mail. It was from Em Dy of Pulse. She did what she promise in her blog; that is, the first 5 commenters will receive a card and a special gift from her. Owell, I commented and the rest was history. LOL. I don't know why not even one dared to comment on that same "spreading" post of mine. Really! Afraid of the consequence of doing the same thing, that is sharing?

Owell, so here's the gift from Em Dy:

She gave me a Starbucks GC and a Christmas card.

Thank you Em Dy! You really know what I want hah! Hehehe.

Anyway, I visited Life in Lenses by Lance a while ago and I was amazed by his shot, a picture of a child in a bridge. And the subtext goes like this,

If you want to see the real world, look into the eyes of a child. If you want to know the truth, look into the eyes of a child.

So true, children symbolize innocence, children don't lie, what the children see is what they get (it's actual). So if you want to see the real world and to witness the truth, look into the eyes of the children. A portion of my comment in his post was,

I also have a photo of a child taken in QC circle about a year ago... i want to share but how? LOL.

I think that posting the picture here in my blog is the way to share him and others the child's picture that I am talking about. So here's one of my favorite pictures that I personally took last year. The look in the child's eye pierces me whenever I see this picture. Innocence is very apparent. She was actually begging for 5 pesos, I think I gave her 10.

P1010502 copy

Labeling people


I am an ordinary guy. Some people especially the ladies call guys like me as “Vanilla Guys”; meaning, nothing special. Why? Isn’t it that vanilla ice cream’s just an ordinary ice cream? Right, nothing special. I don’t know if being a vanilla guy also means boy-next-door-type but I pretty am sure that it means a relatively imperfect guy. In other word, flawed. So if you are untalented or dim-witted or unappealing, then don’t get surprised when someone calls you a vanilla guy.

The opposite of the Vanilla guys are the model type, talented and intelligent, all combined type of guys. They call them the “Genetic Lottery Winners”. It’s like all the greatest blessings were showered to them. Possibly, when God showered all the best things in life, they were all awake, and I was still in bed dreaming. Why “Genetic Lottery Winner”? The proposed and acceptable theory to that is yes, genetics.

Same is true for the ladies. Guys and even girls categorize them as Hipon, Lollipop and Dama.

The “Hipon” or “Shrimps” (add “Prawns”) possess voluptuous and Coke-bottle-like bodies, or have acquired over extending bumpers or humps as they call them. Adverse: Unfortunately they haven’t gained the fullness of being beautiful. You can eat the body but not the head or face, just like a shrimp.

“Lollipop” is the opposite of “Hipon”. Precious head but worthless body. These are the pretty (add “Cute”, but cute refers to ugly but presentable e?), beautiful, good-looking, gorgeous, appealing, name it! But strictly referred to the face. Forget the body, unless you really mind. The body can be extra large, extra small or unblessed.

“Dama” is jackpot!

“Kain-kain-kain-kain” (Eat-eat-eat-eat).

Need I say more? Everything edible? LOL.


Those were some labels used by people to describe others. My point here is to actually not share the different terms used by the many to label a person (Owell, partly. I know many still don’t know these terms.) but rather to share my thoughts about the awful effects of labeling.

Labelling or Labeling (US) is defining or describing a person in terms of his or her behavior.

Effects of Labeling:

Consumption of Assumptions.

When we label, we assume that there are certain people who are of the same kind; or people with the same race will have the same behavior or attitude. For example, if you happen to see a stupid American, you will automatically assume that all Americans are dumb. That is an assumption. Assumptions will then lead to stereotyping like what is happening in the US, they separate Asians, Whites, Blacks, Mexicans, Jews, etc. Stereotyping can lead to name-calling and verbal abuse.

We are blinded by labeling.

Do you notice the big labels of the bottled foods in the super market? They’re so big that it prevents you from seeing the contents of these products. Same is true in labeling people. You will be hindered or obstructed by labeling to see the real person.

Labeling is hurtful.

The use of labels is more than unfair. And, "labeling" is different from "describing".

Describing: Lito is a Filipino.

Labeling: Lito is a Flip.

Did you see the difference?

Labeling can divide people.

Labeling can make people hate people. Society hate a society. Group hates a group. Did you notice how people build their own groups?

Gays vs. Straights

Blacks vs. Whites

Males vs. Females

Catholic vs. Jew vs. Muslims

Nerds vs. Losers

Owell, I just want to share this because I am really against labeling. I hope those who label people will realize the adverse effects of labeling. It can hurt, might even kill a person. Most of the time also, those who love to label are the ones who deserve to be labeled. Que barbaridad!

Medical Specialty Aptitude Test

I got this test from Eugene and I immediately became curious so I also took the test. Oh my, the specializations I am currently considering are on top of the list e? I know it's too early to tell. The test includes questions about one's personality and attitude towards certain stuff and situations.

   Rank     Specialty                     Score

1cardiology                    43

2pulmonology               41

3nephrology                   39

4gastroenterology         39

5nuclear med                 39

6rheumatology               38

7med oncology              38

8endocrinology              37

9orthopaedic surgery    37

10radiology                     37

11urology                         37

12plastic surgery            37

13psychiatry                     36

14pathology                      36

15emergency med          36

16dermatology                 36

17radiation oncology      36

18anesthesiology           35

19aerospace med          35

20pediatrics                     35

21preventive med            35

22thoracic surgery           35

23general internal med  34

24neurosurgery                34

25infectious disease       33

26hematology                   33

27physical med & rehabilitation 33

28occupational med         33

29ophthalmology               33

30neurology                        33

31general surgery              32

32colon & rectal surgery   32

33allergy & immunology   32

34otolaryngology                31

35family practice                30

36obstetrics/gynecology   29


Try it out by clicking HERE!