Easier is a song dedicated by Kandi to her brother Patrick O’dell Reilley. It really caught my attention not only because of the nice and touching lyrics of the song but also because of the apparent emotions involved while Kandi and Faith Evans (featured) sang the song. Everytime I listen to it, it makes me feel like crying, owell... enough said. How did I get this song? Kandi is frequently featured in the Dreamsound segment of Wave 89.1 radio station but Easier is not being played there so when I accidentally got a CD alleged of containing compilation of Dreamsound songs, Easier was included; that’s how I got to know this song. The song is in her album “Hey Kandi...” and people were surprised because Kandi is not really a ballad singer but an RNB artist and a songwriter, but the song gained popularity since its release in 2000.

Now, I am dedicating this song to my Lola Pining who died last Monday Tuesday (we rushed her to the ER on Monday). I know she’s in better hands now but the pain still resides, it was really "such a painful thing to go through". I hope it gets easier for all of us.

It gets...it gets easier
Without you
I won't feel right...I can't feel right
Without you
But it gets...it gets easier

I was in misery without you
I could not imagine life without you
It was such a painful thing to go through
To have you being taken away
But I...I dried my tears
Even though it took a couple of years
I guess I had to just let go of my fears
Of being alone...but it gets

I thought my life was over without you
Thought I would be oh so sad darling
Coz you left me here, to face all my fears
All by myself, with nobody else
Now that you're gone I just got to move on
But my loving's never changed
It'll always stay the same
I felt you were wrong
The lonely nights alone
I get weak then I'm strong
It gets easier

Sometimes it's really hard to just let go
Don't feel like moving on...Oh yeah I know
Just breathing air is hard to bear
When the one that you love is not there
Thoughts of you sit heavy on my mind
I always reminisce on our good times
I just take it day by day
I know that'll never be easy
But I can say it gets easier

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FerBert said...

wow isa na namang future MD..
dame na ninyo sa blogosphere..
tas makikidagdag pa ko balang araw (sana).. ahihii

salamat kuya sa pagdaan sa aking site... :D

FerBert said...

my lola has a cancer..
prineprepare ko na kung anong
pwedeng mangyare..

condolence doc..

karen said...

hei, condolences to you and your fam.. God speed!

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