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Lance and I were chatting a while ago and we happen to reach this particular topic, downloading stuffs from the Internet; illegal downloading to be exact. Here’s how it went:

James Abraham Malala: ui, may bago akong share... tegan and sara

lord L A N C E: yea i love them

lord L A N C E: cool songs nila

James Abraham Malala: narinig mo na cover nila ng umbrella? LOL

James Abraham Malala: natawa nga ko e

James Abraham Malala: pero mganda hah

lord L A N C E: so jealous maganda

James Abraham Malala: may album ka ba?

James Abraham Malala: so jelouse?

James Abraham Malala: *jelous

James Abraham Malala: *jealous

lord L A N C E: wala

lord L A N C E: mga download ko lng

James Abraham Malala: im sooo bad with hitting keys

James Abraham Malala: dpat pag nagus2han mo, binibili mo pa din... support

lord L A N C E: haha

James Abraham Malala: para naman dba? nde lang tayo download ng download

I’ve been an illegal downloading rat, I admit that, not proud of it. After reading Alexander Lacson’s “12 Little Things every Filipino can do to Help our Country”, other inspirational books, shared thoughts from friends, and as I live my life into this corrupt country, I came to a point to realize that even though politicians still overpower our land, we can change our situation by starting among ourselves, eryt? Come on! We have a very poor country, what can we do about it? Billions of debt, corruptions, smuggling goods! Is there a hope?

Many of us suffer the “Pirata Syndrome”. We praise the glories these pirates along the streets of Quiapo, Divisoria and in “Tiangges” can give. I wonder why we, Filipinos love to buy fake DVDs, CDs, and also those fake clothes, wallets, perfumes and bags that are pretty obvious fakers!


Downloading stuffs in the net is illegal eryt? But we cannot deny the fact that it’s really tempting to download in the Internet. We do it because it’s not just free; it’s easy to use and accessible! What I do now is that I use these downloading privileges to try and review different albums before finally buying the real thing. I know a lot of us used to buy albums yet disappoints us a lot of time also because these albums were not really good buys. So the Internet serves as a way to evaluate first an album before buying the real stuff. For example I heard from a friend that this particular album is nice, I’ll then download the whole album in the net, and then if it works for me, I will buy the album in the market. In that way, I am not only buying quality songs or albums but I can also give my support into that particular artist and give what is really due for them.

For those who support fake DVDs, don’t buy these items! These pirates will not create or will not pirate movies if there are no buyers! For me, I watch movies in theaters; if not given the chance, I wait for the film to be out in the market and buy it, or I just borrow them in video renting shops. I think this is better to do than buying fake DVDs. We must support the movie industry!

fake-louis-vuitton-bagsAnother concern is that why do people love to buy fake clothes, wallets, perfumes and bags? I know you see these fake “Guess” shirts and jeans, and fake “LV” bags and wallets, and it irritates me when I see someone wearing or using these fake items. It’s very apparent! Everyone use these items! I am proud to say that I am not a big fan of these fake stuffs. I don’t wear fake items; I know I am such a bighead but if I cannot afford to buy the genuine kinds, why would I resort into buying the bogus kinds? I mean, come on! Wearing fake items will not make you look good; it makes you look fake too! I’d rather buy generic clothes or the not so expensive brands because at least I can say that it’s the real thing and these are the only brands that my money can buy. So what if you’re wearing an expensive Calvin Klein shirt then it’s fake? Sooo bad… Expensive brands are not always equal to being trendy of what. We must remember that we should equate what we wear to our own status and don't pretend that you can buy expensive brands if you cannot really afford them.

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Jun said...

hi dak!! cudn't manage to access ur site for the last few days for some reason. how hav u been since the dengue? hope it hadn't been too serious...

i agree with u on ur last paragraph. i guess fake goods are a cheap means to fulfill the general population's fantasy of achieving "status" in society. i blame it on the media and advertising gimmicks.

on the other hand, i do notice that some branded goods are of good quality, which justifies their sky-high prices. but i do agree that, most importantly, buy according to ur own financial ability and needs. why buy a $400 t-shirt if u already have 50 $10 ones? ;)

arjay said...

i'm sooo guilty. 6.5 gigs of my hard drive is actually taken up by illegally downloaded tracks. i don't buy other fake items though, aside from dvd's. haha!

Gian Paolo said...

Ouch.... Guilty ako. haha. Thanks for the visit! :)

Anonymous said...

guilty as charged! i buy pirated dvds because they're cheap and they're available. I think these are also the main reasons why many people buy them, economics.

with regards to fake item, I can proudly say that I don't patronize their business. I'd rather buy cheaper but original and authentic brands. what's the use of strutting around in a gucci or lacoste if they're fake anyway?

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