Medical Specialty Aptitude Test

I got this test from Eugene and I immediately became curious so I also took the test. Oh my, the specializations I am currently considering are on top of the list e? I know it's too early to tell. The test includes questions about one's personality and attitude towards certain stuff and situations.

   Rank     Specialty                     Score

1cardiology                    43

2pulmonology               41

3nephrology                   39

4gastroenterology         39

5nuclear med                 39

6rheumatology               38

7med oncology              38

8endocrinology              37

9orthopaedic surgery    37

10radiology                     37

11urology                         37

12plastic surgery            37

13psychiatry                     36

14pathology                      36

15emergency med          36

16dermatology                 36

17radiation oncology      36

18anesthesiology           35

19aerospace med          35

20pediatrics                     35

21preventive med            35

22thoracic surgery           35

23general internal med  34

24neurosurgery                34

25infectious disease       33

26hematology                   33

27physical med & rehabilitation 33

28occupational med         33

29ophthalmology               33

30neurology                        33

31general surgery              32

32colon & rectal surgery   32

33allergy & immunology   32

34otolaryngology                31

35family practice                30

36obstetrics/gynecology   29


Try it out by clicking HERE!

8 remark(s):

kAhRrLoSs said...

hahaha! ang haba naman ng test 130 items..di ko na tinapos, bahala na ang tadhana sa akin!LOL!

Camille said...

cant open it...

justmike said...

ay galing, cardio, mahal ang future.

about dun sa tanong na tuesdays with morrie na play, uhhm papalabas po dito sa cebu sa feb2. manonood po ako.

salamat po sa pagdaan. Godbless :p

Camille said...

ngeeee... bakit gnun un sakin.......???? radio psych neuro, plastics, patho and physical med???? magkakasunod lng.....nyeeeee!!!!bakit radio... last ko cardio 33... hahahaha.... wla man lang pulmo or emergency.. malau lau... ndi reliable! haha

cedeux said...

doc! i tried it! hehe nuclear med ako at neurosurgery! yay! hehe. Godbless sa studies! ingats plagi=]

LAD said...

cardio is always IN.

same goes with the doctor is IN.

habang kumakain ng masama sa puso ang tao, mananatiling no. 1 killer sa pinas ang pusong unhealthy haha.

nung bata ako gusto ko maging OB/GYN
nung nagka isip na ako, nakakatakot pla ang ganung propesyon haha. enjoy lang sa una pero pag actual and matagal na, ayawan na haha.

Jun said...

hahahah do u think u mite end up in the top 3 specialties? oooh, and i noticed that u're reli physician-minded eh? good. it means u're smart :)

Anonymous said...

Asians, lol

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