My Lola calls me Dudong

My lola is now back home. She’s on her wheelchair, she really can’t walk now. When they arrived, I greeted her and asked her if she knows me, after like thinking for a few seconds, she said yes. I was happy she recognized me but my heart shattered when she called me by the name of Dudong. Who’s Dudong? I don’t know. I can’t even recall a relative named Dudong.

For those who can’t relate to what I am talking about, my lola (mother side) is a diabetic with end-stage renal disease. She’s dialyzing twice a week. A month ago, she got very weak, always on bed until she was brought to the ER due to loss of consciousness about a week ago or two. After three days in the hospital, she was discharged. After a few days, she was admitted again due to loss of consciousness while having her dialysis.

Now, she’s home again…

There were no significant CT-scan findings, she just had her dialysis yesterday, she’s better than the last time I saw her in the hospital; I think she’s relatively much stronger now, but why is it that she can’t remember our names? Well, almost. She knows her children’s name but she relates them to different people like to her granddaughters. She even thinks my cousin who’s been with her in the hospital as one of her daughters, her youngest that is.

The doctor thinks she’s depressed, which eventually led to some degree of mental and behavioral changes. Like what happened to Britney, e? So since they can’t find anything wrong with her except for her previous chronic malady, they let her out. My granny’s siblings I guess will be here in a short while, they’re from the province. My lolo informed them about her condition and so they will come. My lolo thinks that she might get better when she sees them and be able to talk to them.

I wasn’t able to ask my lolo if they were able to have her blood tested. I am thinking of high ammonia levels in her blood; she also sleeps a lot but she has no medicine that has drowsiness as a side effect, and it can also explain her behavioral change. Owell, I am over-analyzing again. They probably didn’t miss that test in the hospital.

I hope that she gets better. I know she will not get to live normally and healthy again because she’s already old accompanied with constantly deteriorating health due to her chronic disorder. Who knows? Owell, faith can move mountains eryt?

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Jun said...

dak my friend, keep ur faith up and stay strong!!! my prayers are with u in the hope that she (as well as ur cough) will get better too! (and no, i'm not in phuket anymore-- starting a placement in emergency med in spore next wk *sigh*)

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