New banner. Cool!

Of course you noticed! I have a new heading, wooohooo! Thanks to Nico, my brother who created it nicely and efficiently. Hahaha. I asked him last night to do a banner for my blog and he agreed! And what you can see now above is the end product. So first, he asked me to jot down all my interests and the things that can represent me. He then inquired about my ideas in doing the banner like what kind of background to use, the colors, preferred representations et cetera.

So let me share the meaning of the banner.

Background. The background represents the sun; ray of light. A lot of people know that I love the sun. The sun is always a debate with my friends whenever we are out on a sunny day; they use umbrellas or walk along shaded areas, but I walk freely under the sun. They always tell me how the sun can damage our skin, how it can make you dark, that it can cause cancer. Then again, I tell them how sun makes me happy (isn’t it that rainy days makes us feel sad?) and how using SPF15 can protect our skin. LOL. I enjoy the sun very much, and it’s one of the reasons why I also like the beach! Yeah, the beach…

The light also represents God.

Color. Yellow is a color close to my heart, not primarily because I am a Tomasian but for a lot of other reasons. It’s a happy color, represents brightness and I think also alertness. Hehehe. Why alertness? Did you know that they made yellow papers to lighten the mood of the students? That’s how yellow pads started. According to my readings about the color yellow, it also represents wisdom, knowledge, energy, joy and happiness. Wow, just what I need.

As you can see, the rays have words in it. The things that I love and do are all written in there. Some aren’t readable already because of the pictures imposed and arranged in front of the background. It simply shows how these things that I love to do are talents given by God.

Dacrocyte is the name of this blog, and the quote below the title

"Flawed Sublimity is more superior than Flawless Mediocrity"

is one of my favorite quotes which I got from my literature professor in college.

The duck represents me. I remember how people react when I tell them my name is Dak.

“Dak as in quack quack?”

As you notice, the duck is somewhat sick. Sickness signifies defect. Just like me, I am not a perfect person. Nobody’s perfect anyway. I am flawed, but sublime. I believe that mediocrity will not make a person happy.

The supplementary pictures represent my interests and my life. All of them actually have literal meanings.

The Philippine flag’s pretty obvious. It represents my being a Filipino and I am very proud of that.

The UST Main Building represents my school and the professors who created me as a fine medtech and prepare me of becoming a compassionate, competent and committed physician.

The microscope is the main gadget used by medtechs. I recently passed the licensure exam so it represents me being a professional medical technologist. Also, I took medtech as a stepping stone to medicine.

The stethoscope, caduceus, and Rx represent medicine/physician/doctor. I am a medical student pursuing my dream of becoming a physician.

Books that I read composed of medical books like Harrison’s IM, OB books, Pathology books and the like which are of great help for building a good foundation in medicine, and also fiction books like the writings of my favorite author James Patterson. In the banner I put there one of my favorite Patterson books which is Suzzane’s Diary for Nicholas.

Starbucks represents my addiction to coffee; Krispy Kreme Donuts represents my love to sweet foods. The pizza, which is one of my favorite foods, represents my attachment to foodstuff.

The beer means that I am a sociable and a friendly creature. Hahaha. The table tennis paddle represents my sport which is ping pong. The camera symbolizes my love for photography. The music notes stands for my love to music.

Alright! So there you go! My new banner, wohoo!

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Karen said...

nice banner!
i know my photoshop but not as good as that one..

Anonymous said...

of all the things in your banner, it was the duck that I didn't quite get until I read your post! ha ha. astig!

dak said...

@ karen:

a million thanks to my brother. im not really good with CS2 photoshop. owell, i think my brother's already an expert, he's actually trying to acquire now the CS3 where you can now edit and add special effects to the videos.

@ mon:

hahaha... it's either the statement i indicated there or they let me spell my name. owell, can't blame them.

Em Dy said...

Nice one. Gives your blog a little color, livens the page a lot.

Camille said...

ui ask nico n.. hehe feeling close... :D

JohnBailor said...

HEY... duck... medyo busy ako e... ngyon lang nagkatime... subsob sa work e...


Jun said...

gosh i loooovveee ur banner!!! love the quote from ur prof, and oh, starbucks and krispy kremes!! i think u can be my food guide if i visit the philippines :D

arjay said...

galeng naman. pede ring magpagawa ng banner sa utol mo? i'm back. hehe.

dak said...

em: yes, it makes a big difference from my previous page.

cam: my brother told me to write down everything you want in a banner.

JB: busi-busyhan? hehehe... owell, don't forget to relax sometimes...

jun: sure! im looking forward to that! enjoy your work in singapore aryt? visit em dy and anton's page for more interesting stuff about philippines.

arjay: sure sabihin ko sa kanya. if you want contact mo sya pero paalam ko muna kung ano bibigay kong infos kung pano mo sya ma-contact. aryt?

Camille said...

ok.. im still thinking... :D ask him what he wants in exchange.. haha

Ely said...

nice banner! very creative.. :)

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