Yeah, it's been a while...

Yeah! I know it’s been a while and I’ve been thinking about a nice thing to hit the keys… Today’s my first day in school! It’s their second week but for me, it’s my first day! I had a dengue or lemme just say “pseudo-dengue” or "not-full-blown dengue"! My medical certificate says I had systemic viral infection but what the heck, I know I had dengue. I am not proud of it but, based on my own analysis, twas dengue. Shut up, it’s dengue! It fits everything! Bone, joint, back and muscle pains, retro-orbital pains, leucopenia, unrelenting high-grade fever, fall of platelet count. My platelets dropped a hundred in just 24 hours but it didn’t crash to the point of me bleeding to death or never ended up gulping 8 units of type “O” platelet concentrate! I just knoe twas dengue… The ER doctor even considered working me up of typhoid fever. He even requested the lab to test me with typhi-dot, and since I was persistent that it was dengue, I asked him to have me tested with dengue-blot too! He refused! He said it’s useless! Owell… I really think it’s dengue… Systemic viral infection can be dengue eryt? Dengue is viral! Whatever!

After a day in school, rest again! After tomorrow’s rest, exam week! Wohoo! I dunno why it excites me but I am really excited! My mind is spinning right now like a twister; this could be due to my disgruntled new year, it got me going insane. Wah! Orytie, byers!

If you like what you see 
And your curiosity
Let your mind roam free
Won’t you pay attention please

Get Naked

Anyway, I asked my friends a while ago about what nice thing that can be done tonight, Camille said, "to blog". Here's my first post for the year 2008! Wah, I'm so out of my norm, I am currently giddy! It's not me! I'm even dancing with this song Get Naked. Pft!

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Em Dy said...

I was already wondering about you. Hope you're better now.

arjay said...

buti naman at magaling ka na. sino artist nung Get Naked song?

dak said...

thanks em... i never really thought you were visiting my blog... hehehe...

dak said...

thanks arjay... Get Naked's under Britney's new album.

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