Beauty is only Skin Deep

Beauty on the outside, doesn't mean there's beauty on the inside. That's the main point of Skin Deep. It’s about different people’s struggle in search for physical beauty. Vincent A. de Jesus’ Skin-Deep is a 3rd offering of the Philippine Educational Theater Association for its 40th Theater Season. It's a comedy mixed with drama and a little of action.


Doctor Beau Batoctol, an internationally famous Filipino cosmetic surgeon opens the world's first one-stop beauty resort here in the Philippines—the Skin-Deep Beauty Sanctuary. And for its grand opening promo, seven lucky texters will win a chance to stay at Skin-Deep for a month and avail of all the beauty treatments, procedures and surgeries it has to offer—absolutely free!

The Lucky Makeover Seven—composed of an obese female call-center agent, a troubled married couple, a male wannabe model, a flamboyant florist, an abused housewife burned beyond recognition and the reigning Miss Artificial Beauty—go through different miracle procedures hoping to become more aesthetically acceptable to the cruel world.

The characters have different reasons why they want to have a make-over, and in the end they realized that physical beauty is not actually that important and that there are more essential things that they should have given focus with their lives.

My favorite character is the comical Amor de Sangre, the reigning Miss Artificial Beauty played by May Bayot de Castro. She's very amusing cracking a lot of stupid and funny/crazy lines. May Bayot de Castro deserved the praises she got after the show because she acted and sang very well in the play.

Another favorite were the singing and dancing nurses of Doctor Beau. They have a fixed and uniform smile because they claimed they had botox. They remind me of the Ooompa-Looompas. Hehehe.

The water/drowning scene was awesome. I didn't realize that one of the characters was actually drowning and being saved. It took me a few seconds before finally recognizing it was an underwater scene. Hehehe.

Again, the theater was jam-packed with noisy, talkative and annoying students. There was even an instance when the usher almost let out a CEU student (take note: CEU) because her phone rang loudly in the middle of the play.

Skin-Deep goes onstage at the PETA-Phinma Theater on all Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays beginning February 1 until March 9. The PETA Theater Center is located at #5 Eymard Drive, New Manila, Quezon City. Tickets are at P300 each.

For details and other inquiries, call the PETA Marketing and Public Relations Office at 725-6244, 410-0821, mobile numbers 0917-8154567 or 0918-9354166, email or Schedules are subject to change without prior notice.

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kingdaddyrich said...

isnt it may bayot de castro is lani misaluchas sister?

salamat po sa pang congratulate sa akin. :)

Jun said...

wat a surprise to see the new layout! it's certainly neater, but i still think u shud put ur dacrocyte banner in place of those little ducklings ;p

haven't been on the net for so many wks, my, looks like u've found time to blog again! :)

i'm back in adelaide now. touched down yesterday. still need to catch up on slp :(

Anonymous said...

I just hope many of the botox crowd watch this play to realize their folly. he he.

Camille said...

why take note that it was a ceu student??

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