Breaking my own Illusions

Break the Illusion’s been an almost everyday read ever since I accidentally got into Dave’s “blogger land”, as he calls it. He’s a homosexual stud but it doesn’t matter for he’s not the horny type of gay who would write about male eroticism. For his readers, majority of which are from the third-sex, the main attraction in his blog’s not actually his writings but rather his videos where you can actually see him half naked. He said he did it in purpose. Why? To attract readers. Sex sells right? He said that when he was not yet doing half-naked-vlogs, nobody visits his blog, but now every post in his blog’s jam-packed with comments.

The things he writes in his blog are very rousing. Most of these are just simple facts about life which we seldom realize their importance. According to him, the purpose of his blog is to record his journey of discovery - both “geographically and spiritually”. He believes in love, and his blog is his way of sharing that love to others. Yoga which he took during his college paved way to his spirituality and a lot of his posts are inspired by the popular author Deepak Chopra.

Most of the time, his writings are like new principles to me but there’s this striking post he just made recently that complemented my own share of understanding.

In my humble opinion, truths should be discovered by one’s self through the lens of inward reflection and life experience. Truths should only be adopted when they are supported with experience and one’s better judgment. Organized religions come with a long list of doctrines - none of which fit my personal belief system.

I recognize that organized religion can be a great vehicle of self discovery for some people. I wouldn’t speak out against Mother Theresa, or belittle her association with the Catholic Church. But for me, all the “good” stuff that can come with organized religion is lost in the sauce, so to speak.

I don’t like the idea of someone telling me what to believe. If a population of people mindlessly accepts that which is dictated by espoused organizations (the Catholic Church, the United States Government, etc.) then a dangerous situation is resulted.

I don’t need the side of a church to answer any more of my questions. Perhaps turning inward is a better source of truth.

Jesus is the Answer, Break the Illusion

Religion plays a big role in our country, we can’t deny that. It’s the banana in a banana-split ice cream or worse the maggots in our rotting government. Our government is ruled by politicians but most of us are unaware that the Catholic Church influences their decisions religiously.

I believe that our FAITH guides us into our everyday lives. It’s the source of our great strength, light of our way through the darkness and gives us hope in times of despair. But should our faith be dictated by an organization or religion?

In my entire life, I was exposed to different Religious organizations, and it goes with it the revelation to their diverse beliefs. I was born as a Catholic, studied in an Adventist school, neighbored by a Baptist, and encouraged to attend the Born Again group. A classmate once told me that I am like a lost sheep primarily because I attend to organizations with contradicting mentalities. It’s like I don’t know where to go or stay; a lost sheep indeed with no home.

Leap_Of_Faith_by_BlushyHush I am actually contented happy with my spirituality. You might think I am confused but I am certainly not. These organizations have only one goal; that is to make people aware of the salvation and the means to achieving it. These organizations have different explanations on how to achieve full salvation. One organization claims that Jesus alone can save. Some assert that helping the unfortunates and reciting redundant prayers can save you. Others say that not sinning is the way to salvation. In my own observation, if you happen to attend only a single organization religiously in your entire life, your mind wouldn’t be juggled by questions and doubts which can disrupt your faith. Therefore, your faith depends on that organization. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you are aware of your limitations. Since I was exposed to a lot of oppositions, I had my own share of struggles due to different standpoints of religious organizations. Yeah, I’ve been there! However, as I go through my life, with continuous exposure to a lot of religious contradictions, it made my faith stronger. How? That’s where personal responsibility comes into play. Since different churches have different doctrines, I only acquire the teachings from which I feel are right, humane, practical and sensible. I know that what they teach in the church are Biblical and have been studied for years with firm assistance, but we also cannot erase the fact that our religious leaders are also only human who are flawed, sinful and with own personal opinions.

Organizations shouldn’t dictate what you must believe. As David has said, truths should be discovered by one’s self through the lens of inward reflection and life experience. Truths should only be adopted when they are supported with experience and one’s better judgment.

It doesn’t matter if I should follow some mediocre practices shared by religious groups or debate an overtly abused issue regarding Mary's blessedness. I built my own faith and have my own understanding regarding salvation; Experiences made it firm, it’s still firm and I am yet to hear and openly discuss diverse beliefs, revelations and attitudes in the future.

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life ~

~ Jesus

Religion will not save you! ~

~ an excerpt

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