I met Happy Slip


I just got home from the HappySlip Meet-&-Greet that happened at Mag:net Cafe in Bonifacio High Street in Taguig. I arrived there at around 12:30PM and everybody's eating their lunch already. Since I was already famished, I immediately scampered towards the buffet table and relieved my bodily hunger. The food was okay. It didn't matter anyway. Hahaha.


I was still enjoying my meal when they introduced Josh Verdes (Christine's cousin) on stage. He sang his originals "Save Me" and "Home" which are my favorites from his first album. He really is a good singer and I managed to have a small talk with him and of course to have a picture!


After his performance, Christine was introduced to us and she gave a small talk about blogging, inspiring other bloggers and vloggers, her views and purpose in blogging, and some other stuff, not to mention portraying some of the popular characters in her videos in her speech. She was really kewl!


After that, question and answer portion followed and she was very cheerful answering every question, cracking some funny jokes making everyone inside the cafe laughing in amusement. She even revealed that in her future videos, we will see some of her video characters riding in our popular jeepneys because she said, she brought some of her costumes and shoot here in the Philippines. That's something to look forward huh?


After the Q&A, the bloggers were given the chance to meet her personally; talk and take pictures of course.


Another good thing that happened with this event is that I got to meet a lot of co-bloggers! I met George, Luwi, Coy, AJ, Karla, Faith, Gibbs, Fritz, Juned and Jeff. They are very polite that they even invited me to have a coffee for a moment. Thank you guys! I'm looking forward to future blogger meetings!

That's it!

To access/view all the pictures click HERE!

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kingdaddyrich said...

VIP lang ata yung mga inbayted,,

heh he he..

kita ko yung comment mo sa previous posts ko.. la lang..

link kita para masaya

Karla said...

Hey, hey! Thanks for linking PinoyCentric. Hope to see you guys in more blogger events!

Anonymous said...

saw the pics at your multiply site. looked like fun, sana I'll get to meet other bloggers as well.

noemi said...

oh I think I saw you at Seattles. I didn't get to meet you though.

P0ytee said...

Aww hindi ako kasama sa photo. But it was nice meeting you, dude! :D

gibbs cadiz said...

hi dak, thanks for dropping by my blog. nice to have met you at the event! :)

gibbs cadiz said...

hi dak, thanks for dropping by my blog. nice to have met you at the event! :)

dak said...

@kingdaddyrich - hindi naman siguro... i am not a VIP. hehehe... i didn't know how i got the invitation actually.

@mom - if you want mon, if there's a blogger event, i'll inform you.

@poytee - happy birthday! kalimutan ko nga e, sana picture tayo before you left.

@noemi - yep, i was at seattles with other bloggers. im looking forward of meeting you someday.

@gibbs and karla - thank you for dropping by also. ill see you again soon! hehehe...

arjay said...

nice one!

Aileen Apolo said...

Hello Dak, Thanks for dropping by my blog. Sorry I didn't get to meet you, but you've met most of my friends. Hope you join some of the events we're planning to do!

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