Paranoia Virus

These are some evidences of paranoia (yes, of medical students). It's hard to live life if you know a lot, or maybe we are just plain paranoid! These are true but some are exaggerated.

My friend Hanna said she will not swim in the crater when we go to Pinatubo this coming Holy Week. She said she might acquire Naegleri fowleri. Huwaaat!

When I had a cough for 2 weeks, I thought I have a tuberculosis.

I love broccoli. Camille told me I'll have goiter because it's a goitrogen. Er? My thyroid will soon be as large as a basketball e?

I tell my relatives not to eat peanut butters, chocolates with peanuts, or just plain peanuts; and as long as it's a nut, a no-no. It contains Aflatoxins from Apergillus flavus, can cause liver cancer.

My friends don't drink light/diet sodas or take anything with aspatame; also includes some mint candies.

All my friends including me have a mini/handy-dandy alcohol bottle all the time.

When we were planning to go to Palawan, the plan includes what Malarial drug to take as prophylaxis.

I wear sunblock everyday, because I love the sun. Take note, it should be SPF30.

I don't eat preserved mangos or anything preserved. It contains nitrates.

I rarely eats tocino, it has nitrates too! Especially those which are excessively pink in color.

I consider the lavabo/sink as the land of Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Currently taking 4 supplements. Multivitamins, Ascorbic Acid, Omega-3 and Ginkgo Biloba.

We remove the black tars in BBQs.

We suspect A/Cs to contain Legionella pneumophila.

Some interesting information.

Kissing can transmit: E. gingivalis and Trichomonas, Infectious mononucleosis, Herpes, etc.

Rubbing or touching your eyes is the easiest access of Adenovirus to invade your body.

Sashimi's and other uncooked foods such as Kilawin is the mode of transmission of a lot of parasites like trematods, tapeworms, and many more.

We are all exposed to TB. Filipinos love to spit anywhere they want and that's one of the reasons why the incidence of TB is high in Pinas.

Some drugs especially antibiotics can actually kill you. Heard of Steven-Johnson's Syndrome?

You can be infected with helminths through inhalation of the ovas. And same is true that you can acquire them through skin penetration and not just through swallowing infected stuffs.

TB particles can actually float in a room for 3 hours.

Oral contraceptive pills are abortifacient and condoms cannot actually guarantee protection from acquiring HIV.

These are just a few in my mind now. There are still a lot to which makes us medical students paranoid! Sad... *wink!

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Em Dy said...

Nosophobia is a common phenomenon among medical students and is most pronounced during the second year as they begin to study diseases. This was even written about in Erich Segal's novel, Doctors.

GeoRge said...

Waaah. Paranoia nga. I never thought of seeing it that way. Ang galing. =)

cedeux said...

this made me look for my Garbage CD.
they have this single paranoid! hehe

Doc, mahirap talaga magmed student,
lalo na sa food. you'll be so
conscious about everything.

ingats palagi! lapit na finals=]

Camille said...

fear ba yun sakin? hm.. feel ko nga laaht ng sakit meron ako e... haha.. anyway si hana eversince db gnun na un.. paranoid na un forever.. hehe

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

tell those to nurses (or hospital workers, or health care personnels) like me, or US!!! :-)

we used to think that we're so so immune to the mycobacterium, pseudomonas (including the esbl positive ones), e coli's and klebsiella's, in fact large titers of antibodies are present in our sera.

we're that great. hahaha. just kidding.

linked you up by the way! :-)

P0ytee said...

Hah! I should be careful pala of who I'm kissing.

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