Red Day

Today is Valentine's day and although I am half-day in school, I still can't manage to go out and have a date because I have a long quiz in Pharmacology tomorrow.

When I was still actively dating way back in college, Vday is a week of prep; Vday dinner must be well planned, flowers should be freshly ordered, must search for a gift that will surely make her faint. Those were my days...

But I am currently loving my life as a single guy! Who said singles cannot actually celebrate the Big Red Day? Here's the thing:

  • I bought a blueberry cheesecake for myself c/o the TLP sorority. They actually sell different kinds of cheesecakes, but the blueberry's my favorite. They are very popular in school because they're as good as the ones sold in Red Ribbon. They don't sell them on the spot, you have to pre-order them in about a week.


  • Date with friends. We'll be watching the "Hamlet" tomorrow night at Greenbelt 1. Is this the start of my "culturization" process? I dunno... but I am excited! I think going on a date after the Vday is a very good idea because traffic wouldn't be that heavy already.


    (Hamlet picture was taken from Visit their website for more details about the play.)

Told you! Being single doesn't mean no valentine's celebration. It's not actually that bad to be single unless you are a schizoid, as in literally... It really depends on how you handle your "singlehood"!

Happy Red Day Earthlings! Enjoy! Hehehe...

Here's our class' recent group picture. Of course t'was taken at the popular Benavides park. The picture below is the candid shot. The complete set is in HERE. Shots were actually taken by our classmate Rhea. So can you guess where I am in this pic?

medicine class picture-29

I would like to thank Steve AKA msense for my new blog template.

Also, I would like to thank the readers and visitors of my humble blog. I'm currently very busy so updates would be posted less frequently. Thank you.

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Marco said...

Nice layout!

Em Dy said...

HVD Dak! I like this layout too. I planned to buy a cake being sold by hospital staff today (just like what I did previous years). When I asked at 1:30 PM, everything was sold out. I should have made reservations.

arjay said...

penge ng blueberry cheesecake... hehehe

my-so-called-Quest said...

doc, sarap naman nung cheesecake!
at ganda ng layout at ng header.

ingats ka palagi=]

Karen said...

i'm not really a fan of v-day (even if i were in a relationship). i just find it too cheesy celebrating it with everyone else. lol.

Anonymous said...

grabe, ang sarap nung blueberry cheesecake! it's making my mouth water at this very minute.

are you the one standing on the right?

I had a Val party with other single (singles, not quite single, soon to be single) friends on the 13th. sarap maging single on VD, menos gastos!

Camille said...

wow.. pathank you thank you nalang.. dont forget to thank viktor jeans for your pants n ethel booba for you hair. hehe jowk! :D baet yan si dak! da beast! ay da best pla!! :D

LAD said...

sorry but i cant help but comment even though this is an old post.

wah, i'm craving for a blueberry cheesecake and then i saw it here.

and one thing more, i miss the uniform haha.

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