Simple and Posh

Gawd! My weekend was huge! (Huge means: See meaning below)


Night out with friends at Serendra and Bonifacio High Street in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig after the oh-so-tiring Pharmacology class.. We arrived there late and ate dinner at around 10 PM already! We ate at Polu Kai Grill, a Hawaiian restaurant. The waiters will immediately greet you “Aloha!” upon entering the not-so-crowded resto, cool huh? There are a lot of Tikis and scary masks hanging on the wall so kids, beware. The interior’s very cozy, they have comfortable seats and my favorite? The big aquarium with sea water fishes; they even have a clown fish. The food’s delicious but a little expensive (Owell, it’s in Serendra). I ordered their Jamaican Jerk Chicken and I was satisfied. Sorry because due to intense hunger, I wasn’t able to take a shot of it. Poor me. We were actually all very satisfied. “Mahalo!”. To "burn" some calories gained, we wandered around the Boni High Street.


James, the Author and Carlos. It was not a beer. It's a home-made iced tea. Hehehe...


The Author, James, Carlos, Johanna, Jac and Honey. Melds took this shot.

Fountain or Falls? Decide...


We went in Batangas and bought my family’s favorite cracker, the Nana Osiang’s. My cousin will bring them back to Canada. We also dropped by my Tita’s house in Laguna and unloaded some of her stuffs. It was also my first time seeing a lychee fruit hanging on its tree; and yes the lychee tree's in my Tita's backyard. They actually have a lot of fruiting trees around the house. And guess what! We ate lunch in the most popular “Bulalohan” in Sto. Tomas, Batangas. Yep, Rose and Grace! A must visit eating place.

I know you want one now e?


After savoring the very lipemic soup and feeling it flowing through my blood vessels, we headed back to Manila, and went straight to the Mall of Asia. Owell, my mom just wanted my cousin to see the biggest mall in the Philippines; my cousin wasn’t pleased anyway. Hahaha.


According to my cousin, shopping in MOA was not fun and impractical, so after Mass, we headed to Trinoma. Here's the setup: he shopped, we pigged out! Hahaha... Ate lunch at World Chicken, tripped a “few” donuts at Krispy Kreme and caffeine fixed at Starbucks.

Coffee addicts. Taken at Trinoma with my brother.

Huge: uber fun, tiring and yep expensive.

I exhausted my savings for the past month but I don’t regret it because t''was a fun weekend with my friends and family. Owell, beat that!

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Anonymous said...

bulalo... rice please!!!

Jun said...

ooh, glad u had a nice weekend!! it's always nice to catch up with loved ones isn't it? :)

Camille said...

the group pic would have been 1000x better if i was there!! haha.. :D

Anonymous said...

what is nana osiang's crackers? we're from batangas and I don't know what it is. never even heard of it.

ha ha. rose and grace resto is an institution in sto. tomas! sarap dun!

bulitas said...

hige weekend indee!

hey thanks for correcting me. hehe. ayt, it's victoria's court pla. hehe

dak said...

@sakai - yeah BULALO!

@jun - thanks jun! i hope you're having fun with your Grey's-Anat-Like life now...

@camille - yeah, right...

@mon - it's in tanauan, batanggas. near the crossing (traffic light)

@bulitas - no prob dude!

Camille said...

d kaya mukang masarap! :p lalang masrap sa leslies kaya lang wala marrow

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