Why I gave up dancing

The Terpsichorean Circle had their yearly for-a-good-cause dance concert last night at the UST Medicine Auditorium entitled "Mediscene". They danced dynamically to popular hip-hop, R&B, jazz and pop songs with versatility relating it to medicine life. I have some personal favorite dance routines including the SecC dancer's special performance and the mind-boggling performance by the Terps Alumni. In essence, t'was not a bad event for a Friday night enjoyment.

section c mediscene -225

SecC dancers of batch 2010, to which I was a former (or a passive) member won last year's Freshmen Night dance contest. We were invited by the Terps to do a special performance for Mediscene. I backed out.

Many classmates and friends actually encouraged me ever since first year in medicine to join the Terps. I didn't. Will not.

There are a lot of specific explanations why I resigned from dancing, but I narrowed them down to these broad reasons.

  • To avoid the requisite hassles during practice.
  • There were already reserved commitments.
  • Currently enjoying my quality time with family and friends.
  • I am actually too busy to dance.
  • Or dancing is not my priority as of the moment.
  • To conceptualize and accomplish the solutions to my academic difficulties.
  • Not dancing feels like the best choice.
  • I think giving up dancing is the solution.

Besides, I have my own preoccupations and outlets in medicine. I am more than happy that I can actually detach myself to things I really love. Even if I am not onstage with the people of the same interest, my perceptible support is still at hand. Much kudos to SecC!

section c mediscene -189 section c mediscene -243

section c mediscene -201

Pictures were taken from Rheia's Multiply.

The complete album's in HERE!

Other pictures from last night's event are in HERE!

By the way, congratulations to all who passed the Nursing boards!

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GeoRge said...

I'm a frustrated dancer. After this one event in 2006, I gave up entirely.

It's my secret dream though to produce a video blog with this dancer friend of mine. Of course, sasayaw dapat ako dun. (Hahaha.)

Camille said...

nice shots by rhea.. galing naman.. anyway sayang i never got to watch,,, nasalubong ko pa si dra on my way down... ganda2 tlga.. :D

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