Heat Stroke

The motivation to write something for my blog's apparently not apparent right now. LOL. I just came back from a 3-day trip (Mount Pinatubo and Baguio), and now I feel like wanting to rest for the rest of my summer vacation. And I mean it to be a sedentary kind of rest if you knoe what I mean.

The lack of inspiration to write probably points out to a lot of external factors such as the heat and the absence of epi rush that is evident during the days in med school.

I was in a popular resort here in Pangasinan. I wasn't there to stay for days. I was just there to accompany my brother and sister who want to swim. They swam, I surfed... not the waves... but the net. Sadly, the Wifi was not working because of electricity and server problems; so instead, I resorted into writing the first part of our 3-day trip. I can’t post it yet... Besides, I am still waiting for the pictures to be posted by my friends and grab ‘em because my camera went loco during the hike or maybe I just don’t know how to set my camera into the right mode.

Since it’s like writing insensible phrases, let me just share the resort where we went. This is not a paid post... So, it’s okay if you’ll not go there after reading this post... I am not promoting it although the resort is a nice place to stay. I think the recent Miss Earth Pageant had their bikini shoot there. So, here are some of the pictures... If you haven’t been on a swimming trip lately, drool now!

DSC02636  DSC02638 DSC02639 DSC02637

LisLand Rainforest Resort is Located at McArthur Highway, Urdaneta City, Pangasinan.

Isn't it inviting? Aren't you hearing voices now saying, "So howt... Come here..."?

BTW, when we went in Good Shepherd in Baguio to buy their famous Ube Jam, we discovered that they send teens to college through the money they earn from selling Ube Jams, Peanut Brittles, and others. So, if you happen to visit Baguio, don’t forget to drop by the Good Shepherd near the Mine’s View. Their Ube Jam’s really a must try and the good thing’s you can actually send a scholar to college by buying their products. Since I let you drool over the pictures above, get fascinated and salivate again...

Another BTW, I just found out that I passed Pharmacology! Yipee! It's like my one and only subject in second year, because it's like the only subject that I really focus on and still fail sometimes in quizzes and exams... I was saddened tho that 40 students are outright failures and more than a hundred batchmates will take the remedial exam. Hay... I am really thankful to God that I was able to go through that struggle... I actually almost took the remedials; it was a serious subject... Hard to pass... God is Great!

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roerure said...

haha, sinong nagscrape dun sa ube jam? hindi nakatiis? hehe

tinag nga pala kita.

Anonymous said...

the water looks inviting, and the good thing is the resort almost looks deserted, not like the pools here in Manila!

I miss Baguio's ube jam. One of my all-time favorites.

dak said...

@arjay - actually, ako... hahaha... i already started eating when i remembered that i should take pictures first. LOL. okay, ill do the tag soon!

@mon - yeah... it's very inviting.... sadly i wasn't able to swim because when i was done writing, it's already late afternoon. owell, next time...

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