Plans, plans, plans

Gawd, I’m not supposed to blog this holy week but since I am bored, I’ll do an update.

We went in Tagaytay and I didn’t enjoy the trip much like I did during our previous travels every holy week. I hated it actually; I got sooooo tired from driving, dehydrated due to intense heat that I drank Gatorade in order to replenish my lost electrolytes, sunburned my L upper extremity to almost 3rd degree (I am just exaggerating, hehe) due to stagnantly waiting for the long queues of road machines, irritated by a lot of Manilenians who are there to violate traffic rules, and now I feel sick, inflamed and worried I might not be able to ambulate on Monday. I should relax after this; besides, I should really rest for our Monday Pinatubo and Baguio trip. Since I started talking about our recent travel, let me share to you my to-do list this summer break.

So what are my summer plans?

  • Read books but not med books. Unlike in college, where you can actually  devote some time into reading non-acad-related books, Med school’s different. Even if sometimes you have this enough time for recreational reading, our minds are still set into school stuff which eradicates the essence and the compassion to fully discern the story. I should finish the Harry Potter 7 by J.K. Rowling, I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris, Boundaries by Dr. Henry Claud, They have Jesus by Joey Velasco and High-Maintenance Relationships by Dr. Les Parrott. I will also reread Alexander Lacson’s 12 Little Things Every Filipino Can do to help our Country, Miracle Cure by Michael Palmer and the Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera. I am also waiting if Barbie will be able to borrow her friend’s copy of the Doctors by Erich Segal for me because it is really a hard to find book. If you have it and not interested anymore, I am willing to buy it for a reasonable price. Hehehe. I still should get the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra but I would be glad if someone will give it to me as a birthday present soon! *wink
  •  Camille invited me to spend this summer in the gym and do some boxing. Owell, I am not sure about it but I am really interested in boxing. It’s been my desire ever since to enroll into kickboxing. I’ve been doing boxing in the province when I do my cardio workout in the gym; I actually got bored and quitted after a few sessions. I am still excited tho into kicking and punching some bags but first I still have to find my hand wrap. If not, I would probably just resort into my old jogging routine but it should be a more intense program this time. I will shift from once a week to thrice a week with muscle toning. 
  • On Monday, We’ll be going to hike in Pinatubo! Yipee! Then after the hike we’ll go straight to Baguio for an overnight. I am really excited. The original plan was either a trip to Bohol, Cebu or Palawan. The Palawan trip didn’t push through because when we computed the possible expenses, hah! We realized that we’re still dependent on our parents. The Bohol and Cebu trip was already “D PLAN”, very sure until a news came to us that Hanna’s place in Bohol will be occupied by his uncle this summer. So Bohol, I’ll see you on sembreak!
  • Hopefully, I’ll get my Visa this coming April so that I can visit my cousins in Cleveland and Canada. The original plan was to accompany my delicate Granny back to the US of A because she wants to go back there. But since there’s a problem with her paper and my application’s already filed, I would probably go there all by myself. I am still thinking of going there tho, it would be better if it’s a trip to Hong Kong or Singapore with my family. Hay…
  • I also would like to watch all the movies I missed. There are a lot of them, actually. I can’t put them all in here because it would take me forever just to encode their titles. Hehehe… I am such a lame I knoe but I think it’s better to actually find out first if a movie is worth watching than immediately seeing it in the big screen then get disappointed.
  • Eat, eat and eat! There are new restos my parents just discovered that I would love to try. I also want to go to the beach! Get tanned or dark all over! I soooo love the beach and the sun so it’s a must have this summer.
  • _________________This is a blank, obviously... I am an impulsive animal you knoe! Something might come up so I will just fill in the blank. Hahaha. But if you have any suggestion for this summer, please do share your knowledge! I am eager to know! Just don’t make any illegal suggestions, aryt? Hahaha… I might end up partying in the jail. LOL. But I am an easy to please. If you suggest eating an Oreo dipped in warm milk, it’s fine with me. Seriously…

Owell, this is my current list. This is still subject to change. Hahaha. Basically, I just want my summer break to be meaningful and peaceful (but I don’t want to die yet! So don't kill me, suggest suicide or other things related).

You knoe what guys? I should actually spend this break to the fullest! So I am so d*mn desperate(?) that I actually asked for suggestions about cool things to do this summer. FYI, this is probably my last full summer break because next year, clerkship will start immediately after 3rd year... then internship then busy, busy, busy… Boards… then busy, busy, busy… hospital work, gah!. Hospital will soon to be my place for the rest of my life. So when I become a consultant, which is likely a decade from now, I want to have my first grand vacation in this place. Do want to join me and pay for the expenses? Hehehe… just kidding.

Enjoy this year's summer earthlings!

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tagabukid said...

dak, have you tried mango grilled chicken salad with papaya dressing at balinsasayaw in silang, cavite?

dak said...


I've never been there. Hehehe. I've been to Tagaytay and Ternate only. What is it? I really must try delicacy?

tagabukid said...

try dining at's worth the trip. another must try dish is crispy pata tim, if you are not into strict diet hehe.

the mango grilled chicken salad is sinfully yummy (the papaya dressing is novel but reeeeeally good). they have this little huts with kulambo (to keep away flies and mosquitos at night) mushrooming on the slopes. ambience pa lang galing na. nope, di po ako bayaran ng balinsasayaw hehehe.

Anonymous said...

we opted to stay home this Holy Week, we always do. everybody else is going out of town and that makes Manila a very quiet and peacful city. yan ang tunay na bakasyon! no traffic!

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