Engrossed & Intoxicated

For the past few days, I've been very busy that I even ignored blogging.

Since I'll be leaving on Saturday for a month long visit to Uncle Sam and Canada Mourning, my days (and by that I mean everything) went fast paced and cranky. Busy preparing for too many to mention stuff! Grrr....

And I feel so tired so I am sorry if it looks like I'm toooo lazy to write and share all the things currently happening in my flawed life.

I will be away from Juan dela Cruz for about a month so when I come back, iont have any more time to rest or even recover from a jet lag because school starts as soon as I arrive. It's sad eryt?

So what's up with me? busy bee?

Preparing for a trip is a no joke. I don't even knoe yet what are the things I shouldn't be inserting inside my hand-carry bags and my check-in luggage.

I knoe that any liquid's not allowed in the hand-carry bags... How about in my check-in luggage? I'm kinda confused! How am I suppose to bring my toiletries? With all the strict security in the airports nao... Owell, it's stressing me out!

Of course, Pasalubong is always a must bring to America especially those things that aren't easily found and bought there.

Your aunt said you should bring bagoong.

Mom?! I'm a tourist! Aren't they going to inspect that? I might get deported! *hehe* What if it leaked out and mess my baggage? It will surely stink in the airport, e?

Tell them it's a gift!

I love my mom and my aunt but I'm still not bringing bagoong tho...

It's been a debate wether I should bring a Balikbayan Box or not.

Mom?! I'm a tourist! They will suspect that I already brought all my things and not go back to Pinas anymore. Tourists don't bring boxes, they carry them back home... *hehehe*

Okay, those were some real conversations between me and my mom.


Yday, I went to see my dentist because it's been a year since I last saw him. And if I didn't visit him yesterday, I wonder when will it be... Next year?! No way... I usually have my Dental Prophylaxis AKA Cleaning twice a year and I was sure my teeth were already as dirty as a pot-butt because the procedure went longer than the usual. I'm sure he removed all the coffee stains after a year of constant intake. Ew. It probably looked like a caffeine film all over my teeth already... Hehehe. I knoe it's gross eryt?

I should be excited by nao, but why is it that I feel like I am not?!

Maybe because I will be traveling alone. Yes, all by myself. But I'm sure it will be exciting coz I might meet someone interesting e? In the plane, in the airport, hmmm...

Maybe because I am too tired of preparing; buying Pasalubong, validating my plane tickets, unceasing travel from Pangasinan to Manila and vice versa. It's too stressful!

Maybe because I worry a lot about *bad things that might happen. Hehehe... Adik!

Or maybe because I am already overtly excited that any exciting stimulus wouldn't work anymore.

Before I leave Pinas, I hope I can blog and share the 2 blog events that I've been to. Hmmm...

Just give me a few more days...

Bye for nao!

Embassy Blues

Have you seen my billboard along EDSA?!

Here's a snap shot:

james centrum sa mrt

I knoe you're shocked! eryt?

Okay, it's a joke... Originally, t'was Angel Locsin's Centrum Ad but my brother made me an almost similar kind. He's really good in manipulating and editing pictures using the CS2 and even the CS3 Photoshop. Since it's been my desire having my face flaunted on EDSA, he made this picture!

Dream on! Hehehe...

Okay, at least my brother made it kinda and almost real... Owell, who knows? My face might soon end up hanging in one of those illegal iron structures along EDSA. Hehehe.


Wednesday night, I had an anxiety attack; epi rush, tachycardia, sleeplessness, anguished, and kinda depressed.

Am I in-love?


I was not in-love at "that" time.

So what's the catch?

It was the night before my interview in the US Embassy. I am sooooo pathetic, I knoe! Hehehe...

Since I am not in the mood to write the whole story about what really happened during that "interview" day because I'll be leaving in a while for a blog event in trinoma and I was kinda disappointed in the embassy's new system. So, my appointment time was 1PM, I was asked to arrive about an hour earlier, I was interviewed at 3:15 in the afternoon. Imagine that! It was really tiring waiting in queues, not to mention the humid weather, borborygmi (due to hunger) and I was alone so I was really bored waiting for my turn.

So to cut the story short, she (the consul) gave me the BIG V! Yes, a visa.

Thanks! (If you can read this.)

I think they changed their procedure nao so there were many delays; they nao take your fingerprints with this high-tech scanner and give you a specific number for the interview  like the ones they give you in the mobile phone network centers. So your interview time and appointment number are relatively not important already.

So don't get me wrong, aryt? maybe when they are already used to the new system, I knoe it's better and faster.

So "Embassy Blues" shouldn't really be the title of this entry because it's still a happy ending eryt? But I tell you, the pre-interview thingie's really kinda depressing... Seriously...

Bye for nao!

Earth Day



(Hahaha... I knoe, right? Apparently, no plans for today.)

Earth Day is held every 22nd day of April and it is a name used to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the Earth's environment.

Since it's Earth Day, let me share these easy to do eco-friendly activities that you can do in your house. Yeah right, you aren't required to go out somewhere and plant trees e? You can do it within the vicinity of your turf! There are plenty of little steps that people can do at home to help save the environment. And since they're too simple, then I think it can be done everyday and not just today! I knoe this may sound so dorky but hey, these simple things if done by all the people all over the world will then mean a lot.

  • Turn off appliances when you are not using them. If you plan on being away from home for a lengthy amount of time, unplug major electronic appliances, such as computers, televisions, DVD players, etc.
  • In countries with winter season, lower the thermostat by a few degrees in winter. An extra layer or blanket will not only keep you cozy but will help to reduce your electricity bill significantly.
  • Use windows to regulate the temperature.
    • Open the windows in summer. The cross breeze will often keep you cool and flushes out stale air (indoor air is often more highly polluted than the air outside). Importantly, the use of fresh air to cycle through your home saves the cost of running an air conditioner.
    • Install ceiling fans so you can limit the use of air conditioning units to keep rooms comfortable in warm weather.
  • Switch to compound fluorescent lightbulbs. They last longer and consume one-quarter of the energy.

  • Turn off the lights. Always turn off the lights when you are not using them. Rooms that are lit with nobody in them are wasteful.
  • Recycle, recycle, recycle.We should sort our trash into paper, metals, glass, and organic waste. Set up four separate waste baskets, and make sure the contents end up in the appropriate recycle bins.
  • Air dry your dishes. Stop the dishwasher before the dryer cycle commences. The drying cycle of the dishwasher consumes a lot of energy.
  • Avoid creating Trash. Avoid disposable products, such as plates, cups, napkins and cutlery. Use reusable towels and dishwashing cloths in place of paper towels and disposable dish sponges.
  • Update your refrigerator. Fridges are the most energy intensive appliance in a house. This means that a poorly maintained and energy inefficient fridge is costing you money, let alone adding its burden to the atmosphere. Recent fridges use 40% less energy than fridges of 10 years ago. If you do decide to upgrade the fridge, make sure that you buy for its excellent energy rating, longevity and durability and that you have the old fridge recycled.
  • Prefer showers over baths. Showers use less water. Don't forget to install an efficient showerhead.
  • On sunny days, use a clothes line instead of a clothes dryer. Your clothes will smell fresher and the sun's rays ensure that germs are successfully sizzled.
  • Install low-flush toilets in your home. These use 1.6 gallons per flush, instead of 3.5 gallons, cutting water consumption by more than half.
  • Use recycled paper in your home office and printer. Double side your printing and give scrap paper to the kids or turn it into note paper for the phone table.
  • Turn off the computer when not in use. Even if it feels like it is not making much of a difference, it is. You also reduce any risks of overheating or shortcircuiting by turning computers off overnight.
  • Leave the car at home. Let the car contribute less to the atmosphere by resting at home whenever possible. Walk to your local stores, take public transport to work and cycle to your friends' houses for dinner. Join a car pool and ferry others to work rather than driving in alone. You'll make new friends and you'll all share the costs.
  • Buy a fuel-efficient car if you are changing cars. Choose a compact car over an SUV. SUVs burn almost twice the amount of gas as a station wagon and yet can still carry around the same amount of passengers.
  • If you're really serious about going all-out green, consider living without a car -- not only it's green, but could also save you a lot of money!
  • Keep your bike well maintained. Keep it in shape and then use it to keep yourself in shape.
  • Dispose of workshop items with care. Old paints, oils, pesticides etc. should not be tipped down the drain - the residues end up in our waterways.
  • Plant native species. They need less watering, are hardier (hence, less products needed to protect them) and they attract the local wildlife.
  • Plant trees. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and provide shade. They provide homes for wildlife and some trees can provide you with a bountiful harvest. What more incentive do you need?!
  • Compost. Compost the kitchen scraps and create beautiful garden matter to encourage better plant growth.

In making some small changes to the way that we do things at home, we are gradually making a difference, even as an individual. We will save on costs and improve our health at the same time! Let's save the environment!

I found this cool blog about saving our environment, discussing the effects of pollution and promoting awareness to our degrading environmental situation.

Save Our Environment, Save the world.

Do you have some more ideas on how we can actually save the environment?

Did someone hurt you?

This I read somewhere I can't remember. It's in my draft since I dunno when and I think I saved it for reasons that I'll share it to others (and nao's the time) and to remind me again and again regarding anger control.

Last year, I've been posting entries regarding anger management and how to deal with hard people. Before, I used to rant a lot here in my blog, and they're not just simple venting of emotions but some are horrible expressions of my anger. And so late last year, I decided to read books and articles about controlling anger and nao, I really can say that I am anger controlled. Hehehe.

Here are the basic rules:

Take responsibility for what you feel (if it's pain, anger or fear).

Look inside and identify why is it that you feel this way, and what are you afraid of.

Realize that by honestly communicating it, you can let it go.

Get clear about what you want from the other person and from yourself.

Share your feelings and what you want, whatever the consequences are.

Realization about Life & Death

This entry was inspired by one of Ed Lapiz's Message CDs after listening to it while driving my way back home from Manila to Pangasinan. I hope that this will inspire everyone.

Are we afraid of Death?


Yes, a lot of us actually are. It is probably due to how we actually see death. Isn't it that he's portrayed as dressed in black cloak with a sickle? It surely scares us all when we see something like it. But we should not fear death. Death are ushers to the next life. We should see them as someone dressed in a beautiful gown singing a song with us as we walk to face God.


"Hallelujah! Hallelujah!"

We are actually destroyed and frightened by death. It robs our happiness, weakens our strength, strangulates our lives, curtails our plans, degrades our hopes and most importantly reduces the possibilities in life.

Death actually affects us before, during and after it happens.

Death affects us in our daily activities before it really happens. We think about it all the time, and we give so much effort avoiding it.

If a person is afraid of death then it is most likely that he will always think about his death; and through this constant thoughts about it, it will only consume his time and limits the possibilities in his life; he will then just lay down and not do anything anymore and wait for the moment of his death; in other words, death loses hope.

On the other hand...

We dreamed and still dreams and create future plans for ourselves. It is very wonderful to dream because it is free. We wanted to be successful someday or maybe some of us already managed to reach those dreams. We plan all the time, that is the main point and we don't just stop there, we want to achieve these goals in our plans. It is however not bad to plan, think of our future and make an ambition, but we also should not forget to plan ahead in probably facing God the following day.

It's just a matter of balancing between planning our Death while enjoying Life.

Some people however are "too religious" or too conscious that they're very afraid in facing God after death. These are the people who are not sure of their VISA to heaven, trying hard to make it right. They are too worried about it that they plan about it time after time that they already didn't enjoy their earthly life through continuously planning over their death.

Death should not contain us in a container. It should not limit our capabilities. Many elderly individuals always blurt out that they are already too old and worse dying to do certain stuff, to learn new things and to try new technologies. They don't plan anymore, they think that they are already near death, that anytime soon they will expire.

What were they thinking? Just lay down in their beds and wait until they're ready to be embalmed?

Fear of death results to unfruitfulness, being stagnant and benign. Because since we are preoccupied thinking about our death, the supposed to be productive moments are just consumed through thinking about death. It merely shrinks our world.

Some however are too busy earning good points for afterlife. Earning cookie points as many of us call 'em. It's not bad to earn points, to be good to reach heaven and sing like cherubs after death; but we are still on earth! We must still live normally as earthlings. So fear of death sometimes also diminishes the meaning of life here on earth.

Sometimes, fear of death can harden a person's heart. Because of not wanting to die, they plan to be secured; and because they feel that they're safe and insured, they do bad things to other people. A simple example would be something like this; if a person doesn't have any money to eat, of course he will die; but in order to survive and be secured he'll do bad things like stealing just to satisfy his hunger and live.

We don't hold our future. We should not boast our future plans because we don't knoe what holds us in the future. As I have said, it is not bad to plan but we should also remember that nothing's permanent here on earth, anytime soon we'll be facing death and diminish our earthly existence. Remember: Death is Untimely.

Many people are afraid of death because this is the only life that we know; because we don't know what's really there after death. Many of us are like trapped frogs in a well. We think that life is only confined in that small and deep well; unknown to us is a larger horizon, a greater life beyond the well. Our life here on earth is only a state, a phase of our life and there are greater things that awaits for us after life on earth with God.

Death also breaks our relationships to other people and apparently to the people we love so much. Knowing this, we should not attach ourselves too much with others. What if the person you are attached most dies? What would you do? Of course life goes on because you are still alive, and you still have a reason to live. As I have said, nothing is permanent here on earth so if God gave you a partner, a friend, parents, we should be thankful to God that He lent us these people in our life to be happy even if sometimes it's just for a small moment of time. Of course it's hard losing someone, it's normal to grieve after death but after a short time of grieving, we have to pick up our life too.

So how are we really going to face death?

PRE-EMPTY DEATH. Transcend your earthly existence and begin to live in eternity while your are still here on earth. Then if death comes, it will not anymore a big surprise and you will not make a very big adjustment. Have a healthy level of detachment while you engage life. Through this, it is easier to accept that death is there if it's there, and if it is not there then it is not there; that we'll not cry over spilled milk; that we will not live life in worry, regret and anxiety.

ACCEPT DEATH. We should be happy that we'll finally graduate from this earthly existence. Besides, we will not actually die hence it's only our body but not our real selves which will die and be buried.

SEE DEATH AS A BLESSING. Isn't it that life here on earth is actually chaotic, full of misery, anger, fights, intrigues, etc? Isn't it more wonderful meeting Him finally? But of course I am not promoting death. To live is Christ but to die is gain.

DON'T ALWAYS THINK ABOUT DEATH. Live life on earth in accordance to God's will and if we die, then there would be no problem because we know we are in good hands. Don't think too much about how to save yourself when you die, just enjoy life and be like Christ; live like Christ and everything will be alright. AKA Cross the bridge when you get there.

ENJOY LIFE even if we knoe that sooner or later we'll die. Live and balance life, plan as you would live very long and live as if each day will be your last because it might just be your last. So if you have something to share, share it nao! If you think you have something to say, then say it nao.

Also, you have to live your life! If you will be an addition to someone else's life, you must also live and enjoy your own life. I know many of us do a lot of sacrifices to our loved ones but we are not living sacrifices here on earth so we must enjoy our own lives too.

Life must be beautiful. Don't be anxious because it can shorten your life; love others and also be loved, help others but also receive help from others, do your part and get your share.

Many also don't get a life because they limit themselves so much, they're too protective of their own lives. Some doesn't swim because they think they might drown. Of course we cannot avoid accidents and the like, but we should also live and enjoy life.

So if in the act of living and enjoying life, in the act of full life that is, and if that's where you  finally meet death, you should then not regret about it because there are many people who are alive but they are actually only existing because they don't have a life. In other words, maximize the possibility of your safety, minimize danger but we should take risks because that is life all about. And if in the process of taking risks and in having a full life then your life is compromised, then it really happens. Did you get the point?

Healing Hands...

Do you believe in "Hilot"?

Hilot (/hee-lot/) is an ancient Filipino art of healing, commonly used today to relax stressed muscles. Masahista (Hilot practitioners) as well as arbularyos are usually cheaper alternatives to medical doctors in the Philippines, especially in very deep rural areas. Hilot employ chiropractic manipulation and massage for the diagnosis and treatment of musculoligamentous and musculoskeletal ailments. They also have been known to reset dislocated and sprained joints such as the knee, ankle, fingers and metacarpal bones. Hilot tend to be chiropractors while arbularyos tend to be herbalists. Midwives are also called hilots.


Last week before we went to Manila, I accompanied my brother to Lola Masahista somewhere near our barrio. It's not her real name btw, I don't knoe her name so I just resorted into calling her like that.. She's very popular e? When we got there, there were a lot of babies, kids and even adults lined up to experience the powers of her healing hands. Amazing right?

She's open from 7AM to 6PM. I think she's already around her early 80s but apparently still strong!


That's her! Look at those powerful hands... The baby in the picture won't stop crying until she fixed the misplaced parts of his bones into the right places... He was like a loud radio that's immediately turned off. Hehehe... I wonder how she can detect where the sprains are... She first locates these sprains by gently massaging the different parts of the body (because babies can't tell where's painful e?). Then she'll massage the affected areas with soft then gradually to hard strokes... I don't knoe how she does the fixing but she really amazes me.


Nao, that's my brother... taking his turn. Look at him, the look in his face...

Oh Lola, it feels sooo good...


And see? All those people waiting for their turns... She's very popular not only in our town but also in other places.

I actually had experienced already her expertise about a year ago, when I felt the need of a hand massage in my dorsal trunk. She's indeed really good. If only I can sleep there while she worked on my back, owell, reminiscing the glorious past... LOL.

Many (including my mom) believe that Hilot is a remedy to a lot of disorders such as coughs and colds. Weird eryt? I knoe that Hilot can treat musculkoskeletal disorders but coughs and colds? Are they related? Hehehe... They think that a misplaced joint  or sprained ligaments can cause these syndromes and more often than not after the Hilot, the cough and colds of these little kids would go away immediately. Amazing huh?

I don't knoe the medical explanation for such uncanny practice but if it worked a lot of times already, tried and tested by reputable references, then why not adopt it? Eryt? No harm on trying...

Oh BTW,  for a very unrelated information... I have sinned! You'll probably ask,

What have you done. Homicide?


After a week of being a vegan, I gave up! After feeling depressed when I see my family eating meat; after salivating extensively when I see people eating meat products... I think it's just fair to not torture myself anymore and start eating meat again. I am not giving up per se because I still limit my consumption of meaty delicacies, owell... I realized that it's all about discipline. DISCIPLINE guys... and not torturing thyself and start going crazy because you miss the taste of meat. Hehehe...

Anything in extremes are dangerous and I should get my fair share of meat just in the middle. Ehehehe...

And so, for more unrelated info...

It's so good -- feels so good to be back here in the province (again), because when I am in Manila, I do a lot of stuff... Go out, shop, accompany family members, appointments, errands, dates... It's too exhausting! I'll be back again in Manila after a week tho...


It's nice to be back... That's me! Sipping and enjoying my coconut freshly opened from our yard.

Tag: Viral Linking

Since I am too busy with all these sh*ts in my life, I'll just do this tag. (don't start asking what are the things that bothers me right nao... bcos I will not tell yah! Hahaha... Maybe I'll make an entree about it when I'm done solving 'em.) This tag's been in my draft for soooooooo long already; and in moments like this, tags are considered savers, Blogger's Best Friend? Eryt? Hahaha...

This tag's from Arjay. It's an easy one, but I can't access his blog nao. I wonder what happened to him...

So basically, this tag will just transcend you blog, as simple as that... It will not hurt you as the title of this entree implies and no neurons will be used up for this tag so tag away! You can do this even with your eyes closed.

So, I have randomly selected 5 of you below to be tagged and I hope that you will similarly publish this post in your blog. You have to tag 5 other bloggers and just keep adding on to the list. It’s really easy! Tag others and see your Technorati Authority increase exponentially!

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And these are the people who already took part on this tag: (Do not replace, just keep on adding! Yes let’s hope a long list!)

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I'm tagging:

Mount Pinatubo-Baguio Trip Part 2

After getting wet and dirrrty, we immediately hit the road! It's already around 5PM when we left the Mount Pinatubo registration office so Manong Driver's already hitting the road as fast as he can!

Since Eugene had some mom-problem, we dropped him off at his house in Tarlac City before finally going straight to Pangasinan to change flight. Yeap! We rented the van just for a day so the driver still needs to go back to Manila before midnight strikes. Hehehe.

It took us around 2-3 hours before reaching my hometown. I wonder how many times Hanna asked me if we're already near/in our town. She's like Donkey in the movie Shrek... Hahaha!

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

I told my parents days before our trip that we would probably arrive at our house in Pangasinan on Monday -- already in the afternoon, so I just let them prepare some snacks for us. But no! They were shocked to hear that we were still in Tarlac City at 6PM. I wasn't able to inform them early about how our hike went, some probs we encountered, etc, because it's dead spot in the Pinatubo area. What made it more complicated is that I emptied my cellphone batteries so I had a hard time informing my parents about our current situation. LOL. So we ended up eating in some Turo-turo (Point-point) when we finally reached my home because my parents weren't able to prepare dinner for us.

After dinner, some took a shower first in our house before we headed for Baguio. 10PM when we left my house, used our family's SUV, I as the driver.

I was wondering why dad actually allowed us to go since it's already late... I thought that he'll let us sleep in the house that night and just leave early for Baguio the next day. Kennon Road isn't really that safe yah knoe... No road lights, spontaneously falling rocks, zig-zag, steep and rough roads.

Luckily, my driving powers that night's in the max. Probably the coffee I took at home before we left. LOL. Everyone's already sleeping, I on the other hand's just listening to some random music on the CD while driving.

IMG_0245We reached Jac's Condo in Baguio at around 11PM. I was already tired, ready to sleep but they even played cards (Pusoy-Dos) while preparing to sleep.

Next day, I woke up early... Rhenz was already awake but still in bed. I immediately went to take a bath. Hah! The heater was broken so I had no choice but to bathe in the freezing water of Baguio! T'was okay tho... Was even better because after the bath, I don't feel cold anymore.

We spent our Baguio trip just wandering and eating around. Fortunately, some of my friends have relatives there so we actually didn't spend much on food. Hahaha... So let me further share the things that happened with some pictures.


Our first stop on our first day is the Public Market! Of course, we bought there souvenirs, novelty and native items for Pasalubong! You will also be able to find there fresh vegetables and fruits in their cheapest prices.

Broccoli? Broccoli?


We ate our lunch at Oh My Gulay!, a resto that's suitable for vegetarians! Oh my very hard to find! Seriously...  It's located along Session Road in the building where Manel's is located. The location of this resto's in the rooftop of the building wherein students from UP Baguio created it artistically, designed the place with different types of artworks and paintings. Amazing huh? You should visit this place! I strongly recommend it.


They serve pastas, salads and desserts, and everything's made of veggies and fruits! Yummy and Healthy!

Oh my gulay

Next Stop? The Mansion House! I knoe med students are crazy but not as crazy as climbing the steel gates of the Mansion House, like what we did... Hehehehe... We were actually allowed to go inside, but just within a few meters from the gate.


It's not the gates of heaven guys! Calm down!

IMG_0273Right... Why do we so much love the Mine's View Park? I had a hard time looking for some mining areas but all I found were roofs of houses that crowds the mountainous spot year after year...

OBTW, the kids who catch coins were all gone nao...

Owell, some of us even had the chance to buy pieces of accessories and an almost-genuine jacket that made some of us envious. Hahahaha... The price's just right!


IMG_0280 IMG_0268

(L above) See? I told you, it's not Mine's view anymore... It should now be called Houses' view. LOL

(R above) We were all happy to be allowed just a few meters to go inside the gates after convincing the guards and crying out loud just to let us in. Hehehe. JK.

Near the Mine's View Park's the Good Shepherd Convent... We bought more Pasalubong especially their famous Ube Jam! Yammmeeehhh....

Camp John Hay was the next stop. Their Starbucks for me is the most unique, most calm, and most sophisticated branch! Owell, I forgot to take some photos so just imagine an old cabin in a forest that you usually see in Hollywood films of green and white.


We had dinner at Hanna's Tito and Tita's place! We met her cousins, CJ and Patrick who were very smart and nice kids. We BTW almost experienced picking strawberries unfortunately, we didn't have much time already.


The following day, some of us woke up late and so we finished preparing very late. We almost haven't done anything that day except that some of us went back to the Public Market to buy strawberries to be brought back to Manila and some just wandered around the SM and had coffee again at Starbucks.

We finally met Jac's Grannies and they treated us lunch at Sizzling Plate near the Burnham Park. Yeap, during that time, I was not yet a semi-Vegan so I still ate meat. Hahaha...


That very same day in the afternoon, we said our goodbyes to Baguio City and went straight back to Pangasinan. Since I'm not going back to Manila yet, I dropped my friends at Victory Liner Bus Station and off they went! Shoooo! Hehehe...

(L) Sizzling Plate near the Burnham Park... Good food, bad toilet... Hahaha...

(M) Two of my passengers!!! Hanna and Carlos...

(R) The Driver, me. This was taken while driving my way back and down to Pangasinan.

This trip was awesomely tiring... I enjoyed it very much because of the company... Owell, Baguio's still the place to be? Probably...

Thanks to Rhenz and James for some pictures.

Click HERE and HERE to view their albums.

Talented Siblings

I am soooo proud of my sister. Owell, I am actually proud of my siblings.

FYI, I am the only child of my parents who is not talented. Hahaha... Big Deal! I am not tone-deaf tho and I can also dance... but when it comes to playing musical instruments, I am out of the list.

I can manipulate the guitars sometimes because I knoe the simple keys but if you ask me to key in some sharps, minors, majors, blah blahs owell, forget it.

Maybe I can do the triangles, the cymbals, the tambourine, the maracas... the easy ones and not the complicated ones.

I actually had piano lessons when I was younger, and even had a recital. I can even remember my piece: OLD McDONALD.

Ee-ya Ee-ya yow!

I got sick with my instructor so I quitted... Besides, I am impatient! I cannot stand the long hours of playing the same music over and over again! Hay...

Yday, my sister recited Minuet2 in her violin. And she won the first place under her category. 8 recitalists and she won! I am really so proud of her. I was even more impressed when I discovered that her piece is normally played by high school violin students...


DSC03065 DSC03072

She also can play the piano... they all can actually play the piano but me.

My younger brother can play a song after hearing the music, my youngest brother can play a little piano, my sister though is the one who can read notes. I, on the other hand, just almost made it... Sadly... Hahaha...

They're sooo talented, I wonder why I am not. Hehehe...

My youngest brother can also manipulate the guitars well, very well... He can also do the drums after hearing a song. Why can he do it? I don't knoe... I'll ask him sometimes...

Why are people in this house very talented but me?

I am not sure... maybe I am talented... I am just impatient...

I'm going Vegan

I am not going to Vigan, Ilocos Sur. It's not a typographical error.

I am thinking of going vegetarian starting tomorrow.

Veganism is a philosophy and lifestyle that seeks to exclude the use of animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose.[1][2] Vegans do not use or consume animal products of any kind.


Are you for real?!


I am not doing it because it's a fad. I am doing it for myself. The last time I checked my BP, twas 130/80. Before, twas considered a normal BP but now, the new classification says it's within the prehypertensive state. Hmmm... yep! You read it right, it's under the PREHYPERTENSIVE RANGE.

Did I freak you out? I hope not, because I am a freak. It's just me, I am a freak!

I knoe a lot of people of my age who are already hypertensive. And I don't want to join the club.

You might be thinking that my reason in going leafy would be secondary to my concern for animal rights. No.

I love meat! For me, meats (any kind, except human of course!) are meant to be eaten, they're there on purpose, to serve as a good source of protein. But I have to give it up before it's too late... Before I promote myself to hypertension, before I hypertrophy my heart, before I develop atherosclerosis as early nao, before I get kidney failure and so as many other complications... Hehehe. Okay, I am just exaggerating. But true, these can all happen in uncontrolled hypertension.

Oh no, you'll miss meat!

I knoe...

I will definitely miss eating meat but!

Here's the real deal. Since I don't want to have nutritional deficiencies especially vitamin B12 deficiency which may complicate to neurodegenerative diseases, I am not going straight vegetarian; I would still be eating fish, because fish is healthier than pork or beef meat. Eryt? And good source of Omega 3 and 6. Hehehe... Good for the heart and brain. LOL.

Trivia: Did you knoe that if you want to limit you're fat intake, it's better to take pork than beef?

You knoe why? You knoe why?

Because it's easier to eliminate the fats from pork meat than in beef. The strands of beef meat if you will notice are coiled and in between these coiled layers of protein are layers of fats which are harder to remove, unlike in pork meat where you can just slice them off easily. Hehehe... Just a trivia.

OBTW, It will really start tomorrow. I hope it will work.

I need some motivations in here! Motivate me!!!

Nao I remember Alexander Lacson’s 12 Little Things Every Filipino Can do to help our Country which says something like

A deed that's repeatedly done for a month will become a habit.

So I am hoping that a month after tomorrow, it's already a habit. A no-pork and no-beef diet.

Wish me luck!

Just kwento... and realization...

The Brian Gorell's blog, David Archuletta and Jun Lozada are now way too overrated. Is there something new? A new scandal maybe? A celebrity who just came out? Or a starlet who just had a boob-job? A new high society scam?

I knoe today's April Fool's Day but this post is not related to it. I just feel like writing... Nao...

I thought that when summer comes, I'll be glued on this laptop and surfing all the way from sunrise until the sun goes down. Owell, I am not really attached... When I hook the LAN cord, all I do next is check my mail, tour on my networking accounts, take a peek on my blog and visit my almost-everyday-read blogs.

Since I arrived here in the province, everything went fast paced. I dunno, all I know is that life in Manila's fast and I was shocked that I am experiencing the same thing.

Maybe because there are more exciting things to do now here unlike before. There are a lot of things to discover. I actually just got back from bicycling, all by myself. I was supposed to go touring with my brother but he refused, so I went alone. I actually reached the mountain areas in the most barrio part of our community. I passed by 4 towns and trailed along this long and dry river. The heat was frying my skin but the wind's incredible so I didn't really feel that my skin's already burned until I got back home. So, let me first share to you some of the interesting things I saw today before I talk seriously... LOL.


Can you see the end of the road? I bet not. This area is a river, a dry one. During typhoons, this area's filled with water. They said, water was detoured in the proximal part of the river that's why it's dry now. So that could be the reason why they already cemented the area because why would they cement it if sooner or later, t'will be ruined by heavy flowing water. eryt? In this part of the tour, I had a smoooth ride... Yipee!


After the almost endless road along the river, I passed through this portion. It's kinda scary actually, because it looks like someone or something will come out behind those trees and bushes.


It was actually a gradual way up the mountains so a single shift of gear's already a big help. This time, I passed by mango trees.


It's Carl Kalabaw. I bet he's enjoying the mud-bath. Eryt? Since it's hot as Sahara in here now, it made me feel like joining him... Hehehe.


This one's a way up to the hill... There are a lot of creatures along this way and houses are scanty... But the wind's refreshing!


Can you guess what these humps are? They're poops! Cow poops to be exact, or maybe it can also be Carabao poops. I wonder why they gathered all these feces into mounds...


When I reached this part of the road, I carried my bicycle because I was using non-terrain tires. I didn't know there are still areas that aren't cemented or asphalted.


These kids are catching fishes. I wondered what kind so I asked one of them but I can't remember the name of the fish that he told me. See how simple their life in the barrios can be. Children in Manila would resort into playing PSPs and Nintendos rather than dipping into this muddy water. I almost joined these kids! So, I just watched and talked to them... I miss the old times when I was the kid in the water.


I reached an intersection where I can't decide where to go. To go left or right? I don't knoe actually which path's the right way. So I asked a Halo-halo vendor which way should I go... Then I decided to stop for a while and have a break! Yes! I had a Halo-halo!


What are these? Can you guess? Tobacco! I guess puffers will enjoy this place...


And also this one... They let the tobacco leaves dry and then ready for processing to become a cigar. LOL.


Another long road... My quads are already throbbing when I reached this area.


Luckily, I passed by Chowking! It's a Chinese Fastfood. So if you want Chinese food and you want it fast, Chowking! LOL. Since I left the bicycle chain in the house, I let the guard look at my bike... until I finish my lunch. Hehehe... I don't want to lose it, my dad will kill me if I did... It's an expensive bike. Time: 2:00PM.


In front of the Chowking is the famous Manaoag Church...


Life in the province is far different from city life. But I can't say that life in the city is busier than life here in the province. In the city, it looks really busy and chaotic and here in the province, it's very lax and calm.

A lot of people claim they're busy so they cannot do certain things. I think however that there's no such thing as busy. If you are, then you are not using your time wisely.

I remember many classmates telling me that they're too busy in doing this and that. In medicine, people are all always "busy". That's how they describe our life, BUSY.

Each of us is given 24hours a day and we are responsible on how we actually consume or spend those precious time. So one cannot say he/she's busy because some are actually not. Get the point? It all depends on how you manage your time and prioritize certain things.

I believe that time utilization depends on our priorities and not because of being busy. For example, medical students cannot do certain stuff like socialization because it's not their current priority in life. So a med student cannot say he/she's too busy to socialize. Instead, a med student can say that socialization is currently not his/her CURRENT PRIORITY.

I think it's the better term...