Just kwento... and realization...

The Brian Gorell's blog, David Archuletta and Jun Lozada are now way too overrated. Is there something new? A new scandal maybe? A celebrity who just came out? Or a starlet who just had a boob-job? A new high society scam?

I knoe today's April Fool's Day but this post is not related to it. I just feel like writing... Nao...

I thought that when summer comes, I'll be glued on this laptop and surfing all the way from sunrise until the sun goes down. Owell, I am not really attached... When I hook the LAN cord, all I do next is check my mail, tour on my networking accounts, take a peek on my blog and visit my almost-everyday-read blogs.

Since I arrived here in the province, everything went fast paced. I dunno, all I know is that life in Manila's fast and I was shocked that I am experiencing the same thing.

Maybe because there are more exciting things to do now here unlike before. There are a lot of things to discover. I actually just got back from bicycling, all by myself. I was supposed to go touring with my brother but he refused, so I went alone. I actually reached the mountain areas in the most barrio part of our community. I passed by 4 towns and trailed along this long and dry river. The heat was frying my skin but the wind's incredible so I didn't really feel that my skin's already burned until I got back home. So, let me first share to you some of the interesting things I saw today before I talk seriously... LOL.


Can you see the end of the road? I bet not. This area is a river, a dry one. During typhoons, this area's filled with water. They said, water was detoured in the proximal part of the river that's why it's dry now. So that could be the reason why they already cemented the area because why would they cement it if sooner or later, t'will be ruined by heavy flowing water. eryt? In this part of the tour, I had a smoooth ride... Yipee!


After the almost endless road along the river, I passed through this portion. It's kinda scary actually, because it looks like someone or something will come out behind those trees and bushes.


It was actually a gradual way up the mountains so a single shift of gear's already a big help. This time, I passed by mango trees.


It's Carl Kalabaw. I bet he's enjoying the mud-bath. Eryt? Since it's hot as Sahara in here now, it made me feel like joining him... Hehehe.


This one's a way up to the hill... There are a lot of creatures along this way and houses are scanty... But the wind's refreshing!


Can you guess what these humps are? They're poops! Cow poops to be exact, or maybe it can also be Carabao poops. I wonder why they gathered all these feces into mounds...


When I reached this part of the road, I carried my bicycle because I was using non-terrain tires. I didn't know there are still areas that aren't cemented or asphalted.


These kids are catching fishes. I wondered what kind so I asked one of them but I can't remember the name of the fish that he told me. See how simple their life in the barrios can be. Children in Manila would resort into playing PSPs and Nintendos rather than dipping into this muddy water. I almost joined these kids! So, I just watched and talked to them... I miss the old times when I was the kid in the water.


I reached an intersection where I can't decide where to go. To go left or right? I don't knoe actually which path's the right way. So I asked a Halo-halo vendor which way should I go... Then I decided to stop for a while and have a break! Yes! I had a Halo-halo!


What are these? Can you guess? Tobacco! I guess puffers will enjoy this place...


And also this one... They let the tobacco leaves dry and then ready for processing to become a cigar. LOL.


Another long road... My quads are already throbbing when I reached this area.


Luckily, I passed by Chowking! It's a Chinese Fastfood. So if you want Chinese food and you want it fast, Chowking! LOL. Since I left the bicycle chain in the house, I let the guard look at my bike... until I finish my lunch. Hehehe... I don't want to lose it, my dad will kill me if I did... It's an expensive bike. Time: 2:00PM.


In front of the Chowking is the famous Manaoag Church...


Life in the province is far different from city life. But I can't say that life in the city is busier than life here in the province. In the city, it looks really busy and chaotic and here in the province, it's very lax and calm.

A lot of people claim they're busy so they cannot do certain things. I think however that there's no such thing as busy. If you are, then you are not using your time wisely.

I remember many classmates telling me that they're too busy in doing this and that. In medicine, people are all always "busy". That's how they describe our life, BUSY.

Each of us is given 24hours a day and we are responsible on how we actually consume or spend those precious time. So one cannot say he/she's busy because some are actually not. Get the point? It all depends on how you manage your time and prioritize certain things.

I believe that time utilization depends on our priorities and not because of being busy. For example, medical students cannot do certain stuff like socialization because it's not their current priority in life. So a med student cannot say he/she's too busy to socialize. Instead, a med student can say that socialization is currently not his/her CURRENT PRIORITY.

I think it's the better term...

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tagabukid said...

feels like you are having the best of both worlds, dak. HALO-HALO sawaps! travelogue ka talaga ngayon ha. alang pinatawad pati countryside kinover :D

Anonymous said...

going to the province every summer is one of the highlights of my year. the weather is great, the food is great, and the scenery, grabe. nothing can replace it!

dak said...

@tagabukid - best of both worlds? not yet i suppose... sarap nga nung Halo-Halo... hindi matabang, hindi din masyado matamis, and madaming rekados. hmmm...

@mon - onga mon, and im very comfortable here in the province...

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