Did someone hurt you?

This I read somewhere I can't remember. It's in my draft since I dunno when and I think I saved it for reasons that I'll share it to others (and nao's the time) and to remind me again and again regarding anger control.

Last year, I've been posting entries regarding anger management and how to deal with hard people. Before, I used to rant a lot here in my blog, and they're not just simple venting of emotions but some are horrible expressions of my anger. And so late last year, I decided to read books and articles about controlling anger and nao, I really can say that I am anger controlled. Hehehe.

Here are the basic rules:

Take responsibility for what you feel (if it's pain, anger or fear).

Look inside and identify why is it that you feel this way, and what are you afraid of.

Realize that by honestly communicating it, you can let it go.

Get clear about what you want from the other person and from yourself.

Share your feelings and what you want, whatever the consequences are.

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Ken said...

Fortunately, I got no problems with managing my temper. I guess I just don't get angry a lot. Lol. But I'll keep these in mind. Might actually need it in the future. :D

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